Life defines us? or do we define the Life?

There is a famous saying, “life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.” We all have those moments in life that define us whether those moments are endearing, joyful, traumatic, painful.  We all have many and try to make our moments reflect a perfect life, what most people don’t realize is that the surface level memories mean absolutely nothing. The memories worth noting are the ones deep inside of us because that’s where we store the ones closest to our hearts and those closest to our life source are the ones that define us they show who we are inside they are our being and they are the best and worst of us so what I would like to know is who are you?

There have likely been many times when you imagined that life was running so fast that you barely got any time to organize out what the next step would be. It is nearly a sure that the instant you begin thinking on this, you run out of time and push-button get drifted onto the next stage. You start off the next step encouraging yourself that this would be a better organized phase and yet our past history repeats itself and you are longing to finish the current lap, forget planning out the next one. A brutal circle it is. We are all runners in the race of life continually engaged in backward-looking thoughts of the road not taken and how much fitter we would have been placed in the race, had we taken it.

I have often questioned the mindless protocols that pay a way to us in the path of life. How would the world have been if ‘money’ ‘riches’ ‘fortune’ ‘wealth’ had not existed? Why can’t everything be free? Our ultimate goal in life is livelihood and our objectives are well cut so that it works towards this ultimate goal. Logically, this whole thing will make the main objectives of one person and no different from others. We all strain towards good healthy life, good education, landing in a profitable job etc. believing that these are the sole factors that would enable successful ‘livelihood’. Admitting this fact, one would ask, why should god/ ‘someone – a super power’ who created us make our living so complex? Why should some design of his fail to undergo for no fault of theirs while others are scheduled to? In a hypothetical case, assuming a world which did not have an entity called money (for its very living is baseless), why should people get education? Why should people work to earn a living? Why can’t life be just by spending and doing things and being with people you love the most all the time, every time? The list of questions is numberless!

The engagements of life that have been passed on over number of centuries and generations have never been challenged.  Most of us wake up every morning with a day full of duties ahead of us. At some point, these duties become a part and package of any day that is alive. They may include from going to school, work or even taking care of the household with the day’s routine of chores to do. We do question these rules in life, if not explicitly, at least every morning as we hear the birds chirp and watch the sun slowly ascend across the horizon. This minute spent examining our feelings while struggling to wake from sleep is perhaps the most meaningful one minute in a day. I often question why every person’s life is so similar to the rest – the phases, the paths encountered, the entire anatomy for that matter. Why cannot every one of our lives be entirely different, that based on our life trails we may be able to establish our identity? Is this not possible because there are just too many of us people on this earth or is it because no one has ever cared to think along these lines as we strive so hard for merely ‘sustaining’? Why can’t one be an actor one day, a writer another, an emperor and a fruit seller on another? After all, they are all means of livelihood and every person can be proficient at any of these or any other for that matter with just a little experience. Why can’t we put our many talents into use and do something different every single day?

Ultimately, most of us would end life without having lived it fully. I have often come across people stating “live life to the fullest”, “live life king size” etc. Living life to the fullest in the current scenario is basically “take time off your work enough to do something you like ” and not “pursue what you like” ..  According to me, this is unattainable or in better way ‘unachievable’ by the human kind. We are guided by a set of rules that make life more of a official and bureaucratic phenomenon. These boundaries can be exceeded only when we are the people that give meaning to our lives and not let it take over and define us. We live life uninterested, yet focused in a strange way. Yet, life goes on and we ‘seem’ satisfied… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Life defines us? or do we define the Life?

  1. Very thought provoking article, Loved the way you expressed.
    When you will find the answer “who am I ”
    Who is the controls every thing may be most of the answers will be delivered.
    You will left with no more questions.

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  2. i believe this is a profound analysis of human life alone! i can counter on your own way haha :
    ” How would the world have been if ‘money’ ‘riches’ ‘fortune’ ‘wealth’ had not existed? ”

    These all man made things which makes us the 99% of every day hurdle we face, just sit a whole day and watch a bird in the park ( I did :O hehe)
    The bird just tries to get its food and expects nothing else from the God. It has romance with it’s mate you know in the park and fun with it’s friends yea, they dance, sing and scream 🙂 they want just food for it’s living and they are happy!!

    If all these have not been in plate now, life would have so better!


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