A short conversation where in you start explaining social networking concepts to an elderly person who has never heard of the same before.
“You open this page, login with your account and what you get to see in front of you here is called a wall! You can literally write on it.” (*Trembles with curiosity to explain*)
“Right here, you will find a profile page where you can tell people if you are married, committed or if you are into a complicated relation. Funny isn’t it?” (*Admires Mark Zuckerberg with a naughty smile for the idea behind it*)
“You can express everything you feel as status updates. You can tell people how awesome you think you really are, by putting up stuff like the Don’t-judge-me-by-what-you-know update or I-am-not-perfect-but-I-am-just-me update.”(*thinking about how jealous people would be of you for your rockzzstar attitude.. uff..*)
“Likewise you can tell to people if you are sad and lonely. The best part is that they can even like and comment on it.”(*Deviating from the thought, pondering over the number of likes on the recently shared photo*)
“You know, these likes and comments actually convey a lot more than they what they actually are. They make you feel loved. They just make your day.” (*Questioning yourself, ‘Why would people love me so much? 100 likes on the recent photo? That’s just too much of love to digest.’*)
“You can indirectly convey messages to people on hitting a like on these wonderful Facebook pages. Suppose, I want my ex to know that I still love her, I’d simply like this Outside-I-am-smiling-but-inside-I-am-dying page so that only she would understand the encrypted meaning and nobody else would. Awesome, ain’t it?” (*Like Sherlock Homes, takes pride in self for the wit behind the plot*)
“And you have these wonderful apps that would tell you about who-want-to-kill-you? Who-is-your-celebrity-girl-friend-of-the-day? And who has a secret crush on you? Guess what! My celebrity boy friend for the day is Johnny Depp and I am SO thrilled” (*No more in control of the self. Peaks of joy. Experiencing emotional ecstasy*)
“The best is yet to arrive. There you see! Here you can create farms, happily water them and comeback to check ’em out when they are all grown. It is just a wonderful feeling…It just feels like….like…”….
You begin to notice the weight of the weird long stare the elder gives you and finally realize that sanity is a long lost thing..

25 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. This is something real. I’ve been there long before but haven’t done much, with fewer friends, less on status updates even when it asks ‘Whats on your mine!’.
    Recently, I saw one of my fellow colleague urging her friends to like her recently shared picture!
    When asked, “Why you pleading for these likes?? What they bring along! Happiness?” She says, “It upbings her repo.” I became speechless, with a smile.
    Many stories, that farmvilla, my uncle one day(way before) asking me about the same and telling me that his kids play this game, telling me about its level and asking me to join them there, I am like why!! I never like this gardening there. 😄
    Another gem, Aishwariya. 😊

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  2. I was literally smiling throughout while reading your posts. What an excellent play of the words 😀
    The way you described all the emotions especially in the bracket was quite good. Keep writing and Happy blogging. 😉

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  3. hahahaha… I once told my grandma about how people have farms on facebook and she asked me what kind of farm is that and how do people live on farming? And I tell her it’s all virtual and she laughs out loud almost scaring me and says, “kids this days!!” I can’t help but tell her even grandmas like her play the game and she said, that is absurd! I like my spinach patches better!

    lol to think what elders would perceive of our internet worlds if we told them more! ^.~


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