Alan Watts – A Call To Awaken!

It’s time to remember who you are… Who you really are, and what this reality is that you’ve been born into…

-The Big Bang From A Philosophical Perspective: This reality is constructed of Duality, in order to have one thing you must have a comparative. To have light you must have dark, for up there must be down, right for wrong, we measure our world via a scale of polarity. For argument’s sake let’s assume that there was a beginning, that before there was something there was nothing. Within this nothingness there was nothing to imply something. There cannot be nothing without there being something to compare with nothing. In this moment nothing created something and this something was everything. In order to have something you must have an awareness to perceive this something, and this is where you were born, where consciousness was born.

There is one all pervading force that drives everything, and that is evolution. I’m not talking about monkeys evolving into homo-sapien-sapien but rather the general tendency of things to graduate from one state to a more efficient/preferable state. In order to understand the whole picture you must understand the concept of entropy. For you non-physicists out there entropy is a measurement of how consolidated/usable energy is at any one time. Something with a high state of entropy is quite disorganized and unusable while something with low entropy is highly organized and holds a higher level functionality. A glass of water would have a low state of entropy, you can drink it, water your plants, etc, but if this water were to spill on the floor and evaporate, though the water still exists it’s so disorganized and scattered you can’t use it and thus has a high state of entropy. Evolution is the force that pushes for the reduction of entropy in any form. You see our society, our technology, our social interactions, even nature pushing themselves to more efficient states of lowered entropy.

As you can imagine in this moment when something was created from nothingness and everything that was something was confined to an infinitesimally small point that the entire energy of the universe was in the highest state of entropy it could possibly be in. The force of evolution now takes effect, in order to reduce its entropy this everything, this consciousness must get to know itself, all it’s parts, and organize them. This can’t be done in its current state so the natural course of action was to expand. This could be seen as the explosion in the Big Bang theory. In order for expansion to occur there has to be a transition from one state to another, in this moment time and space were simultaneously created to measure, interpret, and understand the vast amounts of information(energy) contained within this everything.

-Who Am (I)?: You are it, you are the whole thing. You can imagine the universe as a single organism, and as observed in nature life begins as a single cell, multiplies, and over the course of time evolves into a beautiful multicellular creature. You yourself cannot manage all the complex chemical and electrical interactions in your body, it would be highly inefficient… This is why your biology consists of billions of cells, each one living its own life, reacting and analyzing its own immediate environment, the energy it is responsible for managing. But these cells as a whole form the being that is you, and in the same way we are all cells in this organism we call the Universe, God, Consciousness. We are all “I”, we all know we are “I”, and wherever there is life, wherever there is awareness, you are all of it. This is the oneness spoken of in Buddhist philosophy.

-What Is This Reality?: This reality is a learning lab, and a game that you are playing with yourself. You are not this fleshy body you call Timothy or Sarah, you are consciousness, awareness. Your body is merely a physical manifestation for you to interact with and experience the whole picture. You are the I(eye) of God playing one big game of pretend, where you pretend you are not God. Remember in order to have one thing you must have a comparative. In order to have the experience of godliness(wholeness) you must experience the opposite, and this is all part of the learning process.

We are all on our own paths of evolution, seeking all possible states of being, and like Darwinian evolution postulates, beneficial productive states continue on to evolve and reduce there entropy while inefficient unproductive states run their course before halting(extinction). You see you can’t make a mistake, you aren’t some lowly insignificant spec on this oddball planet that somehow spurned self aware beings. The entire universe is life. You are part of it and it is driving you, you are driving you, to explore your full potential. This life is just one of many in the grand experimental game of reality.

-The Main Message: Remember who you are, remember your absolute divinity. That the whole thing is you. The tree outside your window is just as much you as your fingernails. The whole game is pretending that it’s not. There’s no difference between what voluntarily happens in your life and the involuntary, in order to have a voluntary experience you must have the involuntary but it’s all one. Life is one big movie and you are all the actors, only you don’t know until you leave the stage. Therefore is no one to blame for your suffering but yourself. Consciousness is thought, everything is thought, and your life manifests itself from your thoughts. You have the power to create your world, you are doing it every second of every day unconsciously. This next step in your evolution is to become aware of your own power, to realize just how important you really are to the whole picture, and that all of reality comes from you.

“Where you are, what you call the here and now, is what the whole universe is doing…” “But you can only experience it one life at a time.”
– Alan Watts


8 thoughts on “Alan Watts – A Call To Awaken!

  1. Wow! That surely emerges a spiritual energy in us. A beautiful and mindful read. I was feeling like I’m in universe, all alone enjoying placidity of life while I was going through it! 🙂 Cheers of life.

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