Creating Your Own Reality in the Archonic World- No rulers, No masters


Self Doubt is the unseen seed of the archonic force (Archons are a species of inorganic beings that emerged in the solar system prior to the formation of the earth). We are duplicates of the absolutely unbounded manifold of the universe. The universe itself is a giant brain, it becomes quite blatantly obvious when observing from micro to macro. And that is because everything essentially is thought. This absolute unbounded manifold of the universe in essence is just thought, we are the smaller cells of this being, each imbued with the same potential, influence, and effect on the whole because we are extensions of the whole. Our thoughts are manifested into reality, the 2 billion bits of information that bombard us is the unseen variable matrix we are surrounded by and the 147 bits of information our brain processes as our experience is the multitude of variables who’s wave function collapses under our focus(intent/observation).

All possibilities are true mathematically thus all possibilities exist, the illusion stems from the fact we can only manifest one of these possible variable equations at one time, thus we see life as one continuous picture that appears external and beyond our control. The seed of the archonic force(the necessary duality of experience that sees itself separate from the whole) is the reversal of that which is, from a political perspective we see it manifest as health institutions that cause illness, educational systems that destroy learning, governmental structures that work against its people, and countless other examples.

It’s a simply a reversal(because seeing yourself as separate from the universe is the reverse of what actually is), and the key psychological function that causes what we deem the problems in our life is no different. As extensions of the absolute unbounded manifold thought machine which is reality our focus manifests our experience, a healthy individual who has realized this doesn’t question the events that occur to them as some external force of control but instead realizes that their entire reality is derived from themselves(which is simultaneously the whole).

Self Doubt is the reversal of our manifestation process. We know our intent, we know what we wish to happen, but the seed of self doubt tells you that you are not in control of your reality, and thus causes you to think up multitudes of possible scenarios that are the reverse of what you desired. Your focus becomes hijacked, and the seed of self doubt spreads throughout the thought processes of your life, everything seems to go wrong, when in reality what’s occurred has been the soul focus of your “worry”, which has overtaken your focus and manifestation process. Self doubt is the unseen seed of the archonic force.


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