World war

Right now there is a war being waged in which every human being is a part of. This is not a war of bombs and militaristic might but rather a psychological war of information. The two factions of this war are liberty and tyranny but the goal for both sides is the same, the control of this world we call home. This war is no simple Black & White conflict either, for many agents of tyranny have no idea what they are actually fighting for and given the slightest hint at the motives behind the agendas they’ve been lead to push would cause descent among their ranks. The strength of tyranny lies in secrecy, while the strength of liberty lies in transparency.

But who are the perpetrators of this mass deception? To say “the world’s governments” would be a gross misunderstanding because most people working for these institutions have positive intentions and remain unaware of the manipulation taking place throughout their hierarchy. The same can be said for banks and major corporations, because the majority of people under their pyramid likewise are oblivious to the nature of their occupation. Truly the culprits of tyranny are very few, but have a following of many. They are the heads of these banks, the heads of these corporations, if you want to know these faces just look at the wealthiest men of this earth (and I’m not talking about people ilk to Bill Gates). These tyrants are families who hold ownership over the worlds reserve currencies and a conglomerate of corporate superpowers. They have risen to power by means of seduction(bribery), concealing their faces from the general public, and enacting war crimes to cause mass hysteria and distraction… The worst part is if we remain stagnant and do nothing to stand in their way(which is what they hope you do) they will win the war for dominance of this world. As I said in the beginning every human is a part of this war, including you and grandma. But which side will you fight for is completely up to you.

If you choose to fight for the side of tyranny your path is simple, have no part in this war, simply do nothing. Remain indifferent to the political events occurring around you and you are really doing your part. Continue your old habits of lying to others out of fear for what they might think, hold your prejudices, gather all your news and information from the television, and you are a prime soldier for tyranny, pretty easy right!

If you choose to fight for the liberation of this world you have the more difficult path, one of self growth and individuation(which is not as easy as it comes off). Begin to educate yourself, it doesn’t matter in what field but fuel your drive for new information. Dare to contemplate the taboo and ridiculous, dare to consider the previously inconceivable. Learn to let go of pains of your past and replace them with positive intentions for the future. If you wish to be a prime soldier of the liberation resistance, you must share what you find with the world! Information is a valuable commodity, the only reason we stand a chance of losing this war is that information has been censored and concealed from the public awareness! The more you know, and the more you teach others, regardless of it’s content, the more you aid in the freeing of humanity.

The choice is yours, and I don’t judge you for whichever side you choose to place yourself on. Just consider the future implications of your actions, only you will be accountable for the fate that awaits you.


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