Trust in your instincts.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to tell my future children when they ask me some of the harder questions in life, like “where do we go after we die?” or “Amma, what’s being in love like?” I think what I’m going to do is sit them on my knee and tell them that its all about vibrations and following your instincts. Everything gives off different vibes, and sometimes the vibrations of different ideas and activities and people really resonate with us and match our own vibes. Your instincts allow you to hone in on what resonates with you and what doesn’t. One day you will find a religion (or maybe no religion) that resonates in your heart and truly makes you believe that its ideas are real. Someday you will meet another person and their vibrations will feel just right with yours and you will feel in your heart and soul that connection and harmony and you will call it love. But before any of this happens, you need to be comfortable with your own vibrations. You need to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin and your own aura, then you can open yourself up to the world and find what resonates with you.

Human beings are perplexity both well evolved and terribly evolved. This is evident in our instincts. A human being can instinct you all you tell the difference between a fake and real scream unless it comes from a master actor, but even then we can kind of tell. That said our highly evolved brain will then take in other stimuli and decide, despite our gut feeling, either or not it’s real.

Every now and then in life you meet people and get a sense of what kind of person they are seemingly based off nothing. Now for instance there are some people who watch this blog I get the feeling are wonderful people but would be weird of me to just start talking to out of the blue for seemingly no reason. On the other hand this goes both ways and you can meet people who make you feel ill at ease apron first meeting them, even at the time they are acting in a way that’s seemingly nice. Now these are the signals you should pay most attention too because I believe feelings like this are a natural defense mechanism.

Now I don’t mean people should go around judging any person that makes an awkward introduction, I more mean when you get that feeling deep down in the pit of your soul that something about them is off, that something about them you find is troubling. If life has taught me one thing is that these deep gut feelings are never wrong, and to ignore them leaves you to find out the hard was. Those often tend up being things that get you or maybe your friends hurt……so it’s wise to always air on the side of causing when feeling like that arise.

My personal advise is that all our instincts are deeply rooted beyond what we learn. While some people have education and experience that will make their minds a better resource than their instincts, the average person is more likely to be right about their gut instinct rather than their wild speculations.


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