A short while ago, I reached 500 followers on this here WordPress- So I drew ya’ll a little something to say Thank you! Every follow means a lot to me, as does every single like or re-blog.


In my year and a bit of having this WordPress blog, I have made some fantastic friends who really inspire me with their work and themselves, and I have fallen into a community of really great artists and equally amazing people. Thank you all for taking the time to show your support and I hope you continue to enjoy my work as I grow and develop as a writer! 🙂


52 thoughts on “500 Followers

    1. Thank you Bhanu!
      I am guilty of this too, sometimes. I read all the comments but sometimes dont get a chance to respond. It is rude and I need to fix it though. Thanks for pointing that out.

      You are so right in so many ways with comments on my blog post. I need to make it a priority when I get home from work to sit down and respond to all comments from the day… I feel like I get so many emails while I’m at work, it makes it hard. Maybe designating time at home is the key! Sometimes I miss a post and then it’s like 12 days late but I totally reply eventually. There’s times when I miss it, but it tends to be a fluff post and the people who comment are like, Worlds Biggest Fridge magnet, Akhila, Sumit, Tony, Martian Poet, you my regulars! So I know you guys won’t be mad if I miss you once or twice 😉 I’m absolutely with you on the importance!!

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      1. Alright now that you share it.
        At times it feels from the other side of the window nothing reaches you.

        Everyone has a unique protocol. It is not necessary to reply all but some posts written with so much skill and experience need discussion because with discussions we progress. A post is all but read by the reader in his/her own way. When the comments flow that’s when the real exchange of idea happens.

        I happen to enjoy your posts they are different and thought provoking many of which I ponder upon but can’t pen it down in completeness.

        Yes the key about taking up all comments at a designated time will help to avoid back logs. Well you are good on your own already 🙂

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        1. Agreed. I can get really bad at responding to comments because I always think I’m going to reply to all of them at once at the end of the day, and then I don’t get around to it and keep pushing it off. Making it a goal to respond as comments come in, OR do designate 30 minutes a day and focus only on responding to comments. I’m catching up on some blog posts/commenting/responding to comments right now (which is why I’m several days behind in commenting on your comments! ;)) but I definitely agree that responding to comments is so important. I have 3 blogs with 2 on tumblr and 1 on WordPress with a many followers, so I get tons and tons of comments … But even if I did respond, I’d want to show them that I care about what they have to say and that I took the time to read their response.
          I’ll surely not miss valuable comments like yours!
          Thanks so much 🙂


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