Universal Love – The natural response of the heart

One of the most profound feelings I’ve discovered on my journey of self enlightenment is Love. I can’t even begin to describe the deepening level of compassion and wonderment I hold for the world, as it’s been a complete change over from my previous perspective of absolute nihilism.

I love each and every person on this planet, regardless of class, race, religion, or history I love you all. When you cast aside the trivialities we’re all the same. Each and every one us is born into the world with nothing, we have no conceptions of our surroundings or culture, we have no possessions or morales, and each one of us embarks on a unique journey of self discovery. We all have fears of rejection, fears of harm, of loss, and we all desire to connect with others.

I’ve noticed a massive shift in my quality of life just by changing my view of others. You see we create the world moment by moment, the atomic world of matter is only a metaphoric holographic expression of our thoughts and feelings. People can feel your perceptions of them without you consciously expressing them. When you worry someone isn’t going to like you, if you stress over the unknowns you literally bring those qualities you fear out of them.

Over the past couple months I’ve given up judgement, and set aside fear when it comes to interacting with strangers. So what if someone doesn’t like me? There’s 7+ billion people on the planet I don’t have to have everyone on my side. If I see a couple gang members strolling down my way I don’t think of being possibly jumped or mugged, they’re probably out wanting to have a good night and as am I. People I previously saw as annoying or irrational I now appreciate for their individuality. The over arching theme of this transformation is making a point of focusing on the similarities we all share and celebrating our differences. The world is beautiful because of its variety. Because of this I want to see myself as a potential friend to everyone. From the lowliest wretch of society to the most upstanding citizen we share this space together.

I write this post in hopes some of you try this approach to others as an experiment. I mean really look at EVERYONE as a friend, as another soul lost and confused on this planet and you will always have something to relate to with that person. When you focus on all the positives in ones character like above it brings out those qualities in their character. You’ll be talking to random people about things you’d never think of, you’ll get support from your community in a way you didn’t know were possible, and in the process you make the world a brighter more fun place to live in!


7 thoughts on “Universal Love – The natural response of the heart

  1. I am sure I should not ask this but this change in mindset was before or after leaving India ? Because when I was in Germany, I was smiling with strangers and now here in India , I simply do not give a damn.

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      1. I wish I could do that. Just “Let it go”. Like you said no judgement, no feeling , no reasoning. Just be part of this grand space. But, I don’t think I can. This man needs meaning , purpose to live life.

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