How people change?

A very interesting thought that cropped up into my mind over the past few days of inactivity and mundanes was “How people change”.
There are different ways of looking at change. It is impossible to deny the fact that people do change tremendously in terms of attitude and lifestyle depending on their surroundings. That is but nature of humans.
On the other hand,what if there is an overdose of this particular phenomenon? It is really astonishing,rather appealing to discover that people with whom you have shared some priceless moments have drowned into the wave of urbaneness and sophistry. Adapting to the trends of the society is a boon but a total camouflage is probably a bane today. Another aspect relevant here is, what matters is the internal change associated with this whole mechanism of change. An external change may be required at points in time and is actually good in order to keep yourself in and going with the rat race but what is constant now and forever is your mind. If this is susceptible to change, your life goes out of control. Many a time,to adapt to the quality of the pompous society, a wavering mind does result…nothing could possibly get worse! The current world seems rather showy to me. Very few entities in and around seem genuine.

I still cherish a lot of sanskrit slokas which taught me that “He who changes according to time is not a human being at all”. This makes a lot of sense to me now, as I had no clue what that entailed before…

There is yet another perspective to the concept of life. At every stage in life, we meet different kinds of people. Some we remember,and most we don’t. Apparently, the people we do remember are the ones who have left behind a trail with their accomplishments or have been unique in their own way and could have meant a lot to you at that point in time. After every stage, life is intended to take a different turn for different people..Perhaps,that is what they call fate. It is a very astonishing fact that once your life takes a turn, it is almost impossible to meet your “once upon a time encounters again” in the same trail. It is analogous to taking 2 roads that never ever meet again. Debating on which road is better is probably endless, for it varies upon individual perspective. Any path chosen or destined to travel by is never inferior to any other path as these are all paths made by the existential. A path not rewarding now will surely face a turnover later on, for that is what life is all about..twists and turns!

There is also a book of accounts to ensure that every human being gets an equal dose of sweetness and sourness but at different points in time. If life is not going all that great now, it probably isn’t your turn yet..all it requires is a little more patience and faith. I may sound a little dogmatic here but according to me, this is reality.. It is only the pot of luck which comes handy sometimes but at different times which makes every individual different. If this weren’t true, anybody would get all that he can ask for..This is very appealing but is a fallacy..

This what constitutes the concept, one aspect being the change which people undergo at every stage which slowly separates their path from the rest who started off at the same point and the other change is the change which people imbibe or thrust upon themselves to keep up with the pompous world. This change is unique for every individual in this world and that is why no two people are entirely the same. After all,  each one of us unique..we are not xerox copies of each other! 🙂

Perhaps, the only constant thing in life is change and each and every one of us undergo change from cradle to grave…Every encounter in the trail of life is ephemeral and its only your own self that is with you forever. The soul is the sole force that monitors your body as a mechanism of governance. Let the soul travel at the speed of light, recognize malicious changes and guide the body in the path of wisdom.


8 thoughts on “How people change?

  1. Change is inevitable. They all happen for a reason & most constitute in once making towards better. It’s just that the pace of change is slow.
    Great post, Aishwariya. 🙂

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  2. Change is based completely on the frame of reference. If you find a person changed, then it is equally and inevitably true that you have changed also. One cannot define ‘change’ as a measurable trait. A person who seems completely changed to me might be tge same for someone else.

    Change is just like a turbulent stream. Every drop of its water is moving because of all the others. On the other hand, its trajectory is completely irrelevant of the others’.


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