Suppressed Science likely to raise up humanity

You are being lied to, and this is no minor white lie… The model of reality you have been taught is a misconstrued religious interpretation of Newtonian Physics. Many have preached about this but only within the past several decades do we have scientific evidence to back up this assertion.

Before I elaborate on this subject I’d like to clarify that everything I am about to disclose is scientifically viable, proven, and unless you are searching for these answers this information is conveniently hidden from you, washed out by our educational institutions and celebrity scientists.

Physical matter reality is not real, atleast not in the way you perceive it to be. Nearly a century ago it was discovered that matter only exists in a particle state when it is observed. When it is unobserved reality only exists as fundamental waves of probability (potential energy). Upon which being observed it’s wave function collapses into the holographic projection of a particle. The well tested experiment that proves this postulation is popularly known as “The Double Slit Experiment”. For you computer geniuses out there this will be much easier to understand, as fundamental reality exists only as information(likened to the binary code of 1’s & 0’s that generate all of the wonderful experiences on our computer screens.) Your body is the computer, the receiver and processor of this corporeal information, and your mind is the rendering engine. You are the operator, the administrator of the computer, instead of your experience being rendered on a screen it is rendered as a 3D holographic projection we call “reality”.

Logically we can deduce that all we perceive as the external world only exists internally, everything that you know, feel, see, and experience all exists within your mind, the only thing that makes something “real” in your mind is your ability to render it into being. 96% of the universe remains completely invisible to us, this is information we aren’t even remotely capable of processing and rendering(though that doesn’t mean we won’t ever achieve the level to do so.)

My point being is that everything in reality exists as thoughts, your car is a package of tightly packed information into one “object” we have been able to separate and divide from the surrounding thoughts, such is the same with everything in this reality. Because everything you experience is within you, and is merely a thought, you can logically deduce that everything is an extension of yourself… In other words “it is you” only you’ve forgotten and think that it is not.

Why is this being suppressed? Why isn’t this being taught, and being hidden from your consciousness. Because believe it or not there are those who see you as property, as livestock, and wish to use you to power their institutions and reap the rewards of your work & creativity. Some have it in their minds that they are superior to you and know best how to guide the future of humanity. This view of supremacy is extremely dysfunctional and leads to the conclusion that the many can suffer as long as the few superiors survive to guide “progress”. They have discovered this truth before you and let it go to their heads, realizing that we are all God, they have decided to play God and have become addicted to power. The illusion is that their power is your own, you’ve only got to take it back.

Why am I telling you this? And why am I delving into crazy conspiracy? Not to scare you, not to get you to jump on a conspiracy bandwagon, far from it(because the conspiracy has little importance beyond understanding its presence). I tell you this in hopes you reclaim the crown that was stolen from you at birth, the crown that deemed you ruler of your life. I want to give you the gift you were always meant to have, the sovereignty of your being. You are everything that you see and experience, not this ego that confines you to a small fleshy body trapped in a billiard ball world of atoms upon which consciousness somehow manifested. It is the reverse, reality emerges from consciousness. You are all that is, was, and ever will be, it will all come from you. Death is an illusion, you cannot kill a thought and the only “real” things are thoughts. There are no limits to what you can do, only the limits you’ve been conditioned to place on yourself.

The age old saying “Mind over matter” holds credence since matter arises from the mind. Your mind is what affects the wave function variables, the information that makes up reality. Realize the power of your thoughts, and that their is no fundamental difference between your imagination and physical matter reality. Know that whatever you think about is your intent, and your intent manifests itself into the physical world.(so be careful what you wish for or dwell on) Physical matter reality only exists as a medium to understand and interact between your consciousness and the vast many others that populate this reality.

Go forth, do your own research, and create an experience worth living for, you are so much more than you realize. Discover for yourself the new & old world of these scientific developments and break free from the system!! You don’t have to partake in the matrix if you don’t wish to.


11 thoughts on “Suppressed Science likely to raise up humanity

  1. I’ve actually seen some of the science this post is based on featured in mainstream programs on the Science Channel, believe it or not. So it’s starting to get more coverage by the popular media, which I think is appropriate.

    It certainly makes you question things, when you realize that we don’t perceive the universe as it really is: we perceive it in a way that’s proven advantageous for our species’ survival. Advantageous until now, that is. I wonder if, in order to cope with the changes on the horizon, the way the human brain perceives reality will change? It certainly is an interesting time to be alive.

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  2. Our Rishis and yogis have been saying this since times immemorial. The entire cosmos is within and the Self (not the ego) is in All. Consciousness is the true reality and Matter is only Spirit or Energy in disguise.

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