Left & Right


It seems plain to me now more than ever that the group we normally refer to as “conservative” or “right wing” is comprised of people who are fundamentally afraid of living.

These individuals cling to money, material goods and tradition, finding new experience and change threatening to their idea of themselves, their egos. Current research suggests that conservative voters don’t base their beliefs on a sober reading of the evidence, carefully researched and compared, but on knee-jerk reactions to stimuli they perceive as threatening.

Ecstasy in any form is seen as taboo, sinful, childish. To laugh spontaneously is to be an idiot. To eat lysergic acid is to be a freak. To explore one’s own capacity for love is “something better kept to yourself”, or in the case of some loves, an abomination.

The right wing pushes order, straight lines, fences, borders, laws, without recognising that order is fundamentally a form of chaos.

More order creates more chaos implicitly. Grass grows out of the cracks between pavers.

Indeed, we have reached a situation where by any lawman’s book, the population is in a state of chaotic criminality at any given moment. One cannot move without stepping on a by-law, some barnacle hastily attached to the hull of our “justice” system.

Fear-mongering over a phenomenon that kills less Australians than falling over in the shower demonstrates clearly to anyone looking without ideological blinkers that conservative individuals are not interested in promoting unity, love, tolerance, acceptance or any of the other basic, natural human traits that the self grows into given adequate encouragement and freedom.

None of those traits can flourish in a state of fear.

What can flourish is power.

The most terrified populaces in our patchwork history had the most powerful governments.

Look at Hitler’s Germany, the United States, Soviet Russia, North Korea in the modern day. They told their people that someone was coming to get them, and the people sold their love and their understanding down the river for the false sense of security they thought serious, rigid, and cold men could provide them.


What they failed to notice in our past is that those serious, rigid, and cold men have an equal capacity for violence and hatred as those they claim to defend us from, and that given the chance, they will sell out their basic humanity for a chance at greater power.

The idea that one can straighten a wiggly world, that with order one can finally put chaos to rest, that white can triumph over black is a fundamental misreading of our situation and one that is responsible for much of the madness, violence and misanthropy we see in the modern world. It is the pulling at one’s seatbelt as the aeroplane takes off, the clutching of a handlebar in a car-wreck.

Here’s the truth ladies and gentlemen: none of us are going to make it out alive.

You cannot get one-up on the universe. The game cannot be beaten. “It’s all gravy” is just an expression.

So with that in mind, let’s realise that clutching at straws, clinging to models and desperately seeking security are all futile forms of restlessness, utterly pointless in all honesty. We can come to a new understanding of being, where our security is not dependent on clenching of the ego or walling of the environs, but on letting all of this go and relaxing into a state of simple trust towards reality.

We are here for a brief moment in the sun, let’s spend it in love with one another.


8 thoughts on “Left & Right

  1. This was a well- thought post, Aishwarya! It is not unknown that in today’s minds, all we see is danger from invisible forces. We are becoming dumber by allowing ourselves to be governed by people with no history of the deeds they say they’ve done!

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  2. I don’t like politics, but what you said, yeah that was good to read. This is what going on in our current world. Was great to hear your thoughts! 🙂

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