Went flower picking on the mount sun-drenched in the early afternoon, curved absences of light wriggled cross the rough tar back of the road I paused briefly to examine the flutterings of a butterfly, brilliant orange, drunken flight moved locations out to grab a large coffee from the service station pre-paid to avoid lackacash awkwardness sidled unnanounced down the side of the Bard’s Palace, cliffy … Continue reading Brushwork

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Do you believe in the constitution or in Donald Trump?

Could you support any of the past 4-5 Presidents and simultaneously uphold an undying devotion to the constitution? Trump isn’t the first president to run the country into the ground. The majority of Presidents over the past century have been doing so. I don’t support trump and his policies, but I respect the fact he is the first president in a long time to actually put … Continue reading Do you believe in the constitution or in Donald Trump?

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Saturn’s Dove

Strain and death and all other supposed human recognitions and ideologies about the great unspeakable whimsy that fills every space with nothing and slathers matter with Shiva and spinning images wrought out of time and mind, that giggles with joyful youthful eerie glee speaking in tongues and out of fountains and holes in sides of mountains and Rub Al-Khali and Konya and graveyards the world … Continue reading Saturn’s Dove

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My Engagement

Aishwariya & Ramprasad Marriage ceremonies and rituals, though based on the common religious percepts are different for different castes in India. It is also different for the same cast living in different parts of the country not only based on the Veda or Sutra they belong but also due to customs that the community has adopted. I will list out and describe the various rituals … Continue reading My Engagement

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Man, Dream! – The sleep of reason

Man, dream! Man, dream! Man, dream! Man, dream of cities walled, of malls, gritty city streets, halls of commerce stacks of paper miles deep things to make your children weep Man, dream of guns, of bullets, of rifle-song, of the guillotine of obscene bombs twenty thousand strong bursting over the heads of He-Who-Must-Be-In-The-Wrong Man, dream of empire, dream of walls, of Coliseum miles tall of … Continue reading Man, Dream! – The sleep of reason

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Your Biggest Enemy Is Yourself

Your Biggest Enemy Is Yourself, Because The Only Consciousness In Existence Is Self. Any idea of one being superior to any other aspect of creation is illusory and self destructive by nature. If one sees another as inferior, it stems from an ignorance of being one with all of creation and all of creation being a singular entity of self. What is good for one … Continue reading Your Biggest Enemy Is Yourself

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The Fort Lauderdale Airport Tragedy, Not It’s Monster

Esteban Santiago Is A Victim Of The Fort Lauderdale Airport Tragedy, Not It’s Monster. At the risk of losing credibility and followers I must talk to you about something very serious which threatens to undermine the freedom and liberties of us all. What I am about to discuss is deeply disturbing, not everyone who reads this will believe it, and even fewer will investigate the … Continue reading The Fort Lauderdale Airport Tragedy, Not It’s Monster

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Anger & Vindication

I was browsing through Star Wars posts as a nerd does when I came across this image of anon harassment. Normally the malicious words of immature internet users do not phase me. But for some reason this line of threats inspired me to speak out on a very important subject. This pattern of misdirected anger and zealous vindication is something that pervades our every day … Continue reading Anger & Vindication

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