“The Big Bubble” the universe

Stop Trying To Wake Up The World: A message to the newly awakened.

If you are on a journey of self enlightenment like me you’ve probably fallen into this trap: However it manifests you find yourself in tune with the universe/God, and it just feels fucking amazing. It feels so good in fact you want to share it with everyone. You look at the world and all its suffering, and with your new perspective you begin to see all the bullshit going on behind the scenes and it becomes overwhelming. You think to yourself “If only everyone else felt this, we could get this ball rolling, we could pull ourselves out of this rut.” So you embark on a mission to spread the knowledge you’ve attained talking to friends/family/and coworkers. You’ve probably receive a mixed response of both people eager to hear more and others with complete disinterest, and after a while you feel like little progress has been made. You may have even lost the connection you previously felt and are desperately trying to get it back.

If you relate to this in any way it’s because you’ve become engulfed by another illusion. Many spiritual explorers feel that this period in humanity’s existence is one of mass awakening, and although true it is not your job to facilitate it for your fellow sentience. Enlightenment can only be initiated at the personal level, no guru, philosopher, or spiritual leader can give you the answers that will lead you to your own ascension. The revelations that facilitate an awakening for one individual may not affect another. That is because we are all at different stages of our development and are each dealing with a personally tailored set of illusions and misconceptions we have to personally overcome.

-The Source Of The Struggle & Everything Within It.

Whether you believe humanity is being manipulated by cabalistic family of criminals, an archonic force is enslaving and feeding off our energy, or satan is trying to win the ultimate battle between himself and God, whatever existential crisis you believe humanity to be entrapped within(True or not, realistic or outrageous) the “struggle” goes much deeper than you can imagine.

At its core we are all eternal awareness, consciousness, arising from the singular consciousness one could view as God. Whomever you believe to be “Responsible” for the manipulation of humanity in whatever form, these higher entities are also manifestations of this singular consciousness. As the ultimate consciousness we wanted to undergo this experience, we wanted to learn from it, which is exactly why we’ve created the world in the form it is before us. Everyone and everything you know is this singular consciousness going through the experiences and journey it requires to learn and grow.

Because of this you are not responsible for anyone else’s development or ascension. Allow the fool to persist in his folly, and direct all that energy to your own development.

-A Series Of Bubbles Within Bubbles: “Saving” The World & Personal Responsibility.

I like to view reality as a series of bubbles within bubbles. All matter is composed of atoms, a swirling bubble of electrons, these go on to form even larger bubbles such as particular molecules then cells. We eventually graduate in size to organs and organisms, beyond that planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies, all leading up to “The Big Bubble” the universe, within which all other bubbles reside. Each bubble a further extension of the other, each with its own field of awareness. Some with dimmer awareness than others but awareness nonetheless.

Each of these bubbles are entities maintaining a state of homeostasis and gradual evolution. And each of these bubbles are experienced by you, the singular consciousness, only you can experience it one at a time. Therefore the only thing you truly have control over is the Bubble of reality you are currently experiencing. You will eventually play out every one(everyone) so the only thing to focus on is THIS one.

Many assume the world needs saving when it doesn’t. Worst case scenario the human experiment fails, we destroy ourselves and all of us get recycled back into the universal consciousness. Life goes on in one form or another and the void left in our wake will be filled and the same consciousness we all are will play out the next scenario. This isn’t to say to take a nihilistic approach and let the world burn, by all means if you feel the impulse to stomp out the fires that is your right and is in fact quite admirable.

My point being is to stop putting stake in the importance of “Humanity’s Survival”. To let go of your desire for one outcome or another. This entire plane of reality is being orchestrated on higher levels than anyone can fathom, and we are the extensions of this force here to experience it.

To Save The World The World or To Not Save The World, That Is The Question.

We cannot deny that humanity is on the verge of a major climax in its evolutionary development. We are on the knifes edge of complete annihilation and glorious ascension. And humanity can only attain the latter if we pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and awaken from our dream of disempowerment. This places a lot of pressure on and fills the awakening population with plenty emotions seeing the state of their “unenlightened” compatriots. If your choice is to save the world do it by saving yourself and the rest will follow. Again the only thing you hold control over is this bubble of reality you are experiencing and how you react within it. Im not telling you to stop your desire to share your experiences with others, but to stop placing any Importance or desires on what others get from the experience or how the story of humanity will ultimately proceed.

In conclusion If you primarily work on developing yourself, you can save the world one bubble at a time. ^_^


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