Predestined life – Yes or No?

If the life is predestined – There is no such thing as right path or wrong path because you can’t even choose the path. So if you say it’s all destined and still making an effort to make a right path – does it make any sense?

So definitely it’s not predestined, that is why you’re still trying to see what is the right thing to do.

If everything is predestined – Where is the need for you to think “why?” “which is right?” and “which is wrong?” Is that the reality? No, that’s not the reality.

If two paths come, you can choose either one of it. Do you have a choice or not?

People are trying to absolve yourself of all the mistakes that you make in your life. 😀 You don’t want to see that you made a mistake. You want to see, ‘Oh! it happened because it’s God’s will.!!!‘ Now too much bull like this is going on for too long and this is the reason why something that is natural progression of life has become so difficult for human beings. Enlightenment is not something that you have to force upon yourself; it’s a natural progression of development but you’re not allowing that natural progression to happen because you’re creating these kinds of contradictions.

You’re the cause of your confusion because it’s you the first thing that started to believe everything is predestined. ‘I have been brought up to believe, So now I believe‘ and ‘even that believing is not mine, I have been brought up to believe‘ 😀

If you believe, you’re assuming something that you don’t know. Why do you believe? Like for example – How many of you believe in God? Some people believe there is God, some people not!

Do you believe that you have two hands? or do you know that you have two hands? —

– Obviously, you know!

Even if you’re blind, still do you know that you have two hands?

– Obviously, Yes!!

Yes, it’s a living experience. Even being blind, you still know that you have two hands. With hands you know and with god, you believe why?

– somewhere you’re not sincere enough to admit ‘I do not know!‘ that’s your problem.

Everything that you do not know you say, ‘I believe‘ with great confidence. And if you go on and on like this you’re life will become a bigger mess because you’re assuming things and you’re trying to live. And you’re assumptions are not so strong enough because your mind is not simple enough. You may assume one thing but other part of mind is continuously asking questions. You’ve little more complex intellect, it doesn’t accept any assumptions totally. It accepts only to the extent it’s comfortable, convenient. Right now you’re belief in God is just like this.

You do everything that is important to you, God is like an insurance, on the other side. ‘I also have paid my premium, in case something goes wrong.‘ 😀 Totally true! isn’t?

All the vital aspects of your life, you’re holding it in your hands. Like your money, your children, everything that matters to you. God is like an insurance, just in case if something goes wrong, ‘Every week you visit God, Pray, Ask for something!‘ – You paid a premium. 😀

This doesn’t work because of this deception life has become a mess. This is the nature of your mind. I am not talking about God, I want to make the basics understand. We cannot talk about God, we are only talking about the deceptions of your mind.

A story:

On a certain day, A bull just sort of strayed into the forest. Nice greenery so he just strayed into the forest gazing, gazing, gazing and went deep into the forest. An old lion who was little past his prime, who was having trouble hunting for his food and saw this big fat bull. Lion’s mouth salivated. A bull is a easier thing to hunt compared to the animals of the forest. So, the lion just waited, stopped the bull and attacked him, killed him and ate him up. The lion’s stomach became really full. With the full stomach with great satisfaction he roared. A few hunters passing that way, they heard the lion roar; so they tracked him down and shot him dead.  :/ 😦

The moral of the story is when you’re so full of bull you should not open your mouth. 😀

Too many assumptions – and with these assumptions people are going on with a great confidence. Disaster is all that can happen. If you’re not in touch with the reality and if you go at a great speed will you head for disaster or no? Hum?

– You’ll definitely head for the disaster either as a individual or as a whole society, if you’re running on too many assumptions.

Just keep our assumptions aside, just look at reality the way it is. It doesn’t matter what your mother said or father said, they said whatever they knew or whatever they believed or whatever they wanted you to believe. 😀 They might have put many things that they themselves don’t believe because they wanted you to believe something. Haven’t they done it? Aren’t you doing it?

It’s okay. They said whatever they knew but you have your intelligence to look at your life. You have your father, mother; does it mean to say you should not employ your intelligence? Is  that the law? Then why do you say I was brought up to believe? Nobody can bring you up to believe anything. They can only feed you and make your body grow. You have your intelligence discerning enough, but you kept in your pocket. You don’t want it to come out because if it comes out then you have to struggle through knowing things and figuring out things .. etc.

With this kind of attitude do you know where we have taken the world? Huge disaster. Now, if you really want to know where you stand – first thing is strip off all the assumptions from your life. Just come to bare essentials. ‘What is it I know?‘ and ‘what is it that I don’t know‘ lets starts from there.

Then we can move somewhere. Now, If you want to start a journey, you can only start the journey from that point where it is experimentally true for you. Common understanding?

First get there, first drop all your bull, come to the place where you’re right now! What is the next step then we will chart it out. We don’t have to chart out the whole path right now. we will just chart out what is the next step. According to your understanding you take the next step. When it works, we will chart out with one more step and on and on.. Fair enough?


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