Your childhood dream is real – A Jedi!

You are constantly using your psychic abilities and you don’t even know it!

– INTRODUCTION: Everyone has access to psychic abilities. Medium-ship, visions of the future, manifestation, empathetic sensory, even telekinesis is all within your reach! This post is dedicated to spreading awareness around these abilities, and will go through several step by steps to help you develop your own.


Part 1 is an explanation of these inherent affinities, why they work and why every one possesses them. If you are already aware of these abilities and are having difficulty practicing the next section is for you. Part 2 will go into detail about using these abilities and will outline specific instructions and concepts that will help in learning to control and manifest these new sensations.

– PART 1: What makes me so sure that you have psychic abilities? If you had them you’d certainly be aware of them right? What if I told you that you are already using them every day, in every moment you live your life?

We have been given two spiritual paths in society. If you know that there is more to reality than meets the eye, if you know there is a higher force orchestrating the world, you are given the option of organized religion. If you see the lies, manipulation, and the inherent ignorance preached by organized religion you are handed the scientific religion of Newtonian physics based atheism where the universe is portrayed as dead matter crashing together like billiard balls. Both of these paths hold their truths, wisdom’s, and fallacies… And both keep you blind to this side of life.

We are all God in the sense that each one of our individual cells in our body is us. The true source of everything is consciousness, awareness. Without an awareness of a reality the reality can’t exist. You are an extension of this universal consciousness and because of it you are deeply connected with everything that is. What we are, what we really are, is the whole picture, the entire universe, and in order to know ourselves we are experiencing our self subjectively. But this reality is an information retrieval system, as the old proverb goes “ask and thou shalt receive”, the universe is inclined to show you what you’re seeking(though it may not always be what you expect).

What we call psychic abilities are nothing special, they are simply other senses in addition to the 5 we regularly use, other means of receiving information. And if you approach these concepts with a healthy level of open minded skepticism, you will begin to discover you’re true potential via your own means and experience. If you are ready to change your world view ^_^ continue to Part 2.

– PART 2: I haven’t written a post with as much information as this one before. I will be discussing 2 preliminary practices that will increase your sensitivity in all psi abilities, lucid dreaming, manifestation, and intuitive empathy, and telekinesis.

Meditation: Consciousness is a platform in which games of countless variables, rules, and relationships can take place within, the physical matter reality we experience is just part of this whole game. Meditation allows us to expand our awareness and sense more of the world by quieting down our minds. Think of it as a battle of noises, the stimuli for your extra senses at first is very quiet, like a whisper, and in order to hear it you have to quit talking over it.

How to meditate – Find a quiet comfortable place to sit or lay down in. There is no wrong way to position yourself, just make sure you are comfortable and won’t have to move for at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to notice all the tension within your muscles. Slowly starting from your toes release the tension in your muscles and allow them to surrender to the pull of gravity. Continue through your ankles, calves thighs, back, waist, etc until you’ve your entire body is relaxed. Then simply focus on your breathing and observe what’s going on. Meditation is unique in the sense there is no purpose or point to it. It is the most pointless activity you can do, yet just so happens to provide many benefits. “The key of meditation is to do nothing, without trying not to do anything.” As soon as you are trying to clear your mind or get some spiritual enlightenment you are ceasing to meditate and are dwelling in your thoughts. Therefore It’s a bit of a tricky concept to understand, but I assure you it’s not something you fully get until you begin practicing. I would recommend meditating for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, an hour though If you are so inclined is preferable.

Beginners Tips: Don’t get frustrated if you are having trouble calming your thoughts, your entire life your head has been filled with ceaseless chatter and inner dialogue, it is a hard habit to break. Instead of getting frustrated try to listen to your thoughts as if they were sound coming from a television. Don’t try to control them, let them say what they want to say and let them fade away as they pass, this is the key to quieting them. Secondly approach each meditation with no expectations. Don’t try envision what it is you are supposed to be feeling or seeing, you are trying to take in everything that is nothing more.

Aura Control: We live in an energetic universe, everything has an electromagnetic field surrounding itself, but this field also extends beyond the electromagnetic spectrum. Some spiritual groups have called this field an Aura, and the aura contains an incredible amount of information. It extends from your body and is constantly influencing the world around you. This aura is comprised of thought, as everything in this holographic universe is thought, and thusly so you can directly influence it with your thoughts as you normal do unconsciously.

How To Control You’re Aura: The outermost layer of your aura that falls under your conscious control usually extends 1-3 inches from your body. But the shape and size is completely amorphous and is in a state of constant fluctuations reacting to your thoughts and emotions. In this exercise you will be utilizing a unique feature of the subconscious mind; The inability to tell the difference between imagination and reality. Rather than an evolutionary defect this phenomenon has a purpose, as your subconscious acts as a middleman between your individual consciousness the experiences the world, and the universal consciousness that creates it. Simply by visualizing the aura around your body you can change it (as most psychic abilities have to do with your ability to visualize).

Sit down in a chair and visualize the aura extending 1-3 inches from your body, what color is it? Does it have a color, it may not? Is there any texture to it? Is it misty and cloud-like, possibly more watery and churning in its nature? This is YOUR aura and you will see it in your own unique form. Once you’ve visualized the energy around your body pick a point in space and visualize your aura expanding around you to fill the space between your center and its new radius. Personally I gradually expand my aura from 2 inches to 3 feet in radius, and continue to 7 and 10 feet until it forms a sphere around me. Hold your aura in its new position for several moments then do the same in reverse bringing it back close to your body. After several sessions of this practice and perhaps the first you will begin to feel the space around your body physically expand and contract, which is something quite indescribable. Like a muscle learning to expand and contract your aura will strengthen it and give you more control and familiarity with the process.

Beginners Tips: Don’t force detail into your aura, allow its image to just come to you. Focusing on your breath allows you to be present in the current moment which will help you focus on your visualization. The clearer you can see the expansion and retraction in your head the more clearly you will begin to physically feel it. Lastly remember practice makes perfect, you won’t be a super fantastical wonder at first, you are a novice first learning the ropes of your consciousness. Like all practices discipline is required to hone your talents, this i just a learning process like any other.

Preliminary Practices: The 2 practices described above will carry on into your other psychic abilities. Meditation teaches you how to listen and how to see, not with your eyes and ears but your mind. In meditating you are learning to let go of your preconceived perceptions and bring awareness to all the information at your disposal. Controlling your aura helps in several ways, firstly it improves your visualization capabilities which will be one of your greatest assets. Secondly our bodies are wired to experience any variation of reality imaginable. DNA is a universal structure in all life that determines what we can and can’t experience and how our being manifests itself. The primary difference in your DNA from any other organism is which codons are turned on and which are turned off. Despite popular misconception your DNA is constantly rewriting itself and this process is rewriting your code to experience one of the many extra senses available to you. You have nerves throughout your entire body that unconsciously take in electromagnetic information, since you are unaware of this stimuli(because you’ve never thought about it) this information is run by your subconscious, you are simply bringing it into the conscious mind.

Lucid Dreaming: You may not classify this as a psychic ability, but it is an exploration of your own consciousness and can be a great tool for any budding psychic. Lucid dreaming put simply is the conscious control of your dreams, you can do anything within them; fly over Paris, swim with dolphins, create multiple moons in the sky, literally anything.

How To Lucid Dream: There are multitudes of ways to induce lucid dreaming, but in this post I’ll be teaching to hand in hand practices that in my opinion work beautifully. First you will be reprogramming your mind, your mind works very much like a computer system and its code is comprised of habitual patterns. Throughout your day you are going to be performing reality checks. Take a moment to stop and truly ask yourself if you are dreaming or not, can you remember how you got to where you are now? What did you do from the moment you woke up until now? Is there a high level of detail in the environment or is it more vague? Chances are when you perform these checks you will be in normal reality where everything is crisp, detailed, and makes sense chronologically. If you do this multiple times a day(the more the better) what you are doing is writing a reality check program into your mental process that will carry over into your dreams. Soon you will perform a reality check while in a dream since it is something you usually do. Once you realize you are dreaming you can take immediate control of it. The second method is a more direct approach, as you are going to be and laying down, close your eyes and meditate until you fall asleep. Go through the same processes letting go of your muscle tensions and slowly allow your body to go numb. You have one goal and one goal only, to stay consciously aware as you slip into sleep. If done successful you can drift directly from being awake into a lucid dream. Paired together these practices gave me my first lucid dream within 3 days and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in it. One thing you can do in your dreams is create a persona to represent your unconscious mind, they can be male female, 70 feet tall or a few inches in stature, doesn’t matter how you envision them as long as you know they are representative of your unconscious. You can then engage this persona in a dialogue and discover things about yourself and your mental processes you’d never have come to in your waking state, not easily anyway. There is no limit to what you can do in a lucid dream, be as creative as you can.

IMPORTANT Beginners Tips: Your mind doesn’t specifically want you to be aware you are dreaming, thus when you realize you are dreaming your mind has several ways to circumvent you. Crazy and unexpected events may occur as soon as you realize you are dreaming to distract you and bring you back into the unconscious state. You may experience everything pulling away from you, as if being ripped from the dream and your body will just wake you up 😉 but the funny ones are where you will experience a false awakening, where you start to lucid dream, wake up in your room, and think you’ve just lost it when in reality you woke up into another dream xD to avoid this amusing battle between conscious control and unconscious control of the dream here are 2 tips to help you maintain your lucid dream. Immediately after recognizing the dream look at your hands, you will notice they have no fine detail, no creases or prints. Stare at them and envision the creases and detail coming into clarity, say out loud that you demand clarity and the detail will come into focus. If you still find yourself being pulled out of the dream start counting from 1 and on until the dream stabilizes. Your first lucid dreams may only last seconds to a minute, but as you continue to practice they will get longer and longer and you will be able to control them with much more ease.

Manifestation: All of reality manifests itself from your thoughts, whatever you think about most will come into being. If you think about all the betrayal you’ve experienced in life, your life will unfold with an abnormal level of betrayal and you will find yourself wondering why it all happens to you, when in reality it is due to your focus. Have you ever met people who seem exceptionally lucky regardless of them being “good people” or not? They just seem to get all the breaks. This is simply because they know things will work out and good things will happen to them. Whatever you believe it will show itself in your life.

How To Passively Manifest: Things like good luck and misfortune are primarily determined by your mindset and the language choice used in your thoughts. Pay more attention to your thoughts with the new emphasis on their effect on reality. If you find yourself angry at yourself or someone else try to realize if that’s actually how you want to feel on the subject. Do you talk about yourself positively or negatively in your head. Simply mind your thoughts and make alterations in the language you use. Thoughts are energy and like energy attracts like energy. This process is a tad vague but simply by engaging your thoughts you usually pay little attention to can’t transform the entire plane your life unfolds into.

How To Actively Manifest: Active manifestation can be used for a whole multitude of purposes. You can manifest getting that employment position you’ve been wanting for years. You can use it to find those earbuds you lost 3 months ago and still can’t find. You can use to to find a nice set of bongos at a swap meet. But it’s all the same process. As shown by the infamous Schrödinger and the little famous double slit experiment, reality doesn’t exist in physical form until you observe it and collapse its wave function. The wave function is the range of possibilities something can exhibit until you finally look at it and collapse it into one possibility. What you will be doing is influencing those variables to collapse into your desired possibility. Hypothetically you want a job at “Company A”, to manifest this into being realize that the physical world is likened to a metaphorical expression of the internal. Visualize yourself working at Company A. Do you have a desk? What do your clothes look like? What does it feel like to drive there every day? Declare Company A as your place of employment, it’s not that you don’t have the job and are going to get it. Rather you already have the job and are just waiting for the universe to give you the experience of attaining it. As stated before visualization is one of your greatest assets, and the more you refine it, the more powerful your manifestation ability will become.

Beginners Tips: The structuring of your thoughts greatly influences manifestation and can mean the difference between getting exactly what you desired and the exact opposite. When you manifest come from a place contentment and appreciation for what you already have. It’s not that you are without, you are simply putting in a request to the universe and know that as you are the universe yourself, your request has already been received and granted to you, the manifestation process is more of a formality expressing your intent and thanks for what is being given to you rather than something like a prayer asking for the improbable.

Intuitive Empathy: “What the heck is that?!?!” You may be thinking, put short intuitive empathy is the ability to feel and hear the thoughts and feelings of others. Believe it or not you actually are doing this 24/7. Have you ever been having a great day, meet with a friend or family member and find yourself suddenly depressed or frustrated for no reason? And the only real reason you can come up with is your friend was upset and it rubbed off on you. Well that’s actually exactly what happened but on a deeper level than you realize xD An uncomfortable truth to swallow is that not all of the thoughts and emotions you experience are your own. In this situation you just picked up on the emotional state of someone in close proximity to you. We are all heavily connected and exchange information between each other in ways beyond the 5 senses. A lot of parents can just innately feel when their children are going through a rough time, even if separated by hundreds of miles. This phenomena rather than ability is quite prevalent in current society except it’s not being paid attention to.

How To Intuitive Empathy: This is less of a “how to” and more so a “what to be aware of” segment. As you go about your life just take note of all the similarities between the things you feel/think and those around you. You’ll begin to notice synchronicities appearing everywhere and all the time. The hardest emotions to distinguish are usually negative such as anger and sadness. Simply by being aware of your own emotions and the emotions of others you can protect yourself from adopting other people’s turmoil. If you notice you are picking up on the anger of your mother you’ll notice the anger you were previously experiencing will fade away and you will find yourself at peace in a situation that would normally stress you out. But this works the other way around and your emotions will rub off on other people. You can alleviate other people’s suffering simply by being happy and content with yourself in their presence. The dominant force will always overtake the passive force. The only way to develop this sense and discover ways to implement it into your life is to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, and analyze them for where they come from and how they effect the people around you.

Telekinesis: Yup, here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve decided to detail Telekinesis last because though it is a tantalizing psi ability, it is quite advanced and you would do best to practice it in addition to other disciplines. The universe is just a hologram generated inside your mind. Because of this everything you experience is an extension of you. The concrete sidewalk is just as much you as your hands and feet. If I may I’d like to quote the matrix “Do not try to bend the spoon, that is impossible. Only try to realize the truth, there is no spoon.” The spoon only exists when you are looking at it, it is the manifestation of the wave function collapse your mind has deemed it to collapse into. In reality it has no physical form. That spoon is purely you and your own interpretation of it. Because it is you, you have complete influence over it.

How To Develop Telekinesis: 2+7 = 9, but so does 5+4 & 3+6. There are many ways to perform telekinesis, and what works best for you is determined purely on how you see the world. Because of this I will describe 2 methods, but keep in mind, they are all just methods of understanding the same premise. It is recommended before attempting telekinesis you meditate to clear your mind and bring you to a more aware state. For this example we will be talking about the psi wheel, if you don’t know what a psi wheel is, look it up it’s very simple.

Method 1 – Visualization: Place your hands beneath the psi wheel and stare at a single point on the wheel, visualize the wheel as part of you, know it is you, and try to feel the wheel as if it had nerves and physical sensation. You don’t know how you wiggle your finger, you just do it, and in the same way you are attempting to spin the wheel with that neurological impulse. This method takes a lot of patience but can provide a high degree of control, the key is concentration. The feeling connection to the object is much more important than your intent to move it. In fact if you can feel the connection clearly the wheel will actually begin to spin of its own accord. I have had minimal success with this method but it works well for many people.

Method 2 – The Jedi Method: This is my own self taught adaptation(and in all probability you will find your own weird way of doing this) which I have had much greater success with! For this method you will be using your hands. Take your hands place them 3-4 inches apart with your palms facing one another. With your dominant hand stationary slowly begin to move your other hand in circles in front of your palm. Focus on any and all possible feelings in your hands. Some people(like me) feel something immediately and others take several weeks of practice. Regardless you must be delivery. The sensation your looking for has been described in many ways, some people feel it as heat, some as cold, some feel it as a tingling, personally it feels like the air around my hand has become dense and weighted, there’s a very slight feeling of heat but I liken it to holding two magnets in your hands and feeling them pull and repel off one another. When you start to feel this sensation (the force if you will) you can graduate to movements beyond circles and experiment with the field. Really you just want to get yourself familiar with the electromagnetic field around your hands. Once you can feel it clearly in your hands try to feel the energy around other objects. In the case of the psi wheel use your hands to feel the field around it. Realize that the sensation of the field is you and thus the field is a part of you. The more clearly you can sense the field the more of an effect the energy of your hands will influence the wheel. Just feeling the energy generates the magnetic like sensation of a push and pull. With continued practice you will be able to channel energy into a flow similar to a force push and be able to use “the force” to spin the wheel.

Beginners Tips: Whether you use one of the methods I described, another you’ve researched, or your own, the trick is knowing that the object you wish to influence is part of you, and that it doesn’t actually exist as physical matter.

-In Conclusion: I hope that this article has helped you to gain some insight into whatever psychic abilities you wish to accrue. If you’ve read this entire gargantuan post I thank you for your patience and congratulate you on your dedication to understanding higher reality.


6 thoughts on “Your childhood dream is real – A Jedi!

  1. you write something very complicated in very simple way. You are amazing writer, always forcing to read. With time we all lose our psychic abilities. A man who have best spiritual And scientific education in pure environment (socially and physically ) can explore more easily. thank you for great post.

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  2. Ishu, this is an amazing post and I have learned so much from it. I will be practicing meditation more now because of you and I like what you said here about manifestation. The Universe is a powerful force and is always there for us. You write very informative posts and can break things down so well so that we can understand more. Thank you for suggesting this for me, it’s gold. 🙂

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