Look deeper With Your Mind, Not Your Eyes.

-Introduction: Today’s lesson is designed to give you access to a larger portion of your consciousness you likely never knew you had. Modern science claims at least 96% of the universe is completely invisible to our perception. We don’t know what this 96% is but we’ve deduced mathematically, according to our current cosmic models that it has to be there in order for the universe to function. Our beings are bombarded with millions of bits of information every second but we can only process several dozen bits of it at a time, decoding it into our physical experience of reality.

Wake up neo… It’s a scientifically provable fact that the reality you live in is a holographic matrix projected from within your mind. Quantum physics proves that atoms only exist upon being observed but why is this? Your true being has no form, no boundaries, and no dimensions. You are consciousness, imagine it like a platform within which any array of experiences and games of variables can take place. The reality you perceive in front of you is only electrical signals processed, edited, and interpreted by your brain. Color doesn’t exist without you, in order for color to exist there must be an awareness of the light. This awareness then has to decode the waves of light into a diverse decipherable spectrum. Even after this the awareness must then create a discernible experience between the varied states to even perceive color. If you remove yourself from the picture, nothing exists to perceive and thus the world can’t render itself into an experience.

-Limits Of The Eyes & Human Consciousness: Get ready to venture into unknown territory. You are not your body, your is body only part of you and is a holographic construction in your mind just like everything else. Your eyes are mechanisms your consciousness has developed to allow your physical form to receive visual information based on a very specific wavelength of “light” or energy in the unified field. In this way your eyes are extremely limited in what information they can receive, if you souly rely on them for your perception of “the outside world” incalculable amounts of information will elude your awareness.

Modern human perception, although advanced in many regards, has one overall flaw(which can be transcended). Our minds are designed to search for variables and stimuli that vary from the norm. Conversely we tune out and ignore constant and stable forms of stimulation. If you listen to music digitally there is often a quiet hiss or hum in the background, but because this tone is constant we tune it out and lose all awareness of it’s existence. Just like how we can forget we’re breathing, if anything is constant our default action is to forget about and ignore it. Part of the reason this 96% of the universe remains invisible to us is that our consciousness tunes it out as a constant background process. I can’t tell you exactly what you’ll find or what you’ll experience when you begin to see this previously invisible side of the universe. I can promise it will be very real and beyond words.

-How Does One Look With The Mind And Not The Eyes? If you are a visual spacial learner this may come to you a bit easier but it is not necessary. This 96% doesn’t exist as matter because 1 you aren’t decoding it into matter and 2 all energy, observed or not, ultimately exists within you as formless thought. When you go to sleep, before you begin to dream you might have a vague recollection of floating in void blackness Not specifically you or specifically experiencing weightlessness, just existing within this dark space. This is the platform, the void that is your consciousness. When you are in a dream do you think what you are seeing is ‘real’ solid matter or is it just an experience of your imagination… The same applies to your experience of the real world, the only difference being we all cohabit this wavelength which gives it enough stability for us to look down and observe it’s non-physical atoms and label them.

To break the screening mechanism hiding the majority of reality from you just consciously take notice of everything you usually ignore. Know that you aren’t this physical body. Like when you were a child, look at and observe everything as if it were the first and last time you’d ever see it. The way this manifests in my own experience is I take in all the information I can in my body, the varying degrees of tension in my muscle how my body is resting, the feeling of what’s making physical contact with my skin, the textures and pressures, even temperatures associated with them. Refrain from labeling such as thinking in terms of “soft”, “hot”, “air” or anything lingual, instead just observe the feelings for how they are.

Taking notice of these seemingly mundane stimuli both breaks the default decoding mechanism we use to experience reality but also creates the foundation for seeing beyond our eyes. The constant that ultimately gets brought your attention is you. The conscious experience of existing/observing. In this place you realize that you yourself are immovable, eternally fixed, and instead the world around you changes as an experience of movement. Close your eyes and doesn’t it feel like you’ve always been here? You see that here is the only place there is, allowing yourself to fully observe here in all its detail unbiasedly.

-Serenity: There is a process of surrendering that is critical. You cannot know what you are unless you let go of all the perceptions you hold about yourself. A great peace comes with accepting your limitations over what you know, what you think you know, and what you can possibly know. You aren’t “human”, you are having a human experience. What you truly are defies all definition and lingual comprehension. You cannot understand what you are because what you are is something real, not a concept. Language is only a convention of symbols used to relay concepts. The salvation is that you don’t have to understand what you are. You can only experience what you are, and the experience is what gives you the knowing.

You are it, all of it, and you will always be it whether you remember or not. It’s not so much that you must learn anything new to know what you are, rather you must unlearn all the things you previously thought yourself to be. We’ve been overstimulated, and overthinking, but we don’t have to if we just let go and let everything finally settle within.


19 thoughts on “Look deeper With Your Mind, Not Your Eyes.

      1. The world we see is just visible spectrum. If you are a bee you would see completely different version of life.

        Our notion of life and world is just what our sense guide through, not necessarily they are absolute truth.

        Sometimes it makes you wanna go crazy in the dream land of what is ‘Reality’

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  1. That was intense, I started feeling I am not human.
    “You are not human, you’re only experiencing human”, godness me! Amazingly amazing. Thanks.

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    1. Ha ha 😀 yep yep! Scientists from Australia have recreated a famous experiment and confirmed quantum physics’s bizarre predictions about the nature of reality, by proving that reality doesn’t actually exist until we measure it – at least, not on the very small scale. 🙂

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