Indian parents – strict and discipline~!!


The way Indian parents deal with their children is very different from how a lot of other parents do so. There’s a reason why Indian kids think twice or thrice or a hundred times before doing shit. Because they know that if their parents find out about it, they’re fucked.

Indian parents literally laugh at the idea of a “timeout” or “the stand within the square tile for half an hour”(or whatever its called). Our parents deal in slaps, slippers, belt and sticks!!! You don’t drink your milk, PHAT!!! you get hit on the head which causes fear…and pain…. and the sudden urge to finish the milk..apparently. But trust me it’s effective!!

It’s like that method in psychology where if you do something and you get a negative response to it, then your afraid to it again. Our parents are PhD’s in children’s’ psychology !! They know what scares us and what doesn’t. First it starts with shouting. Like shouting really really loud( i remember seeing my neighbors looking into my house through their windows when my mom used to shout at me) Then the next time you do it, your mom removes her slippers and threatens to hit you with it. And the third time, you get two slaps across your face which actually leave a mark. That’s when you know that your mom’s more bad-ass than you…and very dangerous.

You try to run away from her, she will chase you into a room and then lock the door and make you feel like a dumb-ass.


If you piss her off when she’s cooking, she will take that hot stirrer and run after you. She probably doesn’t really intend to burn you but hey how is a little kid supposed to know that!!!? For him this isn’t some “escape from the angry mummy” game show. It’s a situation of life and death!

And they’re always asking you to clean up your room…or study harder…or keep your shoes in the right place…or they let out your embarrassing private “secrets” or your embarrassing childhood moments……IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS!!
And you just sit there wishing you could take a sledgehammer and hammer yourself deep, deep into the ground.

Just an example:

So your friends are in your room. Your mum brings y’all water. You spill some on your pants and your friends make some lame pee joke.
Then your mum says:

“I remember the time when Ishu used to pee in her sleep. She would wet the bed at least once a week” (which I did NOT!! this is just an example!……..SHUT UP!)


Also, if you clean up your room or do the other chores, don’t expect any pocket money or a chocolate or even a pat on the back. Your reward will be, getting your dinner on time that night.

So yea, our parents are wonderful, but when you’re a kid, they know how to discipline you. And especially, if you live in the motherland, there’s no fucking thing like child services. So you can’t even threaten to call them up if your parents begin to hit you. You just stand there and take the beatings like a BOSS! That’s why we’re so resistant to physical pain when we grow up. It’s not because of Horlicks, Bournvita or Complan!!! We endured slaps and whacks and belt-lashes when we were kids, Daughter!



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