Harmful Behavior – Support of religious scriptures

We can define truth as, a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like. With this definition we can say that truth is singular, that its interpretation should be homogeneous  If there is subjectivity involved, we may say we are no longer dealing with truth.

We can go on to define an interpretation of something as an explanation or conceptualization by a critic, that is to say one who forms and expresses judgments of the merits, faults, value, or truth of a matter. To put this more bluntly, an interpretation is the communication of the subjective experience of an object.

I think we can agree, then, that the sheer amount of interpretation of religious scriptures is a demonstration of the essential untruth of the documents. Indeed, we can see that an interpretation itself is merely a subjective viewpoint, and thus removed from truth. Metaphorically, it is closer to an opinion piece than a news report.

The fact that these texts can be interpreted in a way that legitimizes violent behavior, oppression and intolerance demonstrates that there is something fundamentally flawed with the text itself. No system of morality should make allowances for violence, discrimination, intolerance, hatred, bigotry, arrogance, oppression or censorship. These behaviours have been shown over time to be deleterious to the progress and cohesiveness of the human race.

So, knowing that religious texts cannot be understood in any adult fashion as objective fact, or truth, and understanding that the behaviors that are legitimized by these texts are harmful, we can look to developing a solution to this problem.

What I am proposing is a reform of all religious doctrine that supports these behaviours. A partial rewrite of these texts to eliminate the possibility of a violent interpretation, to remove all scriptural support for such behaviour.

The religious claim to stand for peace, unity and tolerance. If they truly support these values, then this should be seen as a logical step towards that end.


15 thoughts on “Harmful Behavior – Support of religious scriptures

  1. If Islam makes you a judgmental, hateful, arrogant person… You’re not practicing it right.

    Be wary of a suspicious mind. It’s evil & never at rest; always assuming ill intent in people’s actions. Hold on to your faith in humanity.

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        1. Well to know me well, you must read my other blog posts too 🙂 Please go through this: https://ratraceofmylife.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/science-religion/

          I am raised Hindu and I was following Hindu culture for sometime.I have lost faith in religion, God because of religion based politics in whole world.
          In my country, religion I have to follow, gave reasons to discriminate (Sudra’s).
          Same for some of my friends too from other religion ( shia, sunni, etc.)It always gave reasons to create violence, and constrict the mind of people in pity things ..
          I insist on acting and not just carry a blind faith that there is a God who want us to do stupid things in his name.
          I never like to step into temple, and beg for what I want. If God wanted us to be a blind follower, and to beg on name of praying, why he made us so capable with 2 legs, 2 hands , a soul with conscience and a brain with intelligence???
          When I see people quarreling and criticizing about another religion I just ask them ” Why do you have those opinions for them? Does any one belonging to that religion made any harm to you in personal?” Most of those are still struck in same arguments, but a few, who have broad mentality, get what I am trying to say.

          In my experiences, people are judged by their act. So better make it a peaceful place to breathe in, care for beloved and sleep with a peace to make it a better world without pity and small barriers. “god” to be a man-made concept and I have no belief in this.
          I believe in myself. 🙂

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          1. I appriciate your step and reasoning my I ve been the same 8 years ago….even my family wasn’t so much religious.

            I am fond of litreture history, social sciences and politics. I ve read all these subjects extensively.
            Suddenly I devolped the taste in faiths and comparitive religion so I read them thoroughly and extensively ….then I came to conclusion that islam is the most Rational logical and religion. Compatible with established mode sciences not mere theories and hypothesis. So it make sense.

            Islam forbids blind following even it promotes reasoning logical positivism.
            I ve written many articles regarding these issues. Kindly read and comment Wether u like it or not …
            Even criticism will be welcomed.

            This man can take anything.

            Love &
            Regards! ! !


  2. How could it be that someone loves something and yet for his fellow brother he says something else? Such a person is not a true believer. How could it be that a king persecutes while does not like to be persecuted. It is not in the spirit of Islam to persecute any living thing.

    In the Quran God asks man to use his intellect, reason, reflections, intelligence more than 200 times. This shows that Quran encourages man to look for the truth with the intellectual capacity given to him by the Almighty. It is man’s nature to question what he does not understand.

    To suppress nature and force someone to blindly follow is not the essence of any belief, that by itself is persecution of intellect. To believe in a religion, it must be clear that it is what the religion asks from man, does religion persecute man for his occupation, his lineage, his geographic location etc.?

    In any case given if persecution is justified by religion, then that religion has failed to uphold human rights and the rights of intellect of every living person. Belief should come from proof, and proof should be given by the Almighty to His subjects. This message of the Lord should contain proof that it is from the Lord.

    The message should be protected by the Lord, so that it does not change as time goes on. Following a religion has to come from the wisdom of a man granted to him/her through the faculty of intellect. Religion is a matter of heart and should be by choice and not by force or by chance.

    If a heart is convinced that a religion is true, someone professing that religion will abide by it till the end. To convince the heart that a religion is true, intellect should be convinced. Intellectually convinced person would follow religion with all his heart knowing that it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

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  3. Thank you for being a strong positive voice. As John Mayer says “belief is a beautiful armour, it makes for the heaviest sword, like punching underwater, you never can see what you are fighting for”. Why not make love, respect and care for all human beings a priority instead of splitting judgement through doctrines which are just projections?

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  4. As much as I screamingly support in echoing tones from the rooftops that wonderfully factual and fantastic solution, I fear the fact that it is developed on common sense and logic means the idiot masses would never be able to comprehend it’s genius!
    A very fresh, and good, take on the argument
    I have my own detached approach in the form of a deal with God (whatever or whoever that may be) which is; give to charity, play nice, avoid the major sins and God keeps the devil off my back, the rest is up to me!

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  5. To me, texts don’t define religion…faith does. I believe in one god but I have never read any sacred text. I see them more like a great piece of literature and history. NIce post:-)

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