Individuality is something that comes out of the instinctive for self – preservation because unless you develop a certain individuality you cannot protect or preserve yourself. So this individuality gets built up initially for physical survival after sometime due to misunderstanding of lack or due to strong identification with the individual body.

The bodies are individual, there is different organism – though it is functioning with the larger organism of the planet in the solar system and the cosmos which nobody can deny. Today the modern science can prove that every cell and every atom in your body is transecting with everything else to exist right now the way it is.

So the individuality is formed essentially for the self-preservation. Talking about self-preservation the only thing that needs preservation in you is the physical body. Physical body has to be preserved. Right now if I trample upon every idea you have in your head, next moment you can come up totally with brand new ideas but if I trample upon one idea of yours – you could feel threatened because you feel that your survival is being attacked.

Your survival is never in question except with the physical body. If I trample upon every emotions you have, every idea you have, Your belief system, your ideology and everything that I beat it down right now – Actually your intelligence is capable of coming up with something totally new the next moment. But because you cling to this, the next one will never happen. The stronger the people cling to it the less creative and less concrete eyes they become in their individuality. 

The individual essentially means, it comes from the word indivisible. That is you’re not further divisible. But now in search for survival of psychological survival and emotional survival people make themselves into many things.

Is it my ego? Where is your ego? there is no such thing. Its just a nasty part of you which you want to label it as MR. EGO. Some aspect you is nasty, you don’t want to see that I am nasty .. You said its my ego.. !!! Sometimes you’re pleasant, sometimes you’re unpleasant, you don’t even want to come in terms with that.

So, Individuality means you’re not further divisible, Is there only one person in this body? or two? if there is two either you need a physiatrist or may be you need an exorcist. 😀 It is just one being.

Individuality is a disease, Individual is a beautiful thing.

Just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re useful!

It’s a compact organism, but individuality or individualism is a kind of a disease that is grown in the world. It’s all about exclusiveness, everything you see in the world – people are promoting exclusiveness and later wondering why there is a conflict? If you promote exclusiveness, how can expect no conflict? 


2 thoughts on “Individuality

  1. As a white American, I grew up very attached to the idea of individuality. The fact that I’ve always been an independent person probably contributed to this as well (or maybe it was the other way around). But lately I’ve begun to question if extreme individualism is the best way to go; for the reasons you mentioned. The more I learn about the natural world the more I realize that each one of us is undeniably connected to our planet…and each other. The selfishness brought on by extreme individualism hurts ourselves as much as other people.

    But I’m also not a fan of extreme collectivism. Sometimes horrible acts of tyranny can be justified by invoking the “greater good.” There must be some ground in the middle: some way to respect the rights of individuals without promoting selfishness.


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