Every time you go to work you change the world. My advice for creating a better tomorrow.

…If you’re like me you look at the world and quickly become overwhelmed by the ludicrous amounts of injustice and greed consuming our society. Corporations exploit the people they were originally intended to serve. Governments extort their citizens and use these funds to subjugate them and others even further. Our agricultural industry which is supposed to provide us with nutrition now provides us with unnatural and often harmful food products. Pharmaceuticals meant to heal the sick and injured often cause more health concerns than they actually solve. Our economies are structured in such a way they consolidate wealth into fewer and fewer hands leaving the majority impoverished. The list just doesn’t end…

If you see these injustices committed against the world, if you see what I see, you’ve probably asked yourself the question “What can I possibly do to change any of this?” And this is exactly what I’d like to talk to you about today. I would like to remind you that the people spearheading this rape and plunder of the planet and its citizens are very sparse and few. The most commonly known tools of their trade are unimaginable sums of wealth and mass description, but their most important tool is their Achilles heel, and this tool is you. ( I know what you’re thinking “That’s great, really deep and enlightening, but that doesn’t help me understand how I can change any of this.” Don’t worry I am getting there) Imagine that these corporations/political structures are like giant human pyramids, and at the very top rests the figurehead running the show, but in order for this figurehead to rise high above everyone, you have to be part of this human pyramid. Without the people forming the first several tiers(the foundation) the pyramid cannot stand and will only collapse under its own weight.

(“Enough with the cryptic metaphors, what are you really getting at?!”) Okay okay, I hear you, you want the straight answer, it’s not a fun one and you won’t take it well but here it goes… Please just hear me out on this though..

I want you to seriously consider quitting your job.. (“WHAT?!?!? This girl can’t be serious”)
What I mean is, I want you to do some real research on your place of employment. What is your company all about? Do the products/services provided by your company benefit or harm others? What legal cases has your employer been involved in? Maybe you work for an insurance company, how does your work make people feel, what does it do to their lives? Is the service ultimately beneficial or detrimental to the client? How would you feel in their place? Does your company have a history of bankrupting consumers or a history of shady legal battles to stay afloat? How much do you really know about the company you work for and its effect on people/the world. If your honest best research tells you that your current job is benefiting society and the lives of others, by all means continue your occupation. But if you discover blood on the hands of your employer, dirty money in their coffers, or a wake of miserable destroyed livelihoods, know you share the guilt of your employer because none of it would be possible without you… If this is the case, I urge you to seriously consider quitting your job.

The game is rigged, and you can’t win against the world’s financial super powers. They will always beat you in court, they will always get away with cheating, and if you try to cheat yourself they penalize you and win again. I implore you to explore the option of not playing their games at all. Without players the charade comes to a complete halt. A machine does not function without its cogs to keep the wheels turning. Your choices matter, so inform yourself before you make them! Choose an occupation that improves the quality of life for others rather than one that destroys it. You and everyone else will be much happier.



22 thoughts on “Every time you go to work you change the world. My advice for creating a better tomorrow.

  1. I did quit and I will fight until for what is right, but I don’t think that makes any difference for the person sitting on the apex of the pyramid. Essentially there has to be a new way of looking at this. When I read ‘The Republic’ by Plato my perception about Just and Truth became stronger and I started taking actions towards what I believe is to be correct. This doesn’t need to impact those people. This also doesn’t mean I am doing something. This just means I am doing what I believe I am supposed to do. Now not everyone is brave enough or skillful enough to quit it.

    Just an e.g. one college in my hometown, pays the lecturers higher amount and then takes back a cheque from them. So if say their salary is 20k per month, they give salary of 25k and take back 5k cheque. Now this is sheer black market in open with all the lecturers. That’s very bad. Lecturers continue because they can’t do anything and they get their actual salary.

    Now tell me, what can be done to improve this ? To stop the black money by the college ?

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  2. Nice, my Dear Aishwariya.Your perception of the situation and the analysis are very good. But the suggestion, ‘Quit Your Job,’ well…

    We HAVE to remember that even getting a job is SO difficult these days; starting Your own business, and ‘succeeding’ in it even harder, and all that.

    Instead of the corporates, I would suggest that We pull out the rug from under the politicos.

    On the other hand, Your saying that the problem is ‘Me,’ (You, He, She… Everybody except It!), is very true.

    people have become So Defeated, Disheartened and Listless, that they do not even think straight. They just want to live from day to day: Earn, Eat, Have a little Sex, Sleep and start the cycle again.

    So much so that Knowing that the Future of their Children and Grandchildren is at stake, they continue the above way, heads down, like Sheep. Yes, the Problem us Us.

    Regards. Keep up the Good work.

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  3. What a power is present in your words!! Great one! Whenever I read your blog, well It gives some kind of interest to go through it all and keep on reading! I know the politics of this world is bad, but to live our livelihood, we have to keep on doing our job. No matter how much of injustice is done, pressures are put on, we have to keep on working for us and our family. Because if we start to rebel or something, that will just bring us at stake. The politics is very very bad! But whatever you’ve said is truth and a harsh fact! It will take courage to do so.
    Great read! 🙂

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  4. I have come here from Swamy Yesudas’s Blog and have put my vote as excellent.
    I have clicked the Follow button for you.
    As I am to divert my attention right now, I assure to come back soon to read your posts,
    Keep it up Dear!
    By the way My daughter’s name is also Aishwarya and she is also in the IT.

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  5. Aishwarya!
    You have touched a very important, delicate and sensitive subject.
    To begin with, our Bollywood movies show the kind of employers that are existing in this world and what the hell is to be done about them. These are movies playing on our Hindi screen since decades. Be it a politician, smuggler, businessmen, gunda – the list is endless.
    Coming to the corporate cos that are emerging now; you are not able to understand where the money comes from, maybe, it might be coming from the guys mentioned above.
    Its right that one should consider the co’s history and its ultimate goal. That which will contribute to the glory of the employer and the employees.
    In small business enterprise you directly know the employers’ movements and intentions. But when it comes to the corporate cos it might be difficult to judge its might. In that case the example given of the pyramid is right.
    I vote and second your opinion of quitting the job. As there are so many cos that are there in this world who are beneficial to the society at large. I think some intelligence has to be applied here when you want to quit, as they (Cos) are also shrewd enough to employ people. Slowly and steadily one should build up his or her career in the best possible co that are honest and transparent.
    You have also enriched my thoughts on a subject right now I am thinking which may come into words in a few days from now.
    To know more in few words read and understand my latest post “”WORLD TEACHES”
    Have a Nice Weekend.
    Fond Regards to YOU,


    1. Dear Aishwarya!
      It was morning the day I commented the above one and I was in Bengaluru, the same evening I saw a movie with my family called “Buddha in Traffic Jam” just released. After seeing the movie I was recollecting this comment I had made in the morning. This movie, you don’t miss to see, its all about the subject we are discussing. Its all about what is going on in this world. If you happened to get it to see in the US do not miss.

      It so nice to feel and know that you remembered your Dad & Mom who are in India.
      There are so many things that we can have as exchange of thoughts and especially when we feel someone who is from our place and country. A feeling of togetherness and ‘apanapan’ is great always.
      Have a nice time and my Best Wishes and Fond Regards always,

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