Bachelor’s Degree

Who said dreams cannot come true?

It has been a busy 2 weeks since my last post. Much has happened since then.

Finally, my bachelor thesis has come to an end! I now have a very strong feeling of relief (because I managed to finish it in time!) and accomplishment (because it wasn’t always trivial to see the light at the end…).

I finished my bachelor degree on October 8, 2015, with honors! (It’s actually honors over the entire course of the bachelor degree: it is calculated over all three years.) I successfully defended my bachelor thesis at Cracow University of Economics in Applied Informatics. As usual, it’s very hard to compress the entire spectrum of interesting things to explain in the small allowed period of time that we’re allotted (15 minutes this time). I spent a lot of time polishing my work to make sure it was as understandable as possible (despite the fast talking pace), but also as interesting as possible. And apparently it paid off! Afterwards, I received a lot of very positive feedback my work from those attending the defense work. Fortunately, the content itself was also deemed interesting and solid: Most importantly though, I received an extremely high score for my bachelor thesis: 5.5! It’s the highest score possible (a perfect score of 5.5 is never given) and was the highest of my year. My bachelor thesis was considered of the level of a master thesis! (And for a master thesis, you get twice as much time to write it.)

I had hoped for a high score, but I never saw this coming. I’m glad to see that the significant amount of time that I put into my bachelor thesis was rewarded with a high score. However, my main motivation for doing so much work was the fact that I wanted to build something that’s truly useful, i.e. something that can be used in the real world, and not something that is limited to the academic world. I succeeded in that, but I still have to create a better software for the head-piece of my thesis: OPTIMAL PARAMETER COMBINATIONS FOR AUTOMATED OPTICAL INSPECTION SYSTEMS: THE CASE OF SEMICONDUCTORS QUALITY CONTROL.


 Right now, it’s hard to find and very few people know about it. For those interested to read, can ping me personally. 😉

All the exams have been completed on the same day.  What comes next after graduating? Which sector suits me best? Which type of employer appeals to me? Should I stay at university and complete a postgraduate degree? Which city offers the best prospects? Over time, I’ve already made over 200 bookmarks on Pin board related to my higher education and jobs! Many of these bookmarks (whether they be blog posts, articles, papers, studies, software libraries or even something else) will either be incorporated or be taken into account while working on.

I finished my bachelor thesis and courses in October, 2015 and have just completed my thesis research at HSEB GmbH, Dresden, Germany a few weeks ago (on September 30th). I’ve received an awesome job offer to work full-time at Oracle.

That’s the story I have to tell up to this point. As you can tell, I try to chain areas of interest together. This allows for a higher impact. I don’t quite understand myself how I did it, but I somehow managed to tie all of this together.

I hope the next chapters of my life will be even more fun! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Bachelor’s Degree

  1. That was your little surprise for you. You see subconsciously we know our potential, but on a conscious level we’re are a product of allegiance (to family and those friends who correct us). So is accounted for our division. Enjoy it, your kindness to self.


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