Fututre Civilization

In the civilizations I have created learning is understood to occur through the full cycle of the sun. So, sleep is a session integrated into learning as a fundamental component. Courses are constructed to incorporate the time from the conscious experiencing of information through its processing in sleep. The entirety is conceived of as the lesson, so scholars study relaxation and calm as rigorously as calculus and chemistry.


A Type 0 civilization is us.

A Type 1 civilization has unified their planet and utilizes it’s entire energy potential. It’s more than that though. Think of Sci-Fi movies that showed planets with large-scale structures and geometric shapes that were visible from orbit. A Type 1 civilization impacts it’s home planet in such a way that they start to become indistinguishable from the normal operations of that world. This becomes important later.

The scale goes up, and increases in size and scope rapidly

A Type 2 civilization would utilize their entire solar system’s energy, and begin to change things on a wider scale as well.

Star Trek is here, at ~2.4. This is why some folks have trouble with imagining a Star Trek future – it’s 2 steps beyond where we are. The Empire in Star Wars is around the same spot, possibly 2.6. The Galactic Republic was likely around 2.8 or 2.9. I’m less certain about Firefly since there’s so little material but 2.1 to 2.2 seems reasonable.

Why we can’t understand how it could even be possible:

Everyone is high.


On life.


I know, it sounds lame, but they’re all “high on life” – It became much easier for me to understand after I realized that.

People’s brain chemistry changes when everyone is all working together, sharing a common goal, the same set of values and ideals. One reason why organized religion is so popular and so powerful, is the feeling it gives to it’s members. Now imagine that on a unified planetary scale.

A Type 3 civilization would utilize the energy of an entire galaxy, and have a similar scale of impact.

A Type 4 civilization would span a cluster of galaxies, the operations of that civilization would be changing vast regions of space.

A Type 5 civilization – we’re up to a super-cluster of galaxies now. They would not just be inhabiting them, they would be manipulating them on a large scale.

The Time Lords from Doctor Who may be around 4 to 5 from what I understand, but possibly higher. I know they were claimed to be various levels, from 3 to 5, in different sources. The show has been around longer than most people reading this have been alive tho so there’s bound to be some conflicts in the source material.

A Type 6 civilization would affect the entire universe. The actions and daily operations of that civilization or group or individual would be indistinguishable from the normal workings of the universe itself. Sound familiar?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Everything we’ve done up until now has been, frankly, BS. Capitalism is basically training wheels for a civilization. The current processes of government are obsolete, and worse, vulnerable, in the face of modern technology. We fritter away valuable, irreplaceable resources producing garbage.

We have no focus as a species. Our governments are too distracted playing Risk to recognize that there even IS a big picture, let alone to focus on it, cooperate in setting long-term goals, and more importantly, realize that they can all stop the BS together. A type 1 civilization doesn’t just mean energy production, it means a quality of life available to all.

Am I the only one who feels this way?


10 thoughts on “Fututre Civilization

  1. What wonderful thinking. Human-kind seems to have achieved so much in a great many fields but still struggles with internal conflicts. Maybe we really are on our own in the cosmos and our destiny is to one day reach out to the stars..Who knows.

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  2. Loved the line – Our governments are too busy playing risk to focus on the big future.
    No, definitely not. While the Idea of utilizing the whole solar system effectively is very very far away, let alone moving onto galaxies, our focus is nowhere near that. Only a negligible proportion of our resources are pledged towards expansion.
    I personally don’t see a future beyond our current shuttling back and forth between mars and earth, we’ll exhaust our resources long before moving on ahead.
    Only (Space)-Time will tell.
    Great write up!

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