How will you live?

If you’re like me, you find the stresses of life almost insurmountable. There’s too many expectations to live up to, there’s too many areas of “success” to strive in, the obstacles in your way feel more like barriers, and just looking at it all becomes to overwhelming to bear.

If you are like me in this this regard I offer you the easy way out(if you so choose to take it). The key is simply to stop caring so much, and no this isn’t a nihilistic approach. Give up all your desires for how you wish your life to be. Easier said than done, so allow me to elaborate.

We live in two worlds, the physical world that is always present before us and the mental world of lingual conjecture. The majority of us are trapped in this state of constant mental chatter, so much so it’s become normal and practically involuntary. These thoughts are what create our anxieties, our stresses, and negative outlooks.

Because of this I issue you a challenge; to go 10 minutes without thinking about “your life” and labeling the world in words and thought. It is key to note that this isn’t really attained through mass effort or concentration, rather it is about listening and serenity. Remind yourself that you will have plenty of time to worry about politics, social dynamics, your personal issues and family matters later, but declare for the next 10 minutes nothing needs to be thought about. I want you to sit and listen to the world around you. Not just with your ears, but with the entirety of your awareness, what does the air feel like, how is gravity pulling down on your body, make a point to notice all the things that you usually ignore and don’t pay attention to.

It is almost impossible to clear your mind of all verbal thoughts initially, so my tip to you is instead of trying to halt them, stop trying to control your thoughts, listen to them as if they were someone else speaking and they will naturally still themselves

-Why Is This Important & How Is This The Easy Way Out?: Let’s get one thing straight, life is 10% shit that happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Even if you are reacting to nothing(which you will find is the majority of the time) that reaction affects both how we feel and how our lives unfold. If you are able to experience the moment as it is, right here, right now, you find that the majority of your worries are purely mental and have no foundation RIGHT NOW. Life is going to happen how it’s going to happen regardless of how much anxiety or stress you put into contemplating the future. There will never be a tomorrow, and there never was a yesterday, all you really have is this eternal moment.

The age old saying “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” rings true. If you try to implement this new way of seeing life into your daily routine it provides you with an opportunity you’ve never had before. To approach each situation as it comes only with the truth of knowing who you are as a person rather than all the usual baggage of thought we are so used to carrying around with us. When our heads are rushing with this chatter it’s like an obscuring layer of fog that blinds us to all the possible information at our disposal.

Remember, the key isn’t effort, it’s letting go of how you want things to be, how you want to be, and simply surrendering to who you are, where you are, and what everything is doing here and now. There really is no step by step after that point, but that is the point ^_^ to be completely free from all of the previous biases and viewpoints that shroud your world view. Try it out and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Happy weekend! See you all on Monday!


26 thoughts on “How will you live?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this. Your viewpoint is spot on. We live in a world where inner chatter dominate our thoughts. Well said.

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  2. This speaks to such an essential truth. You articulated this two world idea I often have and showed how the mentally constructed one often prevents us from just living in this most precious present moment.
    I think one of the dangers of how many live now is that we live too much in ideas and less in the present. When we escape into too many ideas we don’t see the impact we are having on the world, we judged and compare and think we don’t measure up to something that isn’t even real.
    This is a brilliant post.

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