What On Earth Is The Matter With You?

A wink across cyberspace to a being whom I regard as part of myself, namely, you.

—What on earth is the matter with you?
Every time you come within a hairs breadth of it,
you rush off to check
whether or not what you just saw
had been seen by another

Did it occur to you
that those who have seen
did not walk from the mystery to find approval?

That they recognized justification
for the cheap whore he is?

Why can’t you just do it yourself?
Who else is going to walk through that door?

Sure as shit the old elf bard
won’t drag you through on his coat-tails,
nor that grinning bowman
watching on from above deck
as he sails over the horizon

You’re looking for a companion,
this road is wide enough for you only

Are you sincere, or just teasing yourself?
Of course, we all know how much fun can be had
from edging the abyss
and sticking a well balanced toe in
here and there,
but you talk of union

You talk of fundamental,
basic substrates,
and look down

What happens if you go there?

Yes, it’s well paved up here and you won’t fall,
but there’s also wrappers and bits of old paper
and cigarette butts
rolling over in the wind,
and you’ve seen them all before

As gorgeous as they are

There’s a light tickling your retinas,
coming from somewhere behind the veil,
you barely register it on the surface
but feel a stirring
somewhere in the depths,

a movement of exquisite excitement
which covers itself as if in shame
the moment it is seen.

But it isn’t shame that covers the stirring

It’s game.

Come and find me, if you can.

This time I’ll be the writer, and you the reader.

What on earth is the matter with you?
Don’t you remember how many times you’ve snuck a peek? (sneak peek)

Forget his explanation,
forget her sensible qualifier

Listen to the song being sung by no mouth.

Leave checking for accountants.


6 thoughts on “What On Earth Is The Matter With You?

  1. Hi Aishwariya,
    It’s indeed a great joy to be here on your wonderful page.
    Indeed a well-knitted post.
    I appreciate you, for the way in which you present your words!
    Keep it up
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    PS: under this comment box there are two buttons provided, sad it’s not functioning- Notify me of…
    Please check and fix it so that your comment authors will come to know if anyone else dropped a comment.
    ~ Phil


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