Reality and Consciousness

Imagine, if you will, the kind of nothing that preceded the big bang.

No time.

No space.
Then, not suddenly, but without time, something, bursting and roiling in gargantuan leaps, coalesces from the void into the third and fourth dimensions we are embroiled in, in our present state.

Some physicists and many philosophers are tentatively positing the idea that consciousness is residual and perhaps inherent in all that is contained within reality.

Let’s assume for poetry’s sake that this is true, and let’s also imagine the entirety of existence as an ever increasing state of complexity.

From the moment of the big bang, consciousness has burst forth into reality like a bullet from a gun, hurtling across the vastness of time, building upon itself and exponentially increasing in its intricacy and variation.

As the momentum slows, and as the complexity reaches an all time high, consciousness looks over its shoulder and catches a glimpse of itself.

We are in the position of consciousness casting curious eyes on its own genesis, the expression of the initial conditions of creation, the foam on the wave of existence.

Or perhaps we’re just monkeys with silly ideas. 😀


15 thoughts on “Reality and Consciousness

  1. Monkeys with consciousness. Mutation. Quite possible. The way we f..k around may be an indication that mutation theory is quite true. Nothing much changed. I have seen a lot of monkeys in Delhi’s Bhatti MInes area where I lived for a long time. They and we differ a little!

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