Liebster award #2 and #3

Since my last post about being nominated for the Liebster award for the first time by Jennifer, I have been nominated twice more! Firstly by Vishal and then Joan 

As I have done this once before, I won’t be redoing the whole post, I will just answer the individual questions from each one! :D

Questions asked by Vishal:

  1. The most unique part of your own writings that you feel?
  2. The actual one thing you want to do before dying?
  3. The point in life where you actually thought to push yourselves and felt that you can do something great?
  4. Apart from writing, your hobby that you would make a profession if had an opportunity?

Answers for the above:

  1. Positivity, bring character to the life 🙂 I pay a lot of attention on word choice and writing, and I want to make sure that it has the maximum impact on readers.
  2. There is so much on my bucket list, I can mention a few – Read 1,000,000,000 books, Build a house, Sit beside a live volcano, Build a robot, drone, Fly a MiG 29, Find MH370 😉 and Jump of an aeroplane, repeatedly and be licensed (you can put a few in an impossible list too!)
  3. Discovering my inner voice through my writing and surprising myself with what I can do. Realising I can do better, realising I am better.
  4. Apart from writing, my main interests are only in aircraft accident investigation and modelling an aeroplane.  I would love to take up a profession in an aviation industry as air safety investigator. I have great interest in reporting on airplane crashes to figure out how and why they happened 🙂

Questions asked by  Joan:

  1. If you were to change anything about your present, what would it be?
  2. What is your take on African leaders?
  3. How has corruption in your country affected you?
  4. What is that lesson you would want your children to learn?
  5. What is it that you wish you had known earlier in life?

Answers for the above:

  1. No, I wouldn’t change anything. No that my present is not perfect. It’s full of challenges and there is a lot to be achieved. But that’s how life is supposed to be right? But if, any how a change is necessary in my present, it starts with me,myself. My present is what I make it. 🙂
  2. Nelson Mandela is the most popular African leader.. but to be true, I have got not much knowledge about the politics in Africa. I feel bad and now I am being aware that I should learn about African politics too..  thank you for giving the awareness. But I am willing to know if you could tell me. 🙂
  3. As I belong to forward community, I have problems like reservation and caste-politics. I had achieved school first and secured National level ranking. During admission, I was asked for more money. India is the only place where merit comes after caste systems when it comes to admissions. I do not know what answer you are looking for but I am highly disappointed with the Indian education system. I feel so blessed that I finally made it here in Germany. 🙂 To answer your question, this is the example- It ruins the child’s life. Children get demotivated. Also, lose it emotionally and loss of time. I have no respect for the people who run the system. There is nothing I can do and I choose not to support it or be a part of it.
  4. I want to teach them to be kind, the importance of knowledge. I want to teach them that prettiness is about more than a nice face and form – that true beauty comes from the inside as well, to be independent, to use logic, so they’re much harder to fool. I want to teach them that they are valued, so that they won’t settle for being with someone who doesn’t treat them well. And a lot of other things, but I think those are the most important to me.
  5. I wish I knew my passion a little earlier though learning is a continuous process and no matter what the outcome may, I have to put my heart out and try.


Thank you Vishal and Joan  for nominating. 🙂




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