U.S. 2016 Election

Noose around the neck or a bullet to the brain 

To many Americans this is what the choices for presidential candidacy feel like. We’ve found ourselves in one of the most interesting times presiding over U.S. Politics. It feels like out of all the elections to take place in this country we are left with as little choice as we ever have. Do I vote for the carrier criminal and pathological liar who’s “Progressive” or do I vote for the raging hateful asshole who’s “A winner”? Tough choices tough choice….

But have you ever asked yourself why this is your GIVEN decision, or how exactly we wound ourselves up here? Just who can become president? Certainly not you, and certainly not me. We don’t have the money or political backing put plain and simple. In this time of peril where we all are desperately wishing for other options(no offense to Bernie supporters) I think it critical to examine exactly what gives someone the opportunity to run for candidacy.

First lets talk money. A presidential campaign is no mere out of pocket expenditure. Even your wealthy politicians can’t afford to run one on their own. Television commercials and advertisements, political rallies and gatherings, airfare and travel, not to mention the outrageous legal fees just to have your name listed on the voting ballot per state, these expenses are quite frankly out of the question for any average joe to afford much less consider. In a country filled with low-socioeconomic brilliance we can already begin to see how limited our options have become. The two primary candidates are perfect examples of economic corruption and their means of attaining the funding to run their campaigns. Let’s get one thing clear here, that dream you’ve been told that if you just work hard enough you can be rich and wealthy too is all a lie. In the case of Hillary Clinton we see the all too common practice of accepting donations from wealthy/powerful corporate and economic conglomerates. These entities value freedom and democracy like they value a pile of dogshit on the front lawn of their overly-embellished estates. These entities value one thing and one thing only; Profits. The majority of these companies involved in political endorsement only do so because they see profit to be gained by their investment. These donations aren’t a vie of support but rather an investment contract they intend to collect upon. With the majority of the population unable to afford a presidential campaign only those who will push for corporate agendas can acquire the financial support required for candidacy. In the case of Donald Trump we have the iconic “Self-Made-Man”. To which in reality there are very few of. The world of business is a dog eat dog world of undercutting your competition and squashing them out while blustering your own image to appeal to others(does that seem at all reminiscent of his campaign style?) People like you and me will never be wealthy business owners with 7 figure incomes because people like you and me are compassionate and care about the effect our actions have on others. That’s bad for profits and thus bad for business. You only become rich in the corporate world if you ally yourself with the corruption. If the 1% hold more than 50% of the wealth, they aren’t just going to start handing it down to those who threaten their way of life, rather they circulate that currency amongst themselves as they continue to soak up the rest from the 99% like a sponge. And trickle down little veins to those who aid in the bloodletting.

So now you see, this is why our options for presidential candidacy are so limited and disdainful. It doesn’t matter if you wish to fix the economy, if you wish to provide your nation with healthy education, or relieve the hardships of your economically impoverished. It doesn’t matter if you have the political expertise and experience that gives you the know-how and ambition to do so. In-fact those are the very attributes that disqualify you from candidacy. Not in the sense of rules or regulation, but in the way the means to host a campaign will never be given to you because you are a threat to profits and the economic advantage of the 1%


4 thoughts on “U.S. 2016 Election

  1. I think democracy in the US is threatened by the wealthy who want to “buy” elections and influence those who get elected. Too often now there are stories of voters who are disenfranchised and kept out of the process. There is also gerrymandering to put certain parties in control of certain areas. America needs a 3rd or 4th party option that appeals to the centrists out there who need a voice too. I think Donald Trump is a dangerous man and perhaps Hillary Clinton is not the greatest option either. Local and state races have more impact on the individual anyway.


  2. // Certainly not you, and certainly not me.// I thought , this was supposed to be democracy .That was promised, isn’t it? By people for people of people – kind of crap. What happened to it? When did this become all about money & not ideas , future, character ? I think, frustrated citizen need to mobilize themselves & throw away this rigged system or create anarchy.Why not? My logic is simple, if 90% people are not living in misery and are being suppressed by this system then we must create anarchic society where no one especially including top 1% doesn’t get good night sleep for 1 second.


  3. Interesting observations, Ash, almost rebelliously insightful. What may change the American political scene is a multi-party democracy of the parliamentary type, like the one we have in India. Presently in the US it is either Tweedledom or Tweedledee, recurring in a four year cycle. It is not as if the multi-party system is flawless; but it presents the voter with more options. There is no surprise in corporate sector calling the shots in an overly capitalist economy and America is a classic example of the ill effects of unbridled capitalism, the free run enjoyed by the gun lobby and its adverse effects on school children being one of many examples, against which no politician is able to raise his little finger. The only bright side is that America will have its first woman president with Hillary’s expected passage to white house, barring last-minute surprises. Are there options other than democracy? Sadly none. That said, whatever the forms of government, it is up to people to make it work. There is nothing wrong in dictatorship if it is of the benevolent type, of which Singapore is a prime example (please read my post titled ‘ä man called lee’). There is a mention about pyramidal structure and cogs in the wheel in one of your earlier posts. The pyramidal base and middle portions, and cogs in the wheel must always be mindful of vertical growth and forward movement. If growth and movement are not in right directions, the constituents must react and enforce corrections.

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