Frozen Feelings & Blocked Emotions

I’ve been waiting for a long time to tell this story to people who will appreciate it, and this is the time!

I believe it’s important to note that a day prior to this, I was talking to my best friend that I am lacking words to express. I don’t call myself good in expressing my feelings, but I find peace and relaxation in expressing myself in my words, writing.

It was 9 months back in 2015, I found a guy in LinkedIn who happened to be my classmate in my 7th grade (2007). He is definitely the kind of people I think I gravitate towards these days because unbelievable “coincidences” tend to happen when I do. Since I have started to know myself, I also feel like I have begun to attract other people who are searching for that same thing. When I step back and look at it from outside myself, it almost brings me to tears because it is so beautiful and makes so much sense to me even though it’s hard to put into words. I feel like every person searches for that one good friend who that makes them feel good in this world. What that one thing is, is different for everyone, but people with similar visions of what that thing is will tend to be drawn together. I personally want to surround myself with more like minded people because nothing but hood has come from it and there is just no way had it can a simple “coincidence”.

So, I began to strike up a conversation with him about it, if he still remembers me. Fortunately, he replied and he does remember. I felt kind of drawn to him. Fast forward 9 months later, we had talked about life, love, family, jobs, schools, studies, degree, spiritual beliefs – everything. He doesn’t hesitate to share words of love, appreciation, approval, praise, encouragement, etc. I felt like I’d known him forever. It was the one of the most lucrative and creatively inspiring conversations I have ever had. His name was Prasanth, and he’s a Mechanical Engineer. He is a fellow friend, and we talked a lot about our position. He does a lot of work with studies and job. There’s something comforting about being completely honest and open with an open-minded friend – a friend who you felt like you’ve known forever. It was such a beautiful and unlikely experience for the two of us to become friends. There is very authentic feeling that I get from Prasanth that I absolutely know that I can trust him. We smiled for hours straight. At one point, I said him that


I didn’t have to explain what I meant, because he knew what I’m trying to tell him. Words are just tools we use to communicate feelings. I’m using the tools that work best for me. Sometimes verbal communication with words is insufficient, or even unnecessary. I meet amazing friends across the globe that I have the strangest connections to.

It’s been 9 months since we’ve had the conversation, and we’ve exchanged about almost everything. I haven’t met him since 10 years. The relation and respect that we have are equally as enlightening as our conversation. To me it kind of appeared as an aura surrounding my friend, he kinda glowed more than other people.

I suppose it’s a desire to explore the mind and consciousness, being true to yourself and knowing who you are. It shines through in some people. It is the truest feeling one can have. There is definitely something that resonates inside me after knowing him. Our both energies are very compatible, and I connect with him especially deeply, we are so much alike, we can actually speak to one another on a higher level.

I normally don’t initiate the conversation with guys. But with him, I just KNEW that we will be friends and that it was going to happen before it actually happened. Even though we were strangers for 10 years (almost) and his personality/character was immediately recognizable to me. Aside from the inkling that he would be an important person of mine, I had no reason to think he was anything beyond a good friend. Like minded individuals tend to fall into each other’s circles more than those who aren’t like-minded. I feel better expressing on the internet. I am not talking or expressing my thoughts to him. I am just talking to myself, and typing at the same time.

I think the significance in this whole thing lies in the fact that –

“Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.” -Richard Bach

Prasanth, Thank you for being someone I can trust. I know you like nobody else does, but my plans are to know you like even you don’t know of yourself 😉


59 thoughts on “Frozen Feelings & Blocked Emotions

  1. Wonderful post Aishwariya. Very well expressed.
    It’s awesome! I have felt as if I knew exactly what my friend was thinking a few times. It was so strange, but the feeling was overwhelming that I couldn’t disregard it. It is almost as if the air feels heavier or vice versa depending on the situation..
    I call this phenomenon “finding lost members of my tribe” – I have a few friends that I share a very deep connection with, to the point we joke that maybe our ancestors hunted mastodons together.

    And reading your post I see that there’s an old bond between you both during your schools, reignited the memory. It’s a thing, 10 years is no joke.. I wish everyone could feel this way. It’s good to know that there are others with similar experiences 🙂

    And Prasanth wherever you are, You’re so lucky to have a friend like Aishwariya Ramachandran.

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  2. Hey Aishwariya(I had to look twice at your name!), beautifully expressed.
    By the way your blog has made my day, Reading your stories I feel like some of them could be me and my soul mate haha I’ve just had one of “those” days but this had really made me smile and brought my memories back; you’re amazing!
    Trust a friend is hard to find, specially friendship like yours and Prasanth. May god bless you both! Keep up the good work!

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  3. I am amazed. Such friendship exist one in thousand.
    Im jealous. If you have a friend worth loving, love him! Throughout the life you’ll meet one person unlike another. This person is your soulmate, best friend. Never let him go. 🙂
    Good luck for your future..

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  4. It’s marvellous Aishwariya. You know, while reading your post I could imaging two people at a time- one who is your bestfriend ‘Prasanth’ and the other one is my Bestfriend ‘Divyani’. It is the best thing which could happened in someone’s life to be blessed with such bestfriends.
    Truly amazing. 🙂

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  5. Oh but the memories your story brought to my mind! Seven years I was blessed with such relationship then? He was gone. His last words to me, “I love you” …To this day, his love & care for me remain as he swore his daughter to watch over me for him. Through it all?
    There is the power of love from on high blessing us at every turn of the way! We are loved. We are blessed!
    So glad for your following. I am doing likewise. 🙂

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  6. There are 2 things in this post, one is your writing skill , 2nd is content and true emotions.
    Glad you liked somebody and you are good friends, with whom you can share every thing and vis a versa.

    Over all awesome post, “flowing thoughts and liberating emotions “

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    1. Me personally, I don’t believe in soul mates! At all. , I just don’t think soulmates is really a thing. What if your soulmate is already married to someone else – does it justify that someone stole my husband :p
      I have been in relationship since 4 years, and I say that I have a really good friend in my boyfriend. I don’t really understand some people’s concept of soul mates. Bwaaahhhh! For me, its just a fantasy around the relationship, when in reality it is about making it work. You have to work hard at it!

      P.s. Prasanth is just my good friend.

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            1. Nope. I am not confused. To some extent, the process of mating belongs to the body and the mind. The soul cannot mate with anything, nor does the soul need a mate because it is absolute and boundless.
              I will write a blog about soul mate today! 😀
              this is crazy!

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              1. Now you came with a conclusion, I can tell you know, the one whom you are mating or making love.. Is one among the soul mate, if you are married to your soul mate its one of the bonus in life, do you think all Indian girls and guys are mating with their soul mates? Lol that’s really no no.. Arranged marriages are licensed brothel by parents… But you might have a best friend who will keep inspiring you.. Your professor.. Yea he may be of your soul mate.. If u every read bhagavt gita? .. Or any religious book or yourself think of what is soul.. Soul is a neutral force.. It can’t enjoy the pleasure… With another soul..

                What about making love with a whore?prostitute? Are they soul mates? Hehe

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                1. I am actually a Brahmin 😀
                  Don’t be in shock.
                  Of course, not every Indian are married to a soul mate. I am so sick of Arranged marriages (One, interesting topic to talk again!) I dislike the soul mate concept intensely here in Arranged marriages.
                  Yes, I am currently reading the 8th chapter of Lord shiva and Parvati and their glories

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                  1. Where? I would like to read.. Brahmins.. Don’t know what do you really mean it… If you guys think it’s a caste or something I will just give a smile and won’t try to explain anything but you are right in all that what you said..
                    You said sex is nothing but two souls meeting at climax he hehe.. But I really don’t like it..soul is not a thing to understand quite easily.. I’m not shocked.
                    Because I know brahmins what they are? What they do? And so on… I’m not a hater of them

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            2. Out for lunch. Back again!
              Well, I have a book with me. I can scan them and send you.Or a photo copy of them! 🙂
              Well, being a Brahmin, I have to listen so much from my parents (They are so religious) about the enlightenment, belief, God!, Ramayana, Gita, bla bla..
              I have been brought up to believe, So now I believe (just not to hurt my parents)‘ and ‘even that believing is not mine, I have been brought up to believe‘ (Simply I don’t believe! I just pretend)
              Enlightenment is not something that you have to force upon yourself; it’s a natural progression of development but you’re not allowing that natural progression to happen because you’re creating these kinds of contradictions.

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