Do thoughts become things?

In this county, we have this phenomenon the positive thinking.
You know that our whole existence is created by the way that we think. As I have already mentioned in my previous posts that there were so many things that were involved in the creative process and are created experience. Everyone is responsible for their circumstances based on their thinking process.

In this country, we have given two much significant to our thought process. So the western philosophers who went to this extreme said – ‘I think, so I exist’. So, that is the level of significance which is given for our thoughts.

Please tell me, on your simple sense. Which is true? 

  •  Is it because you exist, you think?
  •  Is it because you think, you exist?

Of course, Yes! You exist, You think!

Because you haven’t known your life any other way except thinking and now you made it all imported.

For me there is no thought. If I simply sit under a tree, I will sit there without any thought on my mind. Does it mean I’m not existing? I am existing. Absolutely existing. Because I am existing in such a powerful way, thought is just a small happening for me in my life. I can think, not that I’m incapable of thinking but it is still a very small happening. Because my existence is far, far bigger than my thought.

Now, people are making thoughts far bigger than their existence.
By doing this, either they went neurotic, they broke up mentally and ended up in mental asylums or they committed suicide because it is bound to happen. If you stress the intellect beyond a certain point, you’ll definitely crack up.

So, thought being very important is very unhealthy way to approach life. Initially it will give you thrill because you can create a few things with your thought. If you generate a powerful thought, you can make certain things happen. You can have certain power over other people and situations, this will give you high but this is not an ultimate solution to your life. You may be effective in the world, but within yourself you’re a mess.

You see all the stars in the world and the whole world worships them and they think they are great. But most of the stars are breaking or falling down.

Looking good

You want to look good in people’s eyes, that’s not going to change the experience of your life. If you sit under a tree and if you’re absolutely blissful, this is what changes the experience of your life.

What somebody else thinks about you? Why is it so important? Or what you think about yourself? why is it that so important?
Whatever you think about yourself or whatever the whole world thinks about you has no existential relevance. What ever you’re thinking now has no existential relevance. It is only psychological relevance or may be social relevance.

Let me tell you a joke:

Once it happened, A pope died, and naturally he went to heaven. He came near the gates of heaven. St. Peter sitting on a tall security stool smoking a Cuban cigar. (It’s not ban there! :D)

St.Peter: (blew cigar on the face of Pope and asked) Who are you? 

Pope: (Angry) How dare ? How dare you ask me who I am!

St.peter: (Calmly).. OK man! Everyday all kinds of people come with all stories. Tell me, Who are you?

Pope: I am the pope, How dare you talk to me like this! I am the god’s representative on the planet. You ask him if you want!

St.Peter: Alright! (he raised his voice and said) Hey boss! There is somebody here who claims to be your representative on the planet, his name is Pope. Do you know him?

(Grave voice from inside. I do not know anyone like that!)

Pope: (confused) oh! may be it is Alzheimer’s! Okay, you do one thing ask Jesus – he knows! I am his representative on this planet.

St.Peter: Okay! (he raised his voice and said) Hi sunny, here is somebody here who claims to be your representative on the planet, his name is Pope. Do you know him?

(A gentle voice from inside. I do not know anyone like that. )

St.Peter: Sunny doesn’t know you. Enough man! move on!

(By now Pope was totally helpless. He is so confused as they are not letting him inside heaven, after being a Pope.)

Pope: Oh well, you ask the Holy ghost, he knows me! I am his representative on the planet.

St.Peter: (once again, raised his voice and said) Hi spooky, here is somebody here who claims to be your representative on the planet, his name is Pope. Do you know him?

(A mysterious voice from inside) – Ahann! Pope! Is he here..? He is the one who spread malicious stories about me and Mary, Don’t you let him in!


You can think whatever you want! I can think whatever I want! The whole world can think something about me, it has no existential relevance. It has only psychological and social relevance. So, when we say a spiritual process, we are talking about the existential dimension not a psychological dimension or social dimension.

So, if you generate a powerful thought, you can create a certain life situations around you but with that you cannot know the ultimate. But there is something within you which wants to expand and know. How much ever comfort you provide, how much ever well being you provide from outside, there is something within you which will not settle.

You may avoid that something which will not settle by watching a television, going to movies, reading a book or a blog, conversation with somebody! That’s is why you keep yourself so busy just to avoid it! But if you sit down for sometime and just look at your life, you’ll feel empty and you want to do something else. It is always there, either you address it or you don’t!

You can use your thought to create a physical situation but you cannot exist and actually move by using thought because it has only psychological and social relevance to life!


28 thoughts on “Do thoughts become things?

  1. ‘Thinking’ just one word on which the processing of a human is done. I mean yes, as in The Secret, it’s said that if you’re thinking is good, then you’re good, if you’re thinking’s bad, you’re certainly on the wrong track of life. You have get on the right train. Loved the way you explained it. It was more clear and beautiful. And yes, that joke, was really hilarious.

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  2. Aishwarya – You have chosen a god topic for the post. At the same time it is a bit debatab;le. It is obvious that you exist so you think. In fact , the ability to think is a faculty that we all humans have been blessed as compared to other species. 🙂 However the second statement is also not untrue. It is more metaphorical. When you think , you also have something to look forward to, which makes your existence more meaningful. So both are true in their own ways. 🙂

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  3. When I was in higher school, I used to make thoughts in my mind that ‘ I’ve been awarded with a tag of best student of class, the award is given by the teacher whom I hate the most.’ The thoughts generated because I was not a good student at school. 😄
    Whatever I do today, I do with a clear mind, no thoughts till the time I don’t force myself to think. 😊
    Thank you for writing such a lovely post, Aishwariya! 😊

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    1. Hey Ankit,
      ha ha ! That was interesting to know a little more about you 🙂
      thanks for your view. i’m glad that it works for you without thinking 😉 .
      May be you haven’t had much success with it lately or you’re trying to work on small things to make them habits that your mind doesn’t have to think about too much…Things are always changing,and we are all different.

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  4. I believe there is a difference between being and existing. When someone talks about “being” they are talking about a consciousness. And existing is well, not being dead yet. 😉

    ‘We are what we think’ is a better saying.
    Thought here does not refer to generic thoughts. It refers to the constant frequencies we send out into the universe attracting what attracts us.

    Sitting under a tree with zero thought process does not mean there is no consciousness. On the contrary, it means there is elevated consciousness. It is then that thoughts become things you can control. They unify into one. Into one higher consciousness. Into one higher state of “being” (concept of enlightenment).

    Aishwarya, it is correct to say that we can exist without thoughts. But it is also correct to say that we are what we are right now because of what we think all day. Re thinking it makes me wonder…thinking is such an ingrained part of us species. So us existing or not, we still think. Darn! I am so confused, are you ?

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  5. I read the entire write up and I did not get the part where you said you cannot move using thoughts. Merely existing doesn’t need thinking. But life isn’t life with mere existence. To take it forward, to really live, we need thoughts. So, I beg to differ with you. This is a very ‘thought’ful topic 😉 and you couldn’t have written this without thoughts.

    But something else nagged me. What if we are someone’s thought?

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    1. You didn’t understand the whole context! Let me explain. You’re making lot of assumptions, We are making assumptions about various things which are not yet in our experience. Isn’t it? The moment you make assumptions about things which are not in your experience, you’ll become hallucinatory, and working with that which you’ve assumed. The moment that you give power to the things that you assume, your mind will just fly off into all types of imaginations and it will be more real than real itself. Its just that imagination has such power. Imaginations, thoughts, emotions – all these things are way to pave the way. For example: I have a thought: ‘I want to go to New York’, ‘Shall I buy tickets’,’Shall I go by car’ These are just paving the way. But, If I sit and go on thinking New York..! I’ll never make it. Thought is not the reality that takes you there. It only paves the way. It makes you willing, That’s all! Thoughts and emotions only makes you willing. It’s never the real thing. But once you started giving too much significance to thought and emotions, its start seeming like as if its the real thing, more real than the real. What you’re thinking is more real than than what’s around you. That’s the whole problem with life, that your thoughts and emotions has become a bigger reality than the reality itself. Back to example: If you stand near the sign post (hand post)- which shows the way to New York, that doesn’t mean to think that you’re in New York. So, Thoughts are just a sign post, it points you in the direction you want to go but it never takes you there! (Do you get my point?) It cannot take you there, You really can’t move using thoughts! But if the people who think it is taking them there, have become hallucinatory in such a way that even the reality cannot get them out!

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  6. Very well thought written! I feel once you think something and decide to do it, you get more open to other people in the process of materialising the thought – and that’s where you get your calling! A bit different than the way you’ve written, but same end result! 🙂

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