Politics of Non-Intervention

Basically my political ideas are as follows.

The human body is a fully functioning system that is comprised of distinct organs and subsystems that function in tandem without any external influence. The heart pumps blood to the brain, which regulates blood flow to the limbs, which pick up food for the stomach, which turns the food into energy, which the heart uses to pump blood to the brain.

There is no ruler in the human body.

“But what about the brain? The brain is the control center of the body, it’s in charge!”

Well, one can easily make the argument that it is in fact the stomach which is in charge, as hunger overtakes rational though in situations of extremity. Then, one could say that the brain is the stomach’s way of making sure it doesn’t stay empty for too long. You could equally make the argument that the hand is in control as it is the point of contact through which we manipulate the physical world, and that therefore the heart exists to support the function of the hand.

So as you can see, there is no one in charge in the body, and yet it manages to function perfectly to the extent that we leave it alone. When we start to force the body to conform to our will, instead of letting the body take its natural course, we develop stress related illnesses, muscular strain, disease and, if one tries to force the body too hard, death.

So the basic principle in nature is this: nature is self organizing, and what we call health is the absence of interference with this self organizing principle.

So therefore, what is true of the human body, microcosm, will be mirrored in the human society, macrocosm. We see this directly in the experience of fascism, whereby an attempt to intervene totally in the natural functioning of the society created mass destruction and instability. We see it at home, whereby attempts to grab “security”, to force our will onto the natural course of events, has created mass civil unrest and instability.

In fact, the law of reversed effort states that the harder we consciously try to do something, the less likely we’ll be to succeed. Remember trying to swim downwards into a pool? The more you push to get underwater, the more buoyant you become. This is why trying to order reality based on our ideas of what it should be can never produce anything but a net loss for all members of the society where it is taking place.

Now, if we understand this, we should immediately recognize that the only logical option left is to relinquish control, to cease our attempts at ordering the chaos.

“But what will happen to us! Surely there will be chaos! The only thing keeping it from utter chaos is law and order!”

Yet, when we take law and order to their logical extreme, we get fascism, so we cannot continue to imply that the rule at play is that more law and order imposed on society creates a situation of health, we must admit that the opposite is true.

So, my only real political opinion is that politics in and of itself, government in and of itself, the attempt to force order onto chaos, is the root cause of social ills like violence, mental illness, racism, sexism and so on. When you force a person to behave rigidly, and when you tell him that spontaneous action is dangerous, when he can no longer stand being rigid he will break into a dangerous spontaneity.

The only way to remedy this situation is to take an attitude of fundamental trust towards ones fellow man, and towards reality itself; to recognize that life is not finally and ultimately serious, that it is playful, and that “whosoever would save his soul, shall lose it.”


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