A Guide To Making Contact With Life Among The Stars

Starseeds It’s Time To Phone Home! 


This post is dedicated to making personal first contact with extraterrestrials. It is easier to make contact as a Starseed, but if you aren’t a Starseed don’t worry because your contact is actually the most important to humanity.

If you are like me you know something you can’t explain. You know how to act normal but you know you’re not normal, and every now and then when you’re completely alone you feel like there’s something you’re supposed to remember but just can’t. As if your life on this planet was the last two minutes of an hour long YouTube video and you can’t remember anything from the first 58 minutes to save your life. You know you’re part of something, you know you are here to leave the world a better place than when you entered it, and you know that somehow, in some form you made the choice to come here. If this at all resonates with you, you might be a Starseed.

-What is a Starseed and how do I know if I am one?

This cosmos is a strange and interesting place, whether 14 billion years old or eternal the rest of the interstellar community has had quite a long time to advance in terms of technology and conscious perception. Many of these beings have moved beyond the illusion of death and are able to consciously incarnate at a chosen time and destination. In short Starseeds are beings extraterrestrial and non-terrestrial who have chosen to incarcerate on the world that is not their home. There are many forms of Starseeds and in a funny way, we are all Starseeds. We are all one eternal consciousness and during the time preceding this planets creation we were all active within different regions of the cosmos. Some are here for the long-haul, to play out the entirety of civilization, many are wanders just dropping in for a new experience, and others have come for very specific reasons to help upgrade the collective consciousness on the planet.

No one can tell you your a Starseed, it’s something you know deep down in the fiber of your being. Though because Starseeds are typically beings of higher consciousness they share some distinguishing traits. Do you have a higher level of compassion/empathy than your surrounding peers? Can you literally feel the emotions and pains of others? Perhaps you know what people are thinking even if they can hide it from everyone else. Most Starseeds have psychic abilities of some nature. When you look up at the night sky do you find yourself captivated and longing to reach out to the stars? Being very sensitive souls Starseeds can get easily overwhelmed emotionally and mentally in this chaotic earth environment. If you resonate with these attributes you are in all likelihood a Starseed, but the only way to truly know is to ask yourself and see what feelings arise.

-How To Awaken & How To Phone Home.

There are more Starseeds on earth than there have been in many millennia. We’ve gone from 2 billion to 7 billion beings on this planet within a short period of a few decades. This is no coincidence, as our planet is about to undergo a massive shift in consciousness, The majority of Starseeds here are in the world to help with this shift and guide this civilization through the turbulent times ahead.

Before you came to this world the utmost care and preparation were taken before your journey. The major events of your life were pre-planned, positive and negative. You made sure to educate yourself on the world you were to visit and its inhabitants. A whole team of beings was set up to support and guide you from afar as you do your work in this world and they watch over you to this day. These beings are just as much your family as the family you have on earth, and this is how to phone home.

Late at night go outside to a place where you can see all the stars. Lay down and gaze up at the night sky and take it all in, listen to whatever feelings or emotions are brought up by the experience. The idea is to move beyond the amnesia of language, to surpass the limit of symbols and remember who you are. When you remember who and what you are it won’t be in words. You need to let go of all the symbolism and words you’ve become so accustomed to using to define yourself and the world. What you are trying to remember is a feeling. The feeling of what it was like, what it is like, to be who you are. Listen to the space that is all around you, take in the visual spectacle above you for what it is, an expression of yourself.

Note: As you perform the following trust yourself, trust you know what you’re doing, know you’ve been trained to phone home, and though the memory is fleeting, your unconscious self is guiding you through the process.

As you look up at the stars listen to all the physical sensations in and around your body. (If you are knowledgeable about chakras this will be very easy) if you are experienced, send your energy to and activate your chakras one by one starting from your root chakra to your crown chakra. If you aren’t experienced don’t worry about that step because the main Chakra you’ll be using is the easiest to feel, the Heart Chakra which rests directly in the center of your chest. Focus all your attention on the vortex of energy in your chest and try to make it expand beyond the confines of your body. Imagine the expanding energy like a radiant star, the light of which visible from across the entire galaxy. As you expand and open your heart chakra visualize zooming out from wherever you are lying down, seeing your star of energy illuminating the space around you going upwards seeing the star on the planet, further visualizing your space in the solar system and the Galaxy as if zooming out on the most advanced version of google earth ever created. Once you’ve visualized out to a galactic view gently zoom back in, back to the spiral arm, down into the solar system, back to earth and slowly back down to your location. With this newly formed star of light emanating from your heart chakra look up at the stars and call out for those you feel might be watching or have been watching you from afar. You know their energy, it’s a very familial loving presence, and invite it in. In this state, your thoughts are sent out telepathically through the energy field of the heart chakra. You can try to send out a message just by thinking the words and knowing that information is radiating through you like a radio signal. Your message won’t be received in words, but as feelings, so keep in mind the intent and feeling behind your words will be the main thing conveyed. Go through the visualization several times and continue to call out with your feelings and I guarantee with patience someone will make a visible appearance. The first time you phone home and you see the lights track across the sky signaling back profoundly changes your life and you will never be the same again.

-Why Does This Work & Why Is It So Important To Phone Home?

I’d like to state this is not the only method and likely not the most efficient method of contacting Life beyond the stars but it’s the main method that’s worked for me on my journey.

When dealing with interstellar civilizations you have to realize their technology is far beyond our limited understanding of Newtonian physics as well as quantum physics. At the core of reality, everything is consciousness, this technological evolution with consciousness allows them to use quantum access to traverse the light barrier. What you are doing with this visualization is creating a homing beacon in the fabric of consciousness that is the universe. Their technology allows for them to hone onto this beacon and make a conscious connection with you and your energy. Much like the mechanisms of astral projection and remote viewing that allows you to project your perspective to any location in space or time by making a connection with that space, their billions of years of advancement allows them to use the same process to transport their physical form in addition to their conscious perception via this connection.

As said before this civilization is going through a massive shift. Our technological advancement has been unnaturally stunted and repressed for over a hundred years. We’ve been grossly abused and manipulated by the wills of a few for many thousands of years, and their web of control is unraveling faster and faster by the day. If our civilization had been allowed to progress openly and naturally we would already be a space-fairing interstellar society.(in fact, we are but the majority of humanity isn’t allowed to know this as dictated by the military industrial complex). More than ever humanity needs to recognize its power and connection with the universe. Peaceful contact amongst the stars initiated by the people of this planet is the last thing the cabal controlling the world wants because it will dismantle everything they have been orchestrating behind the scenes.

If many of these beings are here to help humanity evolve why haven’t they come down and set things straight already? Well, It is unwise to meddle in other people’s affairs, anyone on the path of spiritual enlightenment quickly learns true love is an allowance. To allow the fool to persist in his folly so that he may learn his lesson. That the world’s undoing is set in motion often with the best of intentions. Because of this, like the Federation in star trek, the galactic community adheres to a law of non-interference. In other words we have to send them a message first before they’re allowed to send one back, and until a sizable portion of humanity is making contact they cannot make formal contact with humanity as a whole.

We can’t keep waiting for someone else to save the world, we have to do it ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we are alone and can’t ask for support. These beings have inhabited our solar system long before we arose within it, and they’ve prevented many disasters that would have otherwise eradicated us from the planet. They are watching, and they are closer than we think. The time to phone home is now and usher in a new age of connection and community like humanity has never known.


24 thoughts on “A Guide To Making Contact With Life Among The Stars

    1. Hi,
      It’s a great delight to discover that a reader relates to matters in a way similar to my own; though doubtless even such kindred spirits have a unique dimension to their own understanding, as I’m quite sure you yourself do.

      Please feel free to relate here as much or as little of that understanding as you deem appropriate; and feel free to take issue with me over anything if that is your inclination.



      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it is a gift, star seeds, in the awareness of gifts, it is what you decide for doing with this gift that brings back a little of where you came from, from your interstellar connection. I truly believe this is how we pull that space from our interstellar connection, back into our interpersonal area of human development and cultural lifestyle.

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  1. When I first began reading your thoughts, I said to myself, she is one of “them” (us if I include myself) and these thoughts confirms it. Connecting with the “star people” may not be as idyllic as you make it sound however. The corruption of earth’s leadership is not an Earthian phenomenon, but rather a universal one. The controlling cabal is universal: we call it the Time Lords. Is it possible that when you write, “to incarcerate on a world” you meant “to incarnate on a world”? Although incarcerate is an apt description of what happens to starseeds who do incarnate on earth: this is for us a prison planet.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey ShaTara,
      Your expression closely mirrors the energy with which I navigate my experience.
      Thank you so much for taking a little time to review some of my thinking; I greatly appreciate it, truly I do. But, I meant “to incarcerate on a world” and not “to incarnate on a world”. However, you answered it for yourself! 🙂

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      1. Earth’s leadership, I believe, has to subjectively juggle star seed theories for a masses; however, is it an easy task knowing that someone needs juggling star screams, or that there is an acknowledgment that there are star screams–in other words, “what is going on that you see earth’s leadership juggle of star screams, that collectively, isn’t something that hasn’t made any effort of conscious to connect with reality to physically do something constructive with the star scream gift.

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  2. I am confused this sounds like Deepak Chopra ,the guy who you debunked in the last post. Honestly I don’t know what to believe till I personally experience it. I am not saying this is imagination, I am saying I don’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. PhD grad studies, somewhere between psychomusicology and evolutionary psychology, yes we did need studying, specifically India Psychology. And I wish adopting the technique of entity transference of psychological ailments into capturing relapse of moments in momentary lost of reasoning.

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