Food consumptions – Ban cow slatter- India

Food consumption has been looked at very carefully in this country. There are different types of people in India – What they should eat? Or generally every human.

Each person needs different type of building up of a body.

If you want to run 100 meters next to Usain Bolt, what kind of food should you eat?

If you just want to work in some company, what kind of food should you eat?

You want to think in a certain way about what kind of food you should eat. For all this we have clear prescriptions. Now when it comes to food, meaning is quite simple – taking another life, whatever it may be a plant life, an animal life.. Whatever. You’re taking another life ingesting it and you have to make it your life.

If you distinguish between the lives; all the life on this planet is coming from the Earth. My body is also from the same soil, Plant is also from the same soil, an animal is also from the same soil.

If I ask what fruit do you like.. orange or banana?

Now if you eat an Orange… This Orange becomes a woman or men in you. If a cow eats an Orange the same Orange becomes the cow. Why this is happening? There is certain information or say there is software with you whatever you eat it transforms into that being.

So every life is happening in the way it is happening because of some dimension of the information or in a modern terminology let’s call it a software (An arrangement of information). Now the idea is as simple software as possible. If you eat a life which has simple software; your ability to override that software and make it entirely a part of you is very good. As that software gets complex – more and more complex; your ability to integrate it goes down.

So especially if it is a creature it has some sense of thought and emotions; if it has emotion then you shouldn’t eat it (Humble way! :D). This is an understanding. An animal which has any emotion – displaced emotions which is near to human emotions you should not eat it because it will not integrate itself that animal nature will start manifesting itself.

Or in other words in India’ today – people have a very intimate relationship with the cow. We’ve drunk the milk of the cow; children’s are drinking the milk of the cow.. There is a deep relationship. Cow is one creature that if something happens to you and you’re in some kind of grieve or misery; you don’t have to be near the cow – but where ever the cow is in your house, it will start shedding tears for you 😥 I have seen with my own eyes and I couldn’t believe.

So when it has so deep emotions; if you kill it- it’s like killing a human being. It’s simply a murder or cannibalism. This is not a faith thing; because I am Indian. It’s not a religious thing, I think it’s a fundamental sense. Why if I am hungry, why can’t I cut up a human and eat?? 😀 what’s wrong?? I am not just talking about cow – but all the animals. I am also NOT talking about cruelty – even cutting a plant is a cruelty in my experience. But you have to do it – if you’re conscious of it you will do it in a minimum possible extent.

Political ban about cows in India – This has many things. One would be the sensitivity – once you drink milk from the cow – She is like your mother. Killing her up and eating her up is something people in India cannot digest. Still 80 % of the people belong to this category. I would say ban is not needed – but more education is needed.

Everything that you do, think, feel there is a consequence – PHYSICS – Every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! I believe in science. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Food consumptions – Ban cow slatter- India

    1. Thank you so much for finding my blog and liking a post and commenting. I really appreciate the time you spent to read. Science and religion are two windows that people look through, trying to understand the big universe outside,The two windows give different views, but they look out at the same universe. 🙂
      Btw your writing is awesome. 🙂

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  1. Haha…too much humorous and interesting! Enjoyed reading it till the end! I believe in Science but I hate it the most! I believe in the physics and chemistry of human life! …. though…. it was an awesome post!

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    1. Oh thank you. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Well that’s nice to know about you more! Even I used to hate science few years back! But sure in future you will start liking it 🙂 Just like me!
      I admit sometimes lectures and syllabus are boring. There is so much interesting stuffs to read about Physics in general.. 🙂 Trust me! You will like it in few years time.


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