Poetry of my heart

I have something to say to you, dear one

listen to me,

it is the rustle of leaves and the bright yellow sound of sunlight tapping on white paint, it is the laughter of babes!

it is the great beast with countless arms and eyes who is everywhere and nowhere, whose breath raises, mountain, and falls, valley!

“it” is pouring sweet ambrosia into the heart of woman!

rip open the chest and let your heart pour out into the street!

pull back three eyelids and stare into the sun! white light! pure!

cast off the one you think you are! burn it and scatter it! forget it! remember it and toss it to the winds!

tend to the flame in the center of the chest! feed it ego, it’s thirst is never sated!

it is waves! it is motion! it is alive!

Ram! Where are you?

ram! whose love is the cycles of trees! ram! whose mind is glacial melt! ram! whose breath is pollen and insect song! ram! whose gaze is nuclear fire!

Ram! like Jai ram!

sri ram! jai ram! jai jai ram!

ram! whose becoming is light, light, glorious light! ram! whose dying breath is stillness! ram! sweet ram!

union! let the lines grow soft!

I am dance of shadows on ceiling!

I am formation of mountain!

I am rushing, thunderous rumble of game set afoot!

I am purifying heat of wisdom heart opening to hold all in perfect Love!

I am invisible hand that stretches out and touches other!

I am ancient, no time, ever now!

I am dreaming self!

I am she who knocks on inside of chest!

I am generation, creation!

I am thought, that starts a thousand tales!

I am here, now, in  my room, in Love!

I am joyous laughter of self-recognition!

I am drama, mask, cast and stage!

Praise be that I am! Joy that I am! Glory that I am! Here, inside!

Union! Let the lines grow soft!

Let chest open and fold all forms into lover’s embrace! Let knowing cease!

No clinging! No need!

Union! Let the lines grow soft!

Here! Now! In Love!

I am!

I am!

I am!

Here! In this room! In Love!

If anyone’s interested in a more prosaic attempt at describing the phenomena let me know and I’ll do my best. I hope this brightens your day ❤


28 thoughts on “Poetry of my heart

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