The World 2016

There is no amount of words to describe what we have witnessed in Turkey, Paris, Brussels, Kabul bombingMunich, Ansbach bombing, Hollande (This morning), Kurdish city of Qamishli (2 hours back), I can’t even bear to see what this nation, its’ citizens and politicians have become. I can’t believe what the world has come to.

I’ve always been a person who enjoyed little company, while ignoring social/state issues. I have never felt like a person that belongs to a country, a race or a religion. I have always considered myself as a human being of Earth and nothing more.

For 92 hours straight, So many attacks! I sat in front of my computer, with a phone in my hand. I watched everything; deceptive media, flying jets, the sound of bombs and guns, the sound of people screaming who were religiously blinded, bodies of civilians, bodies of policemen, bodies of soldiers, the panic my relatives had, the panic I had for my brother, the smiles on the politicians’ faces, the lies they told, a fake military declaration, and again the very scary and aggressive civilian crowd who marched to their deaths with no cause against a military faction. Soldiers who were very young, claiming they haven’t got a clue of what was going on; killing civilians, civilians who brutally murdered soldiers, policemen who tried to end the conflict “slowly” and “systematically”. I watched a man who made a speech during these events, like a religious celebration, saluting his crowd with a glory on his face. Everything that happened in weeks time. I watched everything and I watched every hope I had slipped from my fingers.

I’ve always been a lover of art, a lover of science, a lover of literature and a lover of nature. I always adored history, what people have accomplished, and wondered the possibilities of their future accomplishments. I have always respected the true nature and necessity for all religions and ideologies. I questioned everything I did not fully know and listened to others in order to learn and appreciate.

But what I have seen last few days, I did not understand. I did not understand -whether it was a coup or not- why and how it happened. Because I have a really hard time understanding people who benefit from war, suffering and hate. I don’t understand why the option of unity, where understanding, respect and tolerance replace hate, blood and money, is impossible and un-preferable for some people. I don’t understand the people from different races, nations, religions and genders; educated or uneducated, do not question the possibility of that they’re being used as a sword and a shield, in the path of an abused and corrupted goal.

The terrorism. I don’t know how to say. We live in 2016. We have the knowledge to teach about Black holes and found the Higgs boson (or Higgs particle), but people still kill each other BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION? WTF PEOPLE! IT’S 2016, NOT 1110! All of your ideas are violent. What’ll happen when you killed all the “infidels”? You’ll eventually kill each other till the whole human Race becomes Extinct. You terrorist, are disgracefully disgusting.


I know that many people from different parts of the world feel this way. I know that there are people who feel let down, devastated and humiliated by nights like these. I know that after a while, we will all soon forget about these events and continue with our small but precious lives. I know, deep down, that someday, light will prevail that enlightens generations to come.

But right now; everything burns, and there is no sparkle for me to see. 😥


How hard is it to not kill one another? To exist in this world in peace or at least in semi peace? Without slaughtering each other?
—  Stop Praying and Do Something
Those are my thoughts about the downfall of mankind.

11 thoughts on “The World 2016

  1. You have said everything in a post better than my lifetime of thoughts on it. But I would have liked to know the solutions. You carry a scientific temperament and hence those Higgs particles are pivotal to your conscience. I have always believed that a scientific temperament brings changes to beliefs.

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    1. It’s not an overnight thing, and its not something that can be done without boots on the ground. The reason that these groups have always been able to recruit is because they offer something that young men pursue.
      -Excitement and adventure.
      -Serving an easily defined goal (in this case religion, in some cases king and country, etc)
      -They’re seen as winners.
      People saying “Address the poverty in the region” really don’t understand or recognize the problem. Syria is fucked, much of Iraq is fucked. You are not going to be able to fix up Damascus until you find a winner in the war. There is too much damage to the infrastructure to work it out before you’ve defeated ISIS.
      In short terms:
      End neo-colonialism, corporate looting, regional destabilization efforts, and the international “resource chess game.” This talk gives a good outline:
      Stop funding them, and the governments that support them. Enforce strict sanctions on those that do fund them (and other similar groups). This would work both ways though, no more US funding for fascists terror groups around the world either.
      Remove strict gun laws, allow citizens to defense themselves and their neighbors.
      In Long term:
      Actively pursue secular programs, religion of all kind should be removed from everything but the most private of a person’s life.
      Move towards a societal and governmental paradigm that places people and education over profit. Should help keep #1 on the short term list from regressing.
      Push for the end of nationalism and a unification of peoples by ending scarcity (already do-able) and pushing towards space & becoming a type II civilization.

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  2. Thank you for posting such deep, deeply felt and thoughtful ideas.

    Disillusionment is hard to take but the necessary path to wisdom. The “downfall of mankind” has been predicted for thousands of years, and it was inevitable when man choose violence over peace – as a species, and thus moulder all of his power institutions towards violence: religion, politics and business: all are geared towards violence. Leadership demonstrates the worst type of human character, viz., the two contenders for the US presidency. You speak of science, and yet it is science – scientists – who eagerly supply the violence machine with chemicals and weaponry that make it so much easier for “terrorists” to accomplish their pointless exercises. Violence then begets violence. This is fed now by fear of environmental collapse as arable lands disappear, droughts become more common, supplies of potable water dwindle and numbers continue to grow with no place to go but down. In the Christian bible there is a line, “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death.” Man has taken that false way while a proper way was always there for him to take: the path of compassion. Even now it could be applied. It would not save the majority, too late for that, but it would ensure that what survives can grow into an empathic race. If it does not, there is no point in its survival. The first step now is for intelligent people to not engage the growing violence and practice what Gandhi called “Satyagraha” which I translate as non-violent, non-cooperation with a skewed and evil system.

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    1. Well said. First step is to educate people. Significance of Gandhi’s theories in the modern world is relevant in every CIVIL society.
      In 21st century, there is a clear decentralization of power. People around the world are more inclined to Peace than War. No Govt or Country can go for violence without earning the hatred of other societies. In this context, it is always better to be a non-violent, peace-loving FIGHTER. It will help you in gathering the support of the world for your cause and the goal can be achieved without blood-shed.
      Iraq and Syrian region is where the non-violence moment could be most successful. Lets consider what happened there. After US left , one of the communities(Shia) oppressed others(Sunni), then the oppressed became the oppressor and with the help of political turmoil in the region led to growth of ISIS. I think you may have realized that if at some stage one of the community had learned to forgive other, things would have been different. So the philosophy of non-violence is still valid and relevant but it needs a different approach toward application,real strong leaders and belief in the method itself.

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      1. Unfortunately man has NOT demonstrated that strong leadership is the answer to conflict. It may work for a time but the stronger the leadership, to more amenable to corruption it becomes. Here’s a “real” solution to conflict: self-empowerment and compassion. The fully self-empowered compassionate being does not need leadership, thus ending the cycle of corruption that plagues the concept. In another reply you speak of achieving Type II civilization. I looked it up (I don’t have your amazing depth of knowledge) and it’s a good goal; a necessary goal in fact. But it won’t solve our problems as long as our world is led by corruptocrats and filled with powerless sheeple who believe that living in a democracy means casting a vote every so often without follow up; without taking responsibility for what ensues. Individuals must wake up, must be able, like Paul Atreides, (from Dune by Frank Herbert) to stand up, look up to the skies and yell “The sleeper has awakened!” This is really what the world is waiting for, and frankly it can’t wait much longer. Collapse of Earthian civilization is imminent.

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  3. Everyday, something new comes our way ,
    Being Men we feel obliged to have our say,
    And we opine because it is the easier thing to do,
    To run off ones mouth where many stand in dread,
    As Alexander Pope said,
    ‘Fools rush in where angles fear to tread’.

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