Dying – Earth where things are just kind of acceptable

Our foods have been genetically modified, our water poisoned with fluoride and ‘beneficial minerals’, our air has been polluted and our oceans irradiated… And it’s just kind of acceptable.

Our education system deters people from creativity and destroys our desire to learn. If we desire an education we have to bury ourselves in debt. Our education budget is getting cut while our military spending is increased… And it’s just kind of acceptable.

Everyday innocent women and children are murdered in the name freedom and peace. We use depleted uranium shelling destroying not just the people, but the environment, and everything and everyone’s genetic code… And it’s just kind of acceptable.

Your government spy’s on you, prosecutes those who speak out against unlawful operations, and controls the mainstream media. They fund terrorist organizations and hypocritically call for and end to terrorism, and instigate civil wars within nations that pose a threat to corporate and economic powers… And it’s just kind of acceptable.

Suicide rates are on the rise due to the horrific nature of society. Despite common misconception due to propaganda statistics unemployment is on the rise and 2 parents working full time are barely able to make ends meet and take care of their children. The mental health and stress of the entire population is deteriorating, and ineffective medication has become common practice… And it’s just kind of acceptable.

The products produced by manufacturers are created with built in obsolescence. Our entertainment is now based less on creativity and more so on market research. Technological advancements are bought out and hidden away if they threaten economic interests. We have the technology to feed the world and provide healthcare universally but don’t because “they just need to work harder”. Our agricultural industry is destroying our biosphere, more and more each day our meat production becomes more unnatural and unstable. The food we grow to feed our cattle could feed the world… And it’s just kind of acceptable.


Our planet is dying. Our people are dying. Our freedom is dying. Our republic is dying. Our culture is dying. And it all is just kind of acceptable…



10 thoughts on “Dying – Earth where things are just kind of acceptable

  1. Everything is connected and we’re all nothing but collateral damage. Everywhere in the world the situation is only getting worse. If a few hundred people understand that there’s more to life than politics and money, it would do billions a world of good.

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  2. Very powerful post!
    Yes, people accept these things (I think) because they don’t feel it effects them directly. They also don’t want to take on the depressive task to challenge these evil things. They would rather watch their market researched TV show, eat processed food and take thier antidepressant at bedtime.
    Very sad that is acceptable. 😣

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  3. Another beautiful note to the world, and it is acceptable. But no actions being taken against these issues, is not acceptable.
    Thanks Aishwariya!😊

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