Ode to the weekend

Small scratches on the white tabletop
left by
edges in the universe!
Against the white firmament of table top
Microwave in the background,

Vibration of the sole!
Contact with the ultimate ground of
carriage floor!
The world streams by,
by muffled utterings!

My eye, drawn magnetically to the shadowy underside of cars,
Power lines frame delicate space and call attention to
emptiness between form

Legs twitch restlessly under the technicolor seats,
a graffitied back alley holds subtle treasures for the eyes

Mind, reflecting on the nature of the form
of the body
and its relation
to the soul

An inlet of sky between two wily branches
gives forth a pearl of late afternoon cloudy

The woody foot of a tree
manifests the quality of solidity!
Gleaming, jewel like piece
of trash gently rocking
in the pathetic refuse by the bus-stop!
Black bristle ant
ranging aggressively over discarded
cigarette ends!

No sense of smell this early in the morning,
and I am afraid of
the ants
confused by
the ants
driven absurd
by the ants!

Everywhere your lowly Roman kingdom!
Your bristling Babylon! How deadly!
Your gnashing insects jaws snicker-snack!
In the low heat haze!

Branches curl elegantly skywards
Buds waltz across the stem
Leaves tickle the body of emptiness

A crass bass! Slippery perception!

Ageing flesh drooping from a hundred cheeks
transmitting the good-old-boy-deep-inside
sticky soul!

Where do they all come from?

Marvelous, unnoticed, empty space!

Economics, long since trickled down into the
human brow space
as seen to the eye
cluttered with perfect signs
unaware that they are
perfect signs!

A mad dash across the hot rocks of time,
sputtering spontaneous uttering
bardic babble!
And landed,
ass first in the universe!
and proliferated across four dimensional
vibratory prosaic s!


The Olympian Fire! And I, Prometheus, radiant, singing,
shouting a Mosesian return motif,
skied down the Mount
to Eleusis! The Hall of Great Mysteries!

Golden Babble! Squiggling wrigglers in the dense forests of mind!
Fantastic language containing the phrase: fantastic language!
Juggling juxtapositions jiggling the minutest vibrations of jazz!
Scatting wildly to the billion year bop!
Eyes wide, teeth glinting in city reflected light,
yells of dukkha!
yells of samadhi!
yells of final nirvana!

Skidoo! Spoooooooondoes!
Spastic prose!

Bright, wild, youthful odes to the great nonsense
carried on silver tongues,
wet with the praise of sweet alcohol!

The holiest shrine! Inner sanctum!
Kabah!  Ark of the Covenant!


Holiest of holies! Black hole center!

I remember now!

Who I always am!


13 thoughts on “Ode to the weekend

      1. hmm well, you have tried to sit and gaze the scene you see out of your window, and relate to the every thing on the earth. well try. this is my understand!!

        Liked by 1 person

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