Former CIA Officer Whistleblower – Kevin Shipp

“The higher I got up in the agency, the more I began to see illegal, unconstitutional, sometimes criminal activity that the agency and some other sectors of the ‘Shadow Government’ (I call it) were doing things that were illegal and were unconstitutional and I always have to say this: The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It supersedes every other law … Continue reading Former CIA Officer Whistleblower – Kevin Shipp

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Revolution of the arts – Alchemica!

  And man, recognizing himself as atone with his source, rested in himself, and gave mind its proper place as listener and set desire to the ends that gave his body health and provided rich gardens for his consciousness to wander in and set his body to the task of building for his fellows warm places to rest, plentiful gardens of food, and quiet, still … Continue reading Revolution of the arts – Alchemica!

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River Mountain Nature Rain

What do I remember from weekend? Waves lapping the side of river Cascades of sunlit moisture sheeting cross midair in afternoon raine Breath of earth heart, soft over the hairs of hilltops A pair of birds alight on the tree, sheltering wet wings for a brief moment Alighting into a milk-tea sky shudders of great vibrations of incomprehensible wiggling motivations in the breast of the body … Continue reading River Mountain Nature Rain

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Healers on Earth

1 – If you are stressed or emotionally upset, before taking action or saying something ask yourself “What is my intent?”, establish what energy you want to contribute to the situation, and base your decisions off your answers. 2 – Don’t get upset with yourself over “Lack of progress” or “inadequacy”. If you are feeling you aren’t achieving what you are supposed to be it … Continue reading Healers on Earth

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Politics and Buddhism

The current trend in politics towards insularity and binary opposition is, I feel, a direct result of our cultural lassitude in coming to a relativistic sense of being. We are still weak in the halls of Newtonian cosmology, largely due to its usefulness and to the attitudes of men and women who have built careers on the back of the field and who have overly identified … Continue reading Politics and Buddhism

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Feeling connected – A sense of belonging makes you happier

Getting back to what’s important. It’s easy to get lost in this crazy labyrinthine world we call life. From politics and economics to relationships and family, there are so many avenues of drama and stress that cause us to stray from our center. Ultimately everything in this world is temporary, the day will end and another will begin anew, friends will be made and lost, … Continue reading Feeling connected – A sense of belonging makes you happier

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What is a soul? Does a soul have the same thoughts and feelings when outside the body? What purpose does a brain serve if a soul can exist and feel without it?   If a soul does not carry our memories, then what is a soul since it is our memories that make us up? Defining the soul is complicated for the same reason the … Continue reading Soul

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Random things – Screaming to the world

Everything you know is wrong!(most of it anyway) World history is partially fabricated, our level of technological advancement is actually hundreds of years above what is commercially available. The Newtonian physics model taught in standardized school is an incomplete & circumstantial explanation for the mechanics of our universe. The Zika epidemic is not the source of the spike in birth deformities. There have been multiple … Continue reading Random things – Screaming to the world

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Creature, Oh creature! Creature my love! Creature which dwells deep in the deepest, Creature of my heart! Creature of the age! Creature I am with you in the wilds! Creature oh the heady madness’s Oh the joy! Creature the many vistas! Creature the expanses, the terrain! Creature I know not whence from where you came! Creature my happiness! Creature my darling Oh My Joy! Creature the … Continue reading Creature

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Ground of Being

Shall we put forth the view that experience itself, that is, subjective phenomena, is ontological primary? In other words, experience is in and of itself reality, the ground of all things; and when we speak of absolutes, objective phenomena, things and events independent of observers, we are eating the menu instead of the meal. These are classical, Newtonian ideas, and bear more resemblance ontological to … Continue reading Ground of Being

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