A World Of Contradictions & Mass Amnesia

Can you guess what the most powerful force on this planet is?

That force is you… We’ve forgotten our place within our own kingdoms. None of us are mere peasants, none of us are lowly wretches. Each and every one of us are the Kings and Queens of our own reality and you’ve simply forgotten it. And just as every grand ruler commands the world in which they are entitled you have the power to rule your entire reality.

I write to you in hopes you will wake up from your nightmare of inadequacy and reclaim your crown, for this world is in dire need of it’s rightful guardians. You have been mislead to believe that because you are one of billions you are insignificant. You have been mislead to accept tyrants that you feel much disdain for as your leaders. You have been taught since you were young to pursue a life of subservience. And because you have been overwhelmed not only by the graphic horror this world has grown into but by your peers who have fallen to the same lie it appears there is no other way… When the exact opposite is the truth.

You are one of 7 billion… SEVEN BILLION!!!!! 7,000,000,000… Imagine the power held in the hands of 7 billion strong, your power is immeasurable and limitless. Your delusion is that you are separate and that you stand alone amongst this crowd, that your word is washed out by the countless other voices among you. But you forget that these voices are your fellow brothers and sisters. Be they White or Black, Arab or Asian, you are all Human and you all wish for the same thing. To do what is right, to live amongst those who value you, and to be safe. Many of you have just forgotten how much alike each and every one of us are. The lines that divide us only exist within your head, religion is only an idea, culture and nationality are just that, ideas… borders, language, all of them only ideas… Strip them away and we are all the same.

But that doesn’t detract from your individual power. Everything that occurs in the world is ultimately decided by it’s people. When you see trash scattered across a park it’s not because that’s just the way it is, people just like you and me have made the deliberate decision to discard their garbage out in the open because they care so little about their own impact. When you see wars being fought in distant lands between people who have never met but have declared each other enemies it’s not because that’s just how it is, it’s because these soldiers have deemed their own judgement inadequate and instead act upon the greater judgement of their governments. They follow their orders because “these are the bad guys and I have to kill them because I am a good guy”. When no soldier on either side of any war has ever thought of themselves as the bad guys… When you see companies polluting the environments with tons of hazardous waste it’s not because that’s how it is, but because those in charge of these operations have decided to operate under the best interests of a “corporate entity” rather than use their own morale judgement. All of the suffering in this world from the seemingly minuscule to the global and cataclysmic all stem from people surrendering their own rationality to “something greater than themselves”.

When you decide for yourself you decide for the world, when you decide because of someone else you decide for the world. Every decision you make is a decision that shapes the world of tomorrow. We all know what is inherently right and wrong, or at least have some vague understanding of the consequences of our actions. Such things as killing is wrong, if I steal from someone else it will cause them to hurt, if I litter it is destructive to the environment, we all understand these concepts but why do we continually ignore them? Because we have forgotten who we are. We’ve convinced ourselves that certain voices are more rational than our own, we’ve allowed their silver tongues to weave complex stories that distort our own morality… When morality is a simple thing that never contradicts itself. If killing is wrong then it is unjustifiable, but there are many who will tell tales filled with confusing emotional bias to convince us their are exceptions to this moral conclusion.

Imagine if you will an alternate reality, where people learn to trust themselves and their own conclusions rather than the conclusions of another. Where we all use our God given birthright of deduction to make our own decisions. It would be much more difficult to mislead hordes of people into the senseless murder of one another.

Once again we have forgotten we are all one people of a single world… We’ve been raised to view everything and everyone as our competition, when the natural world doesn’t truly function under this distorted Darwinian view of evolution… Evolution is not the process of one-upping your competition, but rather the continuous upgrading and adaptation to function more profitably within your given environment. Look at any environment on this planet and you will see every life form and organism acting as a harmonious force of homeostasis. Yes the cougar viciously hunts and kills the rabbit, but if it weren’t for the cougar the rabbit population would grow and decimate the vegetation in the environment disrupting the natural balance. Everything functions to maintain sustainability. It is this distorted view of everything being against us rather than here to function with us that is the unnatural perspective. It is unsustainable which is evident enough of it’s unnatural origin.

We can continue to see ourselves as our enemies and compete for who has the largest stockpile of apocalyptic super weapons and blow each other the fuck apart because nation A doesn’t jive with nation B(which is quite frankly psychotic). Or we can stop and pause to consider the fact maybe we would all rather pursue a life of cooperation and see how far we can actually go with our immeasurable brilliance and creativity.

But YOU have to decide that… You may not be able to decide for anyone else, just understand that is completely inconsequential and has no bearing on your significance. Choose to care about your impact, choose to trust your own judgement and rationality instead of that which has been handed to you… Choose to reclaim your crown and join the movement to reshape the world into a brighter place for all of us to live. Either we all suffer and wither away, or we all grow TOGETHER in prosperity… but we can’t do it without you, as long as you choose to deem others undeserving of life or it’s pleasures, as long as you deem your own impact as insignificant, as long as you continue to see everyone else as your competition and yourself as separate, we cannot stand together.


7 thoughts on “A World Of Contradictions & Mass Amnesia

  1. This is a very enlightened post. One of the most enlightening I’ve read today.
    I do think this kind of thinking is the future, and those that have it, the future makers.
    Builders build society. Destructors self-destruct. One is always causing their own continuance by making the continuance of all self priority. The other is causing their demise by listening to the selfish voices of theirselves and others.
    We cannot be remiss in understanding we are the creators of the atmosphere we live in, and we reap the consequences of our conscious thought.

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