Pray For The World

My heart is with Brussels ❤️

So, let’s start by saying ‘Bastards!’ to terrorists. Brussels has now been hit at the Metro and Airport. Is this now the NEW way they attempt to dislodge us, by attacking as soon as we find one of their own? Why? Is this the world we have created? Something needs to be done and now. and I don’t mean by bombing the **** out of a country that may or may not have links to those individuals. Perhaps a return to the old days – find them, publicly flog and torture them and show the pictures around the world? or perhaps that’s just as extreme. I’m not sure, but I am angry, frustrated and feeling powerless.


I really can’t believe all the violence and hate in this world. I wish we really could do something to stop this, we really need more peace in this world.
I know that everybody’s praying a lot for this to stop soon, but things keep happening and people keep losing their lives, and people lose their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands…

Let’s hope they find the bastards. This has really upset me today.

A sad day for the world (again). Stay safe folks…


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