I Have Full Faith In Humanity <3

All too often we focus on the negative aspects and problems in society. Although it’s important to address many of these subjects it is equally important to acknowledge the good in the world. Like raising a child discipline is a necessity but is only effective when paired with support, expressed appreciation, and praise. For this reason I’m deciding to write out my adoration for humanity.

Deep down in the core of our being we all share the same desire, we all wish to connect with others and feel appreciated for our contributions. Whether your a car salesman in America, a Jihadist in Afghanistan, a bishop in the Vatican, or a lowly transient hobo, we all want to connect with others. It’s this feeling that inspires our beings to march forward, to create, and organize ourselves into the blossoming civilization we’ve become.

-Acknowledging The Unacknowledged.

Every one of us is a miraculous marvel of incomprehensible beauty. Moment by moment you are creating this reality at the atomic level. What you see as the external world is a holographic experience generated by your brain based off information it’s receiving. The particles that compose physical matter reality exist only because you are here to observe and create them (Don’t believe me, maybe you need to study quantum physics).You make the sun shine every morning and set every night, it’s you who causes the wind to blow and the birds to sing. Not only do you do this, but you do it without giving it the slightest thought.

On top of this each of us is endowed with the sparks of creativity, intellect, and empathy. We reorganize the world around of us and the universe fundamentally dependent on our existence to function. Whether subtly from afar or directly in a hands on approach, your actions impact the universe and eventually reverberate out to touch everything else.

Take a moment to admire the beautiful civilization we have given rise to. Think of all your favorite music, your favorite art, your favorite movies and shows. Look at the incomprehensibly complex systems and structures we’ve constructed for society to function. Politically, economically, socially, agriculturally, we’ve built it all from scratch. We’ve been confronted with warfare and genocide, cataclysmic natural events, plagues, even the hijacking of our society by a psychopathic group of criminals and we are still here. Poverty abounds and social injustice rampant, afflicted with needless famine and the poisoning of our environment, we still keep moving along. You have to hand it to us, we’re resilient mf**. And in the midst of this chaos we still can’t quell this compulsion of ours to connect, share, and create.

-Staring Into The Eyes Of God

In each and every one of you on the planet I acknowledge and honor the god inside. You aren’t Jim or Jennifer, you aren’t even this fleshy body, what you are is pure awareness. Your body is the aperture, the looking glass through which the universe uses to view and interact with itself. The soul within you that allows you to feel the way you feel, to act how you act, to choose how you choose, is the universe. You aren’t a human having a godly experience, you are God having a human experience. When I look into your eyes I see the face of the divine, when I stand with you I can feel the immeasurable power of the cosmos in your presence. Because of this I honor you with the same love and respect I hold for myself.

I have faith in you because I have faith in me, I may be I, but we are we, and all of us “I’s” are the eyes of a singularity.

If you take anything from this I hope it’s that life is an adventure! The real you is immortal consciousness, you are exploring all possibility and this life is one possibility in this continuous incarnation cycle, ad infinitum. That you don’t have to take life so seriously as it is ultimately a game, a game in which we are the joker, the card that plays all rolls. Take to heart the point of this crazy existence is to play and have fun, to soak in these experiences for what they are, and to honor every player. The same eyes you are staring into when you look at another are that of your own, and with that the eyes of God. In this massively multiplayer extravaganza good sportsmanship is what is ultimately rewarded, so let’s have fun together and continue to push for a world we all want to live in. I have full faith in you to succeed in life and achieve the happiness we all desire.




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