Finding the Soul

What is the soul? I cannot stop asking…

I try to pin it down, it slips away, maybe words can’t capture the right feel today

Is it the way the wind rustles the leaves into gutter alleys and cul de sacs between the bricks?

Or the heat spreading from my chest?

What is the difference between these two processes?

When I look, I cannot find any.

How brilliant it is to sit inside on a cloudy day, and remember the taste of frost on your cheeks.

Go outside, and make love to the frost! Hold it in your pores, watch it melt with the simplest love that winter holds for the always-summer of life!

Please, how do I trust this?!

Take a step.

ME and HIM

There is a raucous quietness in the chest.

The drummer is halfway through the downbeat, the wind is filling the cellist’s lungs. The trembling is none other than the violinist’s bow gathering momentum for the sweetest of releases.

What is the flow like?

Speak your thoughts out

Set it loose!

What are you afraid of that can be said to be outside of you?

Let it catch up!

All fear shakes loose are the satchels of lead you have strung to the spirit, knotted into the self in defense.

Relax into your own natural alchemy.

Why this ache? This longing? It is its own answering.

I ache to meet you in sweetness. The soul cries out for longing, longs for crying, cries for long nights spent in wanting for the touch of the beloved.

What flatness can turn him blush ? There is no excitement on a featureless plane!

Find the road less traveled and surreptitiously unscrew the wheel bolts! The hills are singing out your name and there are thickets hidden in their breasts shivering for a layer-down!

Do you remember yet?

Ah, perhaps you caught a little.

Look into the center of the heart. It is a small portal, as is the eye.

Tell me, what do you see?

When I look, I remember everything, and forget myself, remember myself and forget everything.

What is the soul? I cannot stop asking…


32 thoughts on “Finding the Soul

  1. The soul, it is the 21 grams of spirit within you that is your connection to the universe. It is your energetic life source. It is an ember that makes you burn within and activates the brain, muscles, and circular system. It is a breath of air that signals the cosmos through the heart. It is all things you, minus the body and the brain. 😉

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    1. Have you read the book by Dan Brown -“The Lost symbol”, one of the main character is used to test the souls of human beings before and after death. But in that case, it wont be 21 grams or any nearer value.. it will be far less like 0.000164 something…
      Just had a thought. If the soul exists and is made up of some kind of magnetic energy then when the soul leaves the body that extra magnetism is lost and gravity itself has less of a pull on you. Just for thought. Perfect answer for the 21 gram theory! A research that was conducted on only 6 patients is hardly reliable. :/ A lot of people share a belief that the soul is made of a gelatinous fluid known as “Plasma” Although the stars in the sky are of the same material so… maybe when you die you become one of the stars? ! (Gosh, where am I taking this topic to? :o) Sometimes, I am not convinced about this theory! And there is lot of reason for this.. The more we know about information theory, the less likely it is that mass is a necessity for something to have an existence. More to be said on that, but i need to run for a meeting..

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      1. Of course my answer was rather brief. I used to work in nursing. When a patient was about to die, we would weigh them often. We would also weigh them again right after death. This would always net 21 grams. So I think it is a little more than a 6 person theory as it was a very regular occurrence in the hospitals and nursing homes I travelled to as a travelling (replacement) CNA.
        This to is often recorded: when a soul leaves the body, it will travel upward, out of the bodily orifices (often the mouth or the nose) and go through a spiritual portal. Many out of body experiences, where the soul chooses to return to the body record this. So the soul is an energetic and therefore a magnetic (as all electrical forces are), spiritual entity.
        As to the star theory, there may be some validity to that, but that particular rabbit hole would require a total rearrangement of our thinking about the cosmos and how far it is away from us. Surely that discussion is one that should be had, but I’m afraid not too many are ready for it. 😉
        What I rely on personally is what I can do with my soul that I cannot do with my body, which is plenty. I can be at two places or more simultaneously. I can go forward and backward in time. I can heal in person, but also remotely. There’s much more, but it cannot be done in the body, only in the soul and with the energy of it.
        I should mention that none of the above can be done with my soul detached from Source. It is that connection that makes the soul so omnipresent.

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      1. Science, if done properly, will always net the same results as spirituality done properly. 🙂
        I’ll take a look at that.

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  2. My MA thesis in anthropology was on soul concepts mostly in Central America – in many cultures not just humans but other animals and geological features have souls – the entire world is animate – makes for a very different perspective on how to live life and be in the world.

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  3. Your writing is so beautiful .. You continuously make me think! ❤
    A small clarification from my side,
    About ME and HIM part: (Was the below lines mentioned by your love or imaginary person?)
    "What is the flow like? Speak your thoughts out, Set it loose! What are you afraid of that can be said to be outside of you? Let it catch up!"
    "What are you afraid of that can be said to be outside of you? Let it catch up! All fear shakes loose are the satchels of lead you have strung to the spirit, knotted into the self in defense. Relax into your own natural alchemy. Why this ache? This longing? It is its own answering."

    If yes, Then I have understood it right. And I wish your soul does not leave it remains connected to your love as it has always been. 🙂

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  4. Hi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re
    using? I’m looking to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
    The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs
    and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Sorry for
    getting off-topic but I had to ask!

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