A message to humanity.

It is time to stop dreaming.. The days have become fleeting, our behavior cyclical. Every day we live the same story, the same routine, we look at the world around us and feel helpless to change it. What am I? One person in world of chaos?… you just shut it out. You shut out all of the war and bloodshed around you. You shut out the famine, the pestilence. In an effort for survival we’ve numbed ourselves to the state of our environment. Not just the far far away tragedies, but to our very immediate surroundings. We have no time for compassion, no time for the consideration of others, because we need to focus on our own lives, our own well being.. I don’t have time to care about __,“I need to pass this test tomorrow” “I need to pay off my student loans” “I need make it to the next paycheck”. We are existing in our anxiety, we are trapped in a mental prison of over thinking, over worry. This anxiety is the dream, the nightmare. So I’m asking you, please wake up.. If you want a world where people are aware and care for the well being of others? You have to care and it can’t come from anywhere else! You literally create the world around you, so create the world you want to live in! If you don’t know how to create the change you wish to see educate yourself, this is the Information Age! The world is at your fingertips! Everything you do, every step you take matters, because you affect everything.


The world is a beautiful place yet we all to often forget to stop and smell the roses. We can’t sit with ourselves, we dread being alone with our thoughts.. To often it feels as if our mind is racing in multiple directions, so we distract ourselves since there is little we can do to stop it. We have forgotten how to turn it off. But you are not your thoughts. You are that which is observing your thoughts. You are that which is experiencing your existence. So observe something else. Experience something else. Instead of worrying about work tomorrow notice comfort-ability of the chair you’re sitting in, how beautiful and intricate the tree is outside your window. Experience how the wind is blowing against your face. What is it like to just be in this moment without thoughts, without labeling… There is so much information in every moment we shut ourselves off to. Trapped in the nightmare of cyclical worry we’ve forgotten what it’s like to exist, to be alive. We cannot change our lives nor our circumstances if we remain catatonic in a state of perpetual anxiety.

So wake up… Please, wake up. Cease existing in the realm of your thoughts, come back, exist in the here and now, for the world is falling apart in your absence.



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