I have a dream and greedy desire (Respect to Martin Luther King)

I have dream, a dream of a world where women can walk the streets alone without fear of predators. A world without racial prejudice, where the question of “Muslim or Terrorist?” never comes into question. A world where children want to learn instead of are forced to learn. A world where we are so fed up with the current establishment we desire to tear down the walls that separate us rather than make plans to build more. A world where you are free to go wherever you please regardless of class or citizenship. I dream of a world where we see each other based upon our similarities rather than our difference. I have a dream where we can all live with compassion and acceptance towards one another.

In my ignorance I believed that everyone shared this desire for peace and unity within their hearts, and that the main component separating ourselves was this seed of fear. A fear of the unknown, a fear of loss, of change… But I’ve come to realize this is only part of what divides us.

This seed of fear is vastly old and has laid dormant in the hearts of all for many millennia. But within some of us this seed has sprouted, no, blossomed even, and has completely consumed a select few within our species. It’s taken its roots at the base of our human family tree, and these bloodlines consumed in fear still exist to this day. You don’t know their names, you likely have never seen their faces, but their mark can be seen in almost every aspect of your life. You can see it in your food, the gross poisoning and manipulation of its composition. You can see it in your finances, how you work yourself down to the bone and are barely able to make ends meet. You can see it on your television, your pointless wars, your education system, your health. These bloodlines, these people, are all responsible for the monstrous atrocities and crimes plaguing our planet that keep us divided vicariously through their fear.

I tell you this, not so you can hate. You don’t hate, only the unloved hate, the unloved and the unnatural. I tell you this so you may realize just who it is suffering on this planet and who desperately needs our love and compassion. Fear is a self perpetuating illness that is wildly contagious. These bankers, these wall street lobbyists, the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s, Monsanto, the faces behind the shadow government syndicates. These are the real damaged people, these are the rogues, these are the one’s so hopelessly consumed with fear and hatred that it has become the only thing they know. Not us.

I have a dream where we all can forgive but not forget. To use these past crimes as a lesson rather than a conviction. I’m not sure how to bring about this dream, frankly because it is untrodden territory. But what I do know quite well is our endless cycles of fear and bloodshed. If we try to bring about a revolution with violence, with anger, and resentment, we will only dig ourselves deeper into the hole we’ve found ourselves in for our entire time on this world as a civilization. I have a dream where we not only pull ourselves out of this hole tooth and nail but find the sympathy within our hearts to pull those who have been digging this hole out along with us, so that they too can feel the glorious sunlight for the first time in their lives. These people aren’t the enemy. These are our spoiled damaged unloved children who have been raging against us, and we have been the submissive dysfunctional enabling parents. It’s time to call for a time out, piece the house back together, and perhaps hold some therapy sessions so that we can live as a happy family. All of us. This is my dream.


28 thoughts on “I have a dream and greedy desire (Respect to Martin Luther King)

    1. Haha 😀 The world is full of a lot of fear and a lot of negativity, and a lot of judgment.

      Just becoming aware of this fact gives us all the opportunity to begin to overcome our old habitual ways of dealing with the inevitable, if we decide to take an active approach in adjusting our reactions to life’s daily events and occurrences, life becomes much easier and more fun. ‘Fear of change’ is without a doubt one of the deadliest things mankind must learn to overcome.

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  1. It is becoming seldom to see good people around. The poignant man becomes envy on his neighbor and his neighbor gets jealous on something that he can’t afford and that something gives evil eye on someother thing that’s better than it! On the whole, none is contended and composed to cherish the moment they are bestowed with! This leads to the destruction of peace and creates vicious circle that tends to work towards deceiving the world! Fear of security, fear of death, fear of status, fear of glory are all the pessimistic thoughts which our mind keep on insisting! If can’t even rely on our mind, then whom else!
    March towards peace, not in dream, but in reality!
    Amazing thought, aishwariya mam. 🙂 Goosebumps all around! Created spirit out of words! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment Saalai. I agree! It’s interesting how sometimes our greatest dreams aren’t supposed to come true, but are the motivators (like you and other bloggers) for me (us in general) to move in a direction that actually turns out the best for us.!

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      1. The thing I found in your blog is you don’t write randomly. All the subjects are so deeply analyzed and it productively impacts the society through words and thoughts surmounting the deeds. very serious writing which I love the most. I love people who involve in firing talks. It hits straight the nerve and triggers all the controlled emotions out. Keep going☺👍

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  2. To be Even Greedy for a Dream like this is a Good thing!

    But the Basics, like Lust, Greed, Laziness and other things, have Already and Always Existed, and have to be addressed. Wishing will not make these go away.

    Dream On, my Dear Aishwariya! One with You there! Love and Regards. 🙂

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    1. Hi Ji,
      Thanks SwamiJi.
      There’s nothing wrong with making plans, and there is nothing wrong with dreaming big all the time. Often times, it’s the people who have the loftiest ambitions who make the biggest positive impacts on the world, and who lead the most fulfilling lives. So my dreams are huge and greedy, and without huge dreams, huge accomplishments wouldn’t happen.

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      1. Really Very Glad You have those HUGE Dreams, my Dear Aishwariya! As You say, there is Nothing Wrong, and actually everything Right in Dreaming Big! There is the Old saying: ‘Hitch Your Wagon to a Star!’

        Wish and Pray that Your Dreams may come True. Proud of You! 🙂

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      1. Hey Genius! Can you drop back your email address? I’ve been off for a while now. A little overworked. Mother of 3 kids. I work all day and rush to get my seven year old twins from school. Only to rush home to take my 13 year old to ball practice an hour away almost everyday. On the weekend I travel with her ball team. My husband works second shift so he is never home. I just need to find balance. 🙂 Your posts are so enlightening or one of the most enlightening I’ve read today.

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