Ground of Being

Shall we put forth the view that experience itself, that is, subjective phenomena, is ontological primary? In other words, experience is in and of itself reality, the ground of all things; and when we speak of absolutes, objective phenomena, things and events independent of observers, we are eating the menu instead of the meal. These are classical, Newtonian ideas, and bear more resemblance ontological to … Continue reading Ground of Being

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The Useless Life – Zhuangzi

Many of us in the modern world are obsessed, absolutely obsessed with the idea of things being useful or having a use. We assess the worth of an object based on its relative usefulness next to other objects of its kind, we often judge people based on their usefulness to us, and we ask in times of extreme frustration, “what’s the use?”, as if the … Continue reading The Useless Life – Zhuangzi

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Hidden History Of Our Solar System

Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon  – Episode 2 If you take a quick glance at our solar system you quickly realize there are some unique and intriguing anomalies. To name a few Uranus is completely toppled over on it’s side, Saturn has a permanent Hexagonal Storm on its northern pull, the rings of Saturn are constantly reforming/changing and have been observed being manipulated by massive … Continue reading Hidden History Of Our Solar System

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Upcoming Article Series – Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon

Upcoming Article Series – Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon Over the course of the next couple days I’m going to be posting articles specifically around the subject of Disclosure. Humanity is entering a new age and if we are to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and become the beautiful civilization we know we can be the veils of secrecy must fall. In this series … Continue reading Upcoming Article Series – Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon

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The Nazis Won WWII – Exposing The Lie

Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon – Episode 1 “What?! That can’t be right?!?!” The subject matter of this series will be shocking to many of you, many of the assertions I am about to make directly contradict the standard curriculum we were taught in mandatory school. I’m not going to ask you to believe me, in fact I’d prefer if you didn’t. There is one thing … Continue reading The Nazis Won WWII – Exposing The Lie

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Mayuge, Uganda / 8 MB

I Have Full Faith In Humanity <3

All too often we focus on the negative aspects and problems in society. Although it’s important to address many of these subjects it is equally important to acknowledge the good in the world. Like raising a child discipline is a necessity but is only effective when paired with support, expressed appreciation, and praise. For this reason I’m deciding to write out my adoration for humanity. … Continue reading I Have Full Faith In Humanity❤

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“Science” – Etymology

I’ve found an odd linguistic connection while trawling through Buddhist theories of economics and social organisation. It turns out that the suffix to the various forms of science in modern day Indian languages, “Śāstra”, originally meant something like “sharp”, an instrument for cutting or teaching. We say now of people, “she has a sharp mind”, meaning that the individual in question is intelligent. Buddhadasa Bhikku … Continue reading “Science” – Etymology

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