Bizarre dream – World tree

Elixir vitae

Sap of yggdrasil

Sticky effulgence

In ancient Caucasus

Groves among the ancestral eld trees

And druidic overtone circles

Where we came together and

United the tribes

Sacred grove!

Origin of all temples!

Ovid, yelling , there is a spirit here!

The Gods favour wild trees

Unsown by mortal hand

Have we forgotten Artemis,

Whose menstruation is

The sacred red earth?

Let no axe be laid to any tree,

no branch broken,

no firewood gathered,

no grass burnt

In the name of the Kikuyu people

In the name of Osun-Osogbo!

And all who find nature in their hearts

Tabla peaks of the Cyclops Mountains

under the veneration of vanaprasthas

in Kerala, Rajputana and Pudur

who knew that one tree planted

is worth ten sons

at Uppsala, where Svein offered yew

smeared the trunk with blood

forgot Christianity

and drove Ingi into Vastergotland

in Himachal Pradesh

scented, medicinal,

lap of the Himalayas

where at rock-cut temples

ecological prophecies were whispered

at the end of the seventh heaven

is a Lote tree, Sidrat al-Muntaha

that marks the boundary where

no creation can pass but Muhammad himself

Uttermost extremity!

Beyond the cloud of unknowing,

eternal golden branches!

Fantastic phylogenetic trees!

Axis mundi which is

the spine of my own body

with roots below

and branches that stretch

to ultimate final heaven!






Osiris in the base of the tamarisk tree!

Lao-Tzu, who ate the peach that comes once

in three thousand years and gained


Akshaya Vata, eternal banyan tree

on the bank of the Yamuna,

unaffected tho’ the earth

was totally enveloped by waters,

where Buddha meditates eternally in your shade!

Grassroots movement of nature worship

shuddering out of the moist ground

and into full bloom in the

rolling hills of east-bay!


49 thoughts on “Bizarre dream – World tree

        1. I write poetry in order to get out the first thought, the natural mind, unedited, in all its mess and spontaneous turn of phrase; because it is more honest that way, and honesty is the lifeblood of real poetry, not iambic meters, specific forms of verse, rhyme or any other construction of regularity.

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    1. Most people do not enjoy this style of writing because, having never tried it, they assume it’s simply lazily stringing odd sounding words together. There’s merit in that too, but that’s not what I’ve done here.
      Art in my eyes should be an honest externalization of the internal state of the artist, something which cuts to the bone, which makes the private mind public.

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  1. Aishwariya, You’re totally into something! This is so so great. The interrelationships with the culture, the mountains, vibrations, biology and Buddhism.
    I like your style, the way you reference all these different cultures around the world. Mind if I ask, what writers and other things inspire your writing?


    1. Currently, Allen Ginsberg, Rumi, Jack Kerouac, William Blake, Stephen Hawking, Dawkins, Michio Kaku and Alan Watts for writers, as for everything else, dreams, waking fantasies, eastern philosophies, the hidden corners in back alleys where no one bothers to look, anything that can raise awareness, economics, Spirituality, meditation, Universe, Sky, Politics, and the rhythm of human speech.

      Glad you liked the poem!:)

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  2. I have bookmarked your page! I would love to read your works.
    Haha, And your readers! πŸ˜€ I feel this text for your readers seems more like an output of one of hypothetical million monkeys typing at a million keyboards. set the task of randomly achieving the works of Shakespeare – but falling for short.

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    1. Thank you so much Mark. πŸ™‚
      Lets not comment on other readers!
      It also requires a good deal of forethought and clarification, which is set aside voluntarily during the composition to allow unconscious/subconscious elements to arise in their own form. They just don’t enjoy my style of writing. I’m not an elitist, I write for myself and if others enjoy it then I’m glad, if not I don’t bother them for it.

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        1. This is not therapy, it’s expression stripped of cultural form, which is why you don’t understand it. All well and good, may be this is not for “the audience’s” benefit, because the audience does not exist, it is a concept in the artists head. I prefer not to bother with trying to contrive my work to fit into a category or class of expectations, or to try to engender some specific response or set of thoughts in a person. I prefer to write for the sake of writing, it seems more honest and less coercive that way.

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  3. Beautiful poetry. I had a bizarre dream myself, but mine was at an Evanescence concert. The song in the dream in particular was “Tourniquet.” This dream sort of reminded me of the experience, minus the fact that your dream involved a tree while mine was in an auditorium.

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    1. Thank you so very much Xara Nahara!
      Wow! I would be fascinated to hear/see your thought on auditorium because I think it’s immensely valuable. I think your natural mind, regardless of this peculiar attitude you have towards it, is anything but rubbish, and I’d happily sit down and read hours of it.

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  4. Hello Aishwariya! Damm! What a great stuff..
    I always felt that poetry was best as spoken art. This one would be quite the performance.
    I pity on who failed to understand. This is well experimented, studied and researched! This is powerful, I can definitely relate.
    I adore this poem, although I didn’t understand a 2 – 3 lines like
    “In the name of the Kikuyu people
    In the name of Osun-Osogbo!”,
    (i did research to know what you meant!) but that is also what makes this piece so powerful. I love writing poetry from my third voice, the one that keeps bringing up the veil in the first place. You’re crazy, but you’re also right more than I’d like to admit and you can write some hella poetry!! ❀

    Love it totally!

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  5. Yes I did learn for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely poem.
    And what do you mean by the above comment “because the audience does not exist” – Am i imaginary? πŸ˜€

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    1. Ha ha πŸ˜€
      What I mean by “the audience does not exist” is not that there are no persons or members per se of an audience, just that the whole idea of “the audience” is idiotic because unless one has chosen it beforehand one has no idea what “the audience” will be until they’re in front of it. πŸ™‚

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      1. But one knows there will be an audience. Unless one does not publish or perform at all. But you did publish. So you knew there would be an audience reading your work. πŸ™‚ Like me?

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        1. I knew there would be “an” audience when I decided to post this, but again this in no way influenced the writing of it, which was done for it’s own sake. In composition stage, I have yet to decide whether or not I’ll share the piece, so the audience is irrelevant; there may never be one.

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