Meditation (Guided – Of Sorts)

I have just finished a little meditation of this sort, and I thought I’d post a little description so that others may give it a shot if they’re so inclined 🙂

I shut myself in my bedroom with all the lights off. Through the balcony door one can hear the sound of leaves rustling past, the wind rushing through the tree outside and the low rumble of the world gearing up to drive home for the day.


I first focus on my breath, letting it run as it will, not trying to slow it down or speed it up, deepen it or make it shallower.

When my breath has settled into a natural rhythm of sorts, when I feel it is no longer forced, I draw my attention to the areas of my body one by one. Starting with the toes, I simply cast my awareness as I would my eyes to each one, then to the foot, the ankle, and so on up the body until I reach the head.

I return my awareness to the breath, this time consciously making it as gentle and soft as possible. Each breath a little softer, a little more relaxed, a little calmer.

Then, I bring to mind a figure of great spiritual significance in my life, in this case it is Alan Watts. I imagine him in the lotus position, smiling and radiating white light, sitting in the center of my heart. As I breathe, I imagine him expanding to fill my entire being, to the edges of my skin.

I sit like this for a moment, then, with an awareness of the breath, I imagine myself expanding to fill the room, then up above it and into the blue sky, head in the clouds, then further out to the solar system.

Past galaxies and clusters and out further and further until there is no more imagining, I rest here, and know myself to be this, the totality of all being, the universe as it is, going on forever and ever.

I bring to mind my friends, family, loved ones, and surround them with white light, which is love, and which I sense emanating from my heart. I bring to mind people who I have had difficulty with, and hold them in the same light. Politicians, criminals, celebrities, all the neurotic men and women of the world, them too.

Then, finally, I bring myself before my own awareness, and surround myself with that same white light. Resting here, I return my awareness to the breath, making it ever so gentle and soft.

After a moment, I relax even this, and simply listen to all the phenomena as it arises, no naming, no positioning, no identification, even the thoughts that value in this way seen as just more phenomena, arising and subsiding in the dance.

Now, I imagine myself drawing this form into my heart with the in-breath, out through the top of the head with the out-breath, back into the heart with the next in-breath, then out through the heart and back into the world.

A few cycles of this, and then I return to the breath, and imagine myself shrinking back down to my body. I return Alan to his spot in the center of my chest. I feel my body once more, all the extremities, and give my fingers a wriggle along with my toes. I stretch, take a deep breath, exhale, and open my eyes.


22 thoughts on “Meditation (Guided – Of Sorts)

          1. True. Moreover, most of us don’t even know where or how to start. There is this huge cloud of speculation around meditation which makes it difficult for a normal person to take it up. I mean, it really is that difficult for people to just sit and close their eyes for 5 minutes.


  1. Just two days ago a friend told me that he meditates! And he described his experience, that of going in a trance. Talking with him was enough to make me say – I want that experience too!
    And here you posted a method. Law of Attraction at work, maybe?
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

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