Lessons learnt in 2015

2015 has been a bit of a busy one, that I know. The main thing I suppose was finishing university, which seems like so long ago, although it’s only been 4 months – TIME, Y U FLY? U ARE NOT A BIRD. Also had some good times, but a lot of it wasn’t exactly the best, but hey…it makes you appreciate the good moments even more. Thought I would jump on the round-up bandwagon and share some of my favorite posts of this year. So what have I learnt in 2015?

June 2015 – Oct 2015, I started Bachelor thesis with mixed feelings and zero confidence in me as I thought I would fail in the path I have chosen. I joined HSEB company knowing not one thing about Semiconductors wafers. But I had worldly dreams of becoming a Software Engineer *Ah, the nerves!*. However, looking back at my journey makes me realize how far I have come in my life and how I have proved many people wrong along the way. My only dream was to become a Software Engineer, but I achieved more than that. I currently hold a First Class Honors from my University and a few places for my final year thesis.

The journey was tough of course and all you undergraduates will agree with me as well and if someone like me who came in with no confidence at all, is walking on that stage with full confidence, I think you can also do it. These are my lessons that I learnt which I want to share with the world.



I learnt that opportunity will only knock once at your door. The semiconductors experience in HSEB has been an absolutely great one. I remember at the start of the semester the copious amount of people who told me, “do the internship, you need all the experience you can get”, whilst others were telling me, “Concentrate on academic at University of Economics”, as I had the option to do either. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to find ourselves with the option to do one thing or the other at university – we can’t do it all. At the end of the day, I’m happy that I chose to do the semiconductors experience in HSEB because I know in the long-run, this is something that has really developed me. But I think one really has to think long and hard about what opportunity to take up – what is right for you? I remember older colleagues questioning why I would go on taking thesis at a company– what benefit would it provide for me. What I realized through the internship is that I have a long journey ahead to develop myself before I enter the working world, and that is something taking thesis at HSEB provide for me.

I have one, quite predictable thing to say. Do it! Do the INTERNSHIP, whether that is during the summer holidays (a wise choice), or during semester. I did it during the semester, took on full study loading, thought I was going to die, then came out the end knowing that I was a better person for it. Whilst I never thought it was true before, I know now that there are so many opportunities out there, and you are the one who needs to have the drive to do it. People who achieve things don’t necessarily need to be the smartest or the most gifted, but they need to have drive, to put it all on the line even if they know there is a chance of failure.



I always loved teaching and I learnt that by teaching others, you are teaching yourself too. You are re-revising and sometimes you also can find out where you are stuck and go back to revising the areas that are grey to you. I also learnt that help will never come to you but you have to go to them. To all the egoistic people, no, you cannot do everything on your own. You will have to ask for guidance and help at some point. So if you think that people are going to walk over to you and ask you what you need, then darling, you are living a dream.



I learnt that you will very rarely get credit for the things you achieve and the only reason you made it to the top is because you are good at “report writing”. So all those lines of code I produced by having to whack my brains through the night doesn’t count. And who said this was a “Software Engineering degree” anyway? But, listen, this is your own hard work, and every moment you wasted trying to make something out of your life counts. And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.



I learnt that a little bit of trust is everything you need to go forward in life. I had a great supervisor who gave me courage and made me face my difficulties. He often used to give me words of encouragement and believe in me. He saw dedication and perseverance in me and hence he gave me courage.

Friendships and relationships:

I learnt that friendships can be tough and not everyone will accept you for who you are. Well, to everyone who took advantage of me and wished to see me fail, please accept my sincere f**k you and a gracious *Shift+Delete*. And to the others who stuck with me or decided not to gamble with my life, I am indeed grateful to you.

I learnt that final year in college reveals to you who is real and who is not. I want to thank each and every friend of mine for all the good things that they have done for me. And to my really close friends who still stick around with me, I wouldn’t be here, if not for you.  :*

Passing the blame:
I learnt that we will always blame the degree or teachers for our mistakes. You don’t understand the subject, it’s the degree’s or teacher’s fault. You failed the exam, it’s the degree’s or teacher’s fault. You are distracted, it’s the degree’s or teacher’s fault. Well, sweetheart, stop blaming the degree or teacher. Maybe the degree or teacher is not fair for everyone, but it is the closest to landing you a job.
Preparing for the worst:
I learnt that however much you expect things to work fine, you will always, ALWAYS have to prepare for the worst. Code Backups. Always take code backups.
Last minute work:
I learnt that last minute work will not get you anywhere. Well, you can definitely pass or even pass with the same marks as your neighbor but for those who are targeting more than a pass, no, it just doesn’t work that way.
I learnt that competition is what drove me to give my best. It doesn’t have to work that way for everyone. But for me there were a few people with whom we had a healthy competition and it was the anticipation that was the most worthwhile.
The batch as a whole:
I learnt that, the power of working together as a batch will always outweigh any trouble that comes your way. When the batch unites, the force is strong. Always. First hand experience…
But sometimes we just didn’t. And some of us regret it.
Personal life:
I learnt that sometimes you think that college is everything and you clearly don’t set the distinction. If one piece of advice I can give you, give priority to your academics, but don’t make it your life. You only have to suffer for these formative years and the rest will pay off in due time. But I wouldn’t advise you to stay home staring into your books/code the entire time. Give yourself a small break or celebrate small victories by treating yourself to something small.
Final Year Thesis project:
This can come as a nightmare for many of you and for those who have already faced it, it would be another bitter-sweet memory. So don’t be harsh on yourself. But do start early with some vague idea, keep reading on and keep meeting experts in the field and stabilize it after some months. This process will become really tough if you don’t start somewhere early. And the other thing. Your year plan is your chance of showing off your dedication, effort, hard work, sleepless nights and your pride. The feeling you get when you have published your work, that beats everything. Work hard for it and when you finally graduate you will feel really content that you did this on your own!
The Fun:
Something that I forgot to have. By the time I started having fun, it was too late. Just don’t take things hard on yourself. Work hard, but also don’t forget to have fun. These years will never come back to you again.

But most importantly I also learnt that, as much as I hated my university life, and as much as I swore that I will be the most happiest when I leave, I missing it deeply now.


12 thoughts on “Lessons learnt in 2015

  1. “I learnt that final year in college reveals to you who is real and who is not.” Every single damn time! 🙂
    I know I am late but, congrats on graduation. 🙂
    Good luck for 2016! Hugs.


  2. Life is a bitter-Sweet symphony, glad that 2015 taught you a few life lessons. Here’s wishing you a fab new year 2016.

    – xoxo – Style.. A Pastiche! – Visit me sometime 🙂


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