Realistic translations for misleading 21st century terms

Bank Loan – Imaginary Monopoly Money a bank doesn’t own but loans to you in credit to inherit your earnings, for money it never possessed in the first place.

Televised News – Highly edited, mildly informative, and often misleading entertainment.

GMO – Cancerous, pesticide coated, spliced animal-plants.

Drones (Military) – Remote controlled flying assassin droids.

Money – A fictional and numerical measurement of wealth.

Mass Shooting – an isolated incident within a 1st world nation involving gun violence sensationalized to appear abnormal in world saturated in gun violence (warfare), supported by your government.

Illegal Immigrants – People desperate enough to break international laws fleeing violence.

Conspiracy – A plan involving two or more people to do something unlawful or harmful.

Government Bailout – A loan taken out by your government(which is then paid for by you) and given directly to banks to pay for a financial collapse caused by said banks.

Free Trade Agreement – Increased outsourced labor, corporate tax breaks, secrecy, and civilian rights reduction agreement.

Free Healthcare/Education – programs funded by your tax money to provide you services every human being should be entitled to regardless of ethnicity, class, or background.

Medication Side Effects – Effects of Medication

Love – A feeling of care, acceptance, and a level of honesty with ones self that can/should be expressed toward others.


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