Too much Too soon – Live rat race!

Learning from experience –
It is quite an arduous task in this era of globalization and technology to rely on learning from experience.. As the saying rightly goes “Time and Tide wait for none”, its probably just another way of emphasizing on the fact that perfection can only be attained through clever work and not hard work! Now does this sound right in any context? Whatever we do wherever we are, there is always this daft bond between us and the ongoing rat race of LIFE.
Let me elucidate on this from an experience of my own—Going back about 5 years in time, when I was in the 12th grade~It was one wonderful day, I was totally bewitched by my capabilities.. I had achieved School first in Accountancy and Business studies and secured National level ranking in Central Board of Secondary Education, honor indeed. People more often than not recognizing me as “the winner girl”. The most vital thing here is that this was an experience of its own kind through which I learn a lot.
The essence of any experience is that much more is unknown than known a priori. No amount of research and planning can resolve the unknowns in advance. Despite this unsettling reality, people often take risks if they wish to stay ahead of competition. The ultimate winner is not always the one who starts off with the best plan! Rather, it is often the one who learns and adopts the quickest. But wait! This is just one side of the coin. Unfortunately these experiences present extremely challenging contexts for learning. The exact meaning of “learning” becomes very specific here. It is only a crux amidst the huge ocean of knowledge we possess or are interested in acquiring. The future is always something unknown.. and that’s something which will never change. Perhaps coping with and handling every situation in order to turn it into a fruitful experience is what they call “Miracles of Destiny”.
ongoing rat race of LIFE – 11th blog post 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Too much Too soon – Live rat race!

  1. this is an applied version of your other post I commented earlier 😛 you are trying to apply those rules and see the results and still unhappy 🙂 this is so cruel world yea, we need too keep running , yes running!! Ahh Congrats dudette 😛 topper 🙂 me too yea , High School, Secondary, and Gold in univ 😛


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