Maybe :| Yes :) No :(

Yes, Maybe, No

We all of us have come across those personalities with waving mind! There are some people who say ‘yes’  to everything or whatever, simply because they don’t have the courage to say ‘No’ or often just because of some obligation to please their bosses, counterparts, loved ones etc. 🙂 The other kind of people are the no-nonsense people and are often impressing, they have no hesitation to say ‘No’ whatsoever! sometimes even when they don’t have to irrespective of the implications. I admire these kind of people just for the fact that they are independent and live completely for themselves. A rare breed of people are those who tactfully handle other people and the situations around and may evade doing things they don’t like without making it too obvious. These kind of people may be called the situational opportunists. 😉

The question is which of these three categories of people do we all should belong to ??  One would be tempted to think that the smart people who can handle others with tact are the happiest because of the “no repercussions” tag that floats along with them. It could also be the imposing people who have a ready no for everything who are the happiest because they always seem to have their way. Is getting your way at the cost of other people hating you going to make you happy? Or is making other people fond of you at the cost of making yourself feel miserable going to make you happy? It seems like a compromise of either your happiness or others unless you happen to be one of those tactful people.
In today’s world, I feel that one needs to be a chameleon switching between the three kinds of personalities in order to be successful. It is to be noted that as a chameleon, it is not only the switching that is important but also your ability to camouflage the person you are by nature. It won’t be long before people unravel the fact that one is being a diplomat and would place that person in the hate list along with the many others. I believe that one needs to be a hybrid of these three contrasting personalities in order to successfully survive in this world of complex human relationships. Satisfying one’s conscience is perhaps the most difficult thing ever. You may convince your friend or your boss but you can never convince your conscience of anything that is not right no matter how trivial it may be. One needs to be what his/her inner self directs at that instance. Fitting into either one of these categories exclusively is not going to steer your ship for too long.
I have often heard people say that you have to live only for yourself and not for others but that certainly does not work in a real world situation where interdependencies are so very high. Sometimes you have to be that nice guy whether you like it or not. It turns out that people skills are the hardest ever to possess given that there is always that somebody who goes home with an empty bowl. The very few people in the world who do possess these skills are the greatest leaders today!

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