Your true self

The world we live in is one giant holographic matrix of energy comprised of consciousness. Like a video game the images and forms only exist as a display when in reality it is simply information, frequencies likened to the binary code of 1’s and 0’s with no physical solidity. You are the observer, that which is experiencing the world generated around you, and thus the world itself for it only exists through your observation. You are everything you know, experience, and live.

Now I want you to walk outside, not far but to where you can see a good portion of the sky. Look around you from horizon to horizon, analyze the world, build a 3 dimensional map in your imagination as you take in and become aware of the reality you are encircled within. Realize that all of it is you, imagine the world like a 3D map generated on a computer game and you are the computer bringing it to life. Don’t separate your body from the picture, instead relate the world to yourself as another extension of your physical form. And simply sit with it all. This is your dream, your movie, your perspective, your thought space, and as an extension of you it is under your own sovereignty.

You can think of yourself as the overseer over your own realm if you like, but this is your true self….


41 thoughts on “Your true self

          1. I just had a new experience when meditating with the Buddhify app. I felt really happy and then for some time laughter welled up in me and sang out. Was different from my usual experience but rather lovely. Have you ever experienced anything similar?

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            1. I love the buddhiy app. But I don’t really think of it as meditation. It is more of a guided imagery/mindfulness app. It is great for small quick mindfulness exercises. I use it when I walk or waiting around somewhere (better than checking facebook or surfing the web).
              But I especially find the “can’t sleep” exercise is very useful if you ever have insomnia. It is not a substitute for meditation but it is really good at what it does.

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