What Is Oneness?

The concept that everything is one can be quite baffling, what the heck does it even mean?!?! For anyone struggling with this idea let me break it down for you. Fair-warning although simple and obvious if understood, the truth can be complex to explain and leaves the knower with a feeling of “That’s it? The secret of the universe?” So without further delay let’s get to it!

-“I Think Therefore I Am” – Descartes

The only thing you know is that you exist and beyond that anything else is subject to interpretation. This feeling of self awareness, being, existing is what you are. You are consciousness. What is the common element shared between an English businessman named Jim, a mouse, a spider, and an extraterrestrial from Sirius A? They are all self aware.

-Nothing But Change Stays The Same

It’s plainly apparent that everything in this life is temporary. You will likely live in multiple houses, your surroundings will drastically change over the course of your life, friends will come and go, your body will always be a little different than it was the day before. Everything changes… Well except for one thing, the experience of changing. Or more simply put experience itself. Species emerge and vanish into extinction, civilizations rise and fall. But the one thing that’s the same is that each individual regardless of the placement in time or form have a central experience of “I am”, who watch the world play out.

-Beyond Words: The Difference Between Reality & Concepts.

You might be starting to understand the general concept of oneness, but it’s important to note concepts aren’t real and are no substitute for first hand experience.

Let us quickly define what is real from conceptual: Right now take your hand and lightly scratch yourself (yeah I know it’s weird but just do it – and don’t hurt yourself like an idiot this is just a mental exercise…) you know that feeling you got when your nails dragged against your skin? If you don’t use lotion maybe you heard a slight scrapping sound. Well those sensations are what I mean by real. But any words you use to describe that experience aren’t real. They are symbols with mutually agreed upon meanings to help convey information. Me telling you what you might feel if you scratch yourself and you understanding that is not the same as actually doing it and having the REAL sensation. In the same way, me telling you what oneness is and you understanding it is not the same as knowing because concepts aren’t real.

The Big Pickle: How Can I understand Oneness If No One Can Fully Tell Me?

As I said at the top the truth is blatantly obvious and simple, in fact you are already enlightened, you already know the answer. If you are still having difficulty understanding Oneness the problem isn’t that you don’t have enough information or experience, but rather you have too much. In other words you’re thinking about it in the form of concepts. The truth isn’t a concept, it is what is. In order to know what you are you have to give up all your current ideas and beliefs about yourself and simply be with who you are.

Beyond the words and symbols, you are here, this is it, this is what everything is, and this feeling of “I” is all that will ever exist. This “I” is the ONE single common denominator from which everything divides. That is oneness.


12 thoughts on “Ohm!

  1. “Beyond the words and symbols, you are here, this is it, this is what everything is, and this feeling of “I” is all that will ever exist. This “I” is the ONE single common denominator from which everything divides. That is oneness.”

    I’ve never seen it better explained – insightful.

    I think that our “languages” are our biggest obstacles to understanding each other. At this stage of the game of “evolution” we should be discovering (or re-discovering) the ability to interact and communicate empathically. Just listening to, or reading about, social and political rhetoric tells us how words manipulate, they do not instruct, or teach. The first clue is that much of the “teaching” that happens in so-called schools is so quickly forgotten except by those who incarnate it and translate it into a working personal inner language of desire and experience, not words.

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  2. Beautiful article! It’s simplified and very- well- thought out. You got it so right when you said that the one common aspect every life form shares is self-awareness. Consciousness is not limited. Even a molecule has a certain level of consciousness albeit not in the sense we are accustomed to. A molecule recognises the change in its energy state and responds by trying to regain stability. For us consciousness amounts to awareness of events outside and within our body and we use our sense organs to perceive them. When we throw out our traditional definitions we realise that universal consciousness is what makes all things conscious. We are connected through and through.
    Again, I loved reading this post, thanks for sharing!

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